Sarah Palin on Corporations

Republican Governor (AK); ; nominee for Vice President

Small businesses have to be brave enough to fail

I considered the Obama administration's panicky effort to stimulate the economy by spending enormous amounts of borrowed money shortsighted and ill-conceived. It defied the lessons of history and common sense. His nearly $1 trillion stimulus package was patently unfair both to future generations who will inherit our wasteful debt and to the everyday Americans who work very hard to pay the taxes that the administration seeks to spend at breakneck speed.

"Bristol, answer me this," I said to my daughter. "You want to buy a coffee show someday, right? You know you'll be rewarded for your hard work to meet a demand for a quality product and good service. And you know you'll have to be brave enough to fail, right? This business would be YOUR responsibility. You can't look to anyone to bail out if you make poor decisions" I told Bristol, "Don't do it until this administration understands government's role in orivate business. Or wait until they're out of office."

Source: Going Rogue, by Sarah Palin, p.357-358 Nov 17, 2009

FactCheck: No, Obama’s plan won’t tax millions of businesses

Palin repeated a falsehood that the McCain campaign has peddled, off and on, for some time, saying, “When you talk about Barack’s plan to tax increase affecting only those making $250,000 a year or more, you’re forgetting millions of small businesses tha are going to fit into that category. So they’re going to be the ones paying higher taxes thus resulting in fewer jobs being created and less productivity.”

It’s simply untrue that “millions” of small business owners will pay higher federal income taxes under Obama’s proposal. Several hundred thousand small business owners, at most, would have incomes high enough to be affected by the higher rates on income, capital gains and dividends that Obama proposes. That counts as “small business owners” even those who merely have some sideline income from such endeavors as freelance writing, speaking or running rental properties, and who get the bulk of their income from employment elsewhere.

Source: FactCheck.org on 2008 Vice Presidential debate Oct 2, 2008

Wall Street violated public trust & caused mortgage crisis

Q: Who is responsible for these failing institutions [such as AIG, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Lehman Bros., in the mortgage crisis] in your view?

A: I think the corruption on Wall Street--that is to blame. And that violation of the public trust. And that contract that should be inherent in corporations who are spending, investing other people’s money--the abuse of that is what has got to stop. And it’s a matter, too, of some of these CEOs and top management people and shareholders not holding that management accountable, being addicted to, we call it, O-P-M, “other people’s money.” Spending that, investing that, not using the prudence that we expect of them. But here again, government has got to play an appropriate role in the stringent oversight, making sure that those abuses stop.

Source: 2008 Fox News interview on “Hannity & Colmes” Sep 17, 2008

Governor must act as effective CEO on behalf of Alaskans

PHILOSOPHY IN GOVERNING: I look forward to building a team that will put Alaskans first! I believe in fairness and inclusion and will call on the public to work together for Alaska’s common good. I refuse to use divisive tactics that polarize us for political gain.

As manager of our vast public resources, the Governor must act as an effective CEO on behalf of all Alaskans in negotiating the best deals for the state, and I am prepared to tackle that challenge.

Source: Palin-Parnell campaign booklet: New Energy for Alaska Nov 3, 2006

Encourage small business growth by reducing business taxes

SMALL BUSINESS: Alaska’s small business owners are the backbone of our regional economies. Small Alaskan-owned businesses should have just as much say in state policy as the big companies do. Our precious businesses are major employers of Alaskans and keep Alaska’s money circulating through our economy. As Mayor and CEO of the booming city of Wasilla, my team invited investment and encouraged business growth by eliminating small business inventory taxes, eliminated personal property taxes, reduced real property tax mill levies every year I was in office, reduced fees, and built the infrastructure our businesses needed to grow and prosper.
Source: Palin-Parnell campaign booklet: New Energy for Alaska Nov 3, 2006

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