Jeb Bush on Education

Republican FL Governor

Restrict grade inflation by imposing minimum standards

I have signed and hereby submit to you with reservations Senate Bill 842. It contains changes designed to prevent practices in some school districts where low grades are ignored altogether in the calculation of final grade point averages for seniors or where schools are able to liberally replace poor grades.

In response to these practices, Senate Bill 842 limits district grade forgiveness policies to replacing “D” or “F” grades in required courses with a “C” or higher earned in the same or comparable course. Any course grade not replaced according to a school district forgiveness policy would be included in the calculation of the cumulative grade point average required for graduation.

I believe that without some kind of minimum standard, many school districts will continue to implement overly-liberal policies that artificially inflate grade point averages. Therefore, I have decided to sign Senate Bill 842, and work towards strengthening this law.

Source: Approval notification on Senate Bill 842 Jun 7, 2000

More funding for schools; merit pay for teachers

Source: Vote-smart 1998 Florida NPAT Jul 2, 1998

Focus on abstinence; end social promotion

Source: Vote-smart 1998 Florida NPAT Jul 2, 1998

Grade inflation breeds culture of falsely perceived success

The self-esteem excuse is used today in a variety of forms at many of our institutions of higher learning. Many of our graduate and professional schools these days function on an inflated grading curve. For some of the nation’s most prestigious schools, [the average of] the curve is set at a B+. That means anything below a B+ is considered below average. Students in a class could be performing only C work, but because the grading curve is a B+, those students’ grades will be bumped up to a grade of B+ or higher.

The justification for this high grading curve is apparently part self-esteem and part fear of competition. Many schools in the upper echelon now inflate their grading curves so that their students will have an advantage in the job market. As other schools get wise to this grade inflation, they too inflate their grading curves, breeding a culture of perceived successes and abhorrence to failre.

Source: Profiles in Character, by Jeb Bush & B.Yablonski, p. 62-63 Nov 1, 1995

Instituted school voucher plan

[In his campaign], Jeb Bush called for fewer appeals for death row inmates and speedier executions, said Florida should withdraw from AFDC and replace it with limited temporary assistance, and called for school choice and demanded voter approval of all state and local tax increases.

In his first 100 days, Bush’s legislative agenda met with stunning success. He passed a school voucher plan, got longer prison terms for gun-toting criminals, and instituted a $1 billion tax break.

Source: National Journal, the Almanac of American Politics Jan 28, 2000

Supports charter schools & vouchers

Source: Vote-smart 1998 Florida NPAT Jul 2, 1998

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