Al Sharpton on Immigration

Reverend; Civil Rights Activist; Democratic Candidate for President

Relax Mexican border to match Canadian border

Q: Should it become easier for undocumented foreign workers in the US to gain legal immigration status?

A: Absolutely. I think that immigration policies are antiquated and in many cases biased. You see there's a much different policy at the Canadian border than at the Mexican border. I'd have one policy. I'd have it more relaxed, just for opportunity.

Source: Associated Press policy Q&A, "Immigration" Jan 25, 2004

Current immigration law is discriminatory

I think if you look at the language discrimination, if you look at the fact some people have voted against even the language training in schools if you look at how immigration laws have been used against Hispanics in the Mexican border, I've been there.
Source: CNN Inside Politics Jan 21, 2003

Immigration system is archaic & biased against Latinos

Our whole set of immigration laws seems to be biased and archaic. They need to be reviewed and made more humane. I think we need to sit down and have a respectful relationship with Mexico where we deal with them as a partner.

Clearly, Mexicans are treated in a discriminatory manner by this country. We close the borders but allow a few to come here illegally, and turn our heads as long as they agree to be slaves or the closest thing to a slave that you can be. But don't let them come here with any self-respect or ambition. If they agree to wash the dishes in our restaurants or clean our homes or watch our children for the lowest wages imaginable, off the books, then welcome to America. That isn't a foreign policy that will ever work for long. It's time to negotiate real deals with Mexico that benefit both us and them.

Source: Al On America, by Rev. Al Sharpton, p. 72-73 Jan 1, 2002

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