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State of Emergency:
The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America,
by Patrick J. Buchanan

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OnTheIssues.org BOOK REVIEW:

Pat Buchanan really dislikes immigration. Not just illegal immigration, but immigration in general.

  • He dislikes immigration on economic grounds (illegal aliens lower wages, p. 32)

  • He dislikes immigration on criminal justice grounds (felons can sneak in, p. 8)

  • He dislikes immigration on national unity grounds (Muslims don't assimilate, p. 195)

  • He dislikes immigration on national security grounds (Mexico wants "La Reconquista" of the Southwest U.S., p.105)

...And just about every other grounds you can think of. Buchanan cites John F. Kennedy frequently -- demonstrating how JFK would be considered anti-immigrant today -- and also several times cites Kennedy's book, A Nation of Immigrants. But Kennedy's book was strongly pro-immigrant, even by today's standards, if one doesn't parse out just a few excerpts. But Buchanan's book might be considered the conservative response to JFK's book.

Buchanan verbalizes what the Tea Party currently says, and provides data for the anti-immigrant movement today. Buchanan is pretty extreme in his anti-immigrant attitude -- some might say so extreme as to be anti-Muslim and racist -- but lays out the basis of all of the anti-immigrant attitudes in today's politics.

-- Jesse Gordon, editor-in-chief, OnTheIssues.org, Aug. 2014
 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
Civil Rights
    Pat Buchanan: When 1920s immigration stopped, Black America advanced.
    Republican Party: 2005: Southern Strategy was wrong; move to Hispanic Strategy.
    George W. Bush: OpEd: 300,000 felons immigrated during Bush's tenure.
    Pat Buchanan: Since 1960s, schools taught shame of America's past.
Foreign Policy
    George W. Bush: OpEd: Supported creedal nation, not traditional nation.
    Pat Buchanan: Roman Empire fell due to cultural dilution; so might we.
    Pat Buchanan: Dying civilization comes from cultural & moral degeneration.
    Pat Buchanan: Mexico has historic territorial grievances against US.
    Pat Buchanan: Patriotism is the soul of a nation.
Free Trade
    Pat Buchanan: Free trade is the Pied Piper to world government.
Health Care
    Pat Buchanan: Immigrants infect America with Third World diseases.
Homeland Security
    Pat Buchanan: Existential crisis today isn't terrorism but loss of culture.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger: Strongest issue was promise to undo licenses to illegals.
    Democratic Party: Hispanics vote 60%-75% Dem; naturalizing "imports Democrats".
    Dwight Eisenhower: OpEd: Treated Mexican border crossings as act of war.
    George W. Bush: OpEd: Allowing foreign workers is blanket amnesty.
    George W. Bush: 2005: Catch-and-release is an unwise policy & we'll end it.
    George W. Bush: Dealing with immigration requires guest worker program.
    George W. Bush: Massive deportation is unrealistic.
    John F. Kennedy: OpEd: More immigrants today than in JFK's immigration book.
    John F. Kennedy: America's capacity to absorb immigration is limited.
    John F. Kennedy: Don't make over the face of America with immigration.
    Lyndon Johnson: Signed 1965 Immigration Act; but not mentioned in his memoir.
    Pat Buchanan: Letting in foreigners was Christian, but killed ancient Rome.
    Pat Buchanan: Previous immigration was limited; now it's an invasion.
    Pat Buchanan: California is becoming the Third World state of Mexifornia.
    Pat Buchanan: Dividing line on immigration is elite vs. workers.
    Pat Buchanan: Muslim immigrants retain identity & don't assimilate.
    Pat Buchanan: It's a myth that America is a nation of immigrants.
    Pat Buchanan: Remove 12 million illegal aliens by attrition & enforcement.
    Republican Party: Asian-Americans are natural Republicans, but vote Democratic.
    Ted Kennedy: 1965: Immigration Act won't flood America from Third World.
    Pat Buchanan: Myth of Indispensable Aliens: illegals lower wages by 7.4%.
Principles & Values
    Bill Clinton: 1996: swept Latino vote 70% to 21%; among young, 91% to 6%.
    Bill Clinton: We define ourselves by allegiance to American values.
    George W. Bush: America is united by ideals, not blood or soil.
    Pat Buchanan: Won border counties in 1992 primary based on border fence.
    Pat Buchanan: 1950s had untroubled consciences; since 1960s we're ashamed.
    Ronald Reagan: Eradicating American memory results in erosion of spirit.

The above quotations are from State of Emergency:
The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America,
by Patrick J. Buchanan.

All material copyright 1999-2015
by OnTheIssues.org
Reprinting by permission only.

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