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Books by and about 2016 presidential candidates
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by Hillary Clinton (2014)
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A Time for Truth,
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One Nation,
by Ben Carson (2014)
Trump/Pence vs. Clinton/Kaine On the Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Living History ,
by Hillary Rodham Clinton (2003)
Between Hope and History ,
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In Harm’s Way ,
by Dr. Jill Stein (2000)
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Four Party's Presidential Nominees On The Issues (2016)
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about Pres. Barack Obama (2011)
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about Rep. Paul Ryan (2012)

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Quotations from Speaker Newt
The Little Red, White and Blue Book of the Republican Revolution

by Newt Gingrich and Amy D. Bernstein

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BOOK REVIEW by OnTheIssues.org:

This is a political book, not a policy book – in other words, it about the process of getting elected and getting power, rather than what is done with that power. The extent of pure politics is evidenced by the table of contents, which includes chapter titles like The Rise to Power, The Conservative Movement, and The Looney Left -- there are chapters – fewer! -- on the Welfare State and Health Care, and those focus on the politics of those issues rather than the policy, too. Nevertheless, by digging up and publishing numerous works from Newt Gingrich's past – some of which had never been published before – this book offers deep insight into Gingrich's thinking and political philosophy.

The book also flirts with academia: it uses terms like "near-Manichaean" (p. 2), "an American Gaullist" (p. ix), and "whence he began his quest" (p. 3). Normal voters don't talk like that – those are terms that academics use to exclude normal voters from understanding what they're talking about – and writing like that has no place in the political books intended to be read by normal voters. Of course, Newt Gingrich also flirts with academia, so perhaps the authors are just echoing Newt: Gingrich uses the term "nihilistic hedonism" (p. 63), another term intended to exclude normal voters, and Gingrich is a PhD historian. And Gingrich has no excuse justifying exclusionism, since he bashes the "elite" – one chapter is derisively entitled "The Intellectual Elite" -- using elitist exclusionism in language is just as bad as the intellectual elitism that Newt bashes.

Now, about the title and layout of the book: it's modeled after Quotations from Chairman Mao, the handbook of the leader of the Communist Revolution in China, which was required reading for all Chinese citizens for decades. Its nickname was "Mao's Little Red Book", and this book's subtitle is "The Little Red White and Blue Book of the Republican Revolution." It's a very cute reference that a historian like Newt would appreciate, but of course it's exactly the opposite of Newt's philosophy.

The biggest problem with this book is that it often covers material that is too old to be relevant for the 2016 race. For example, one of the few policy chapters, entitled Health Care, is about the fight over HillaryCare in the 1990s – which became entirely outdated after ObamaCare came about in 2009. Newt's ideas still hold, but the reader must apply them in the more recent context. Bottom line: Yes, this book is old; but we wish there were an update!

-- Jesse Gordon, jesse@OnTheIssues.org, July 2016

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    Newt Gingrich: As an army brat, I know how exciting military life can be.

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The above quotations are from Quotations from Speaker Newt
The Little Red, White and Blue Book of the Republican Revolution

by Newt Gingrich and Amy D. Bernstein.

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by OnTheIssues.org
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