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We need to collect and share more intelligence

We have a lack of investment over these last 15 years in intelligence gathering, intelligence analysis, intelligence sharing. Not only in Syria and Iraq, but here in the homeland. I believe that what's happened here is that the president had us on the right course, but it's a lack of battle tempo. We have to bring a modern way of getting things done and forcing the sharing of information and do a much better job of acting on it in order to prevent these sorts of attacks in the future.
Source: 2015 ABC/WMUR Democratic primary debate in N.H. , Dec 19, 2015

Stop creating safe havens where ISIS can flourish

We have not made the investments we need to make to have relationships with future leaders. Now what we have is a whole stretch of the coast of Libya, 100 miles, 150 miles, that has now become potentially the next safe haven for ISIL. They go back and forth between Syria and this region. We have to stop contributing to the creation of vacuums that allow safe havens to develop.
Source: 2015 ABC/WMUR Democratic primary debate in N.H. , Dec 19, 2015

Do not turn to unscrupulous leaders in times of fear

What our nation needs right now is to realize that, while we face a terrible danger, we also face a different sort of political danger. And that is the danger that democracies find themselves susceptible to when unscrupulous leaders try to turn us upon each other. What our country needs right now is new leadership that will bring us together around the values that unite us and the freedoms that we share as Americans.
Source: 2015 ABC/WMUR Democratic primary debate in N.H. , Dec 19, 2015

Nature of warfare has changed: focus on intel, not armies

Sen. SANDERS: We're spending over $600 billion a year on the military and yet, significantly less than 10% of that money is used to be fighting international terrorism. The Cold War is over. And our focus has got to be on intelligence, increased manpower, fighting international targets.

Gov. O'MALLEY: The nature of warfare has changed. [The war on terror] is not a conflict where we send in the third divisions of Marines. This is a new era of conflict where traditional ways of huge standing armies do not serve our purposes as well as special ops, better intelligence and being more proactive.

Secretary CLINTON: We do have to take a hard look at the defense budget and we do have to figure out how we get ready to fight the adversaries of the future, not the past. But we have to also be very clear that we do have some continuing challenges.

Source: 2015 CBS Democratic primary debate in Iowa , Nov 14, 2015

Snowden fled to Russia so it's obvious what he is

Q: Is Edward Snowden [the federal employee who released thousands of NSA documents] a traitor or a hero?

O'MALLEY: Snowden put a lot of Americans' lives at risk. Snowden broke the law. Whistleblowers do not run to Russia and try to get protection from Putin. If he really believes that, he should be back here.

CLINTON: He could have been a whistleblower. He could have gotten all of the protections of being a whistleblower.

Source: 2015 CNN Democratic primary debate in Las Vegas , Oct 13, 2015

Congress' authorization required for use of force on ISIS

O'Malley says Congress should set clear parameters for any use of ground troops. O'Malley has yet to announce a specific policy for how the United States should address the threat from Islamic State and current issues in Iraq. In February, he posted a short statement to Facebook saying that any plan should explicitly define its timeframe and that Congress should pass an Authorization for the Use of Military Force that clarifies the parameters for use of ground troops.
Source: PBS News Hour "2016 Candidate Stands" series , May 30, 2015

More equipment and training for first responders

Martin O’Malley and Anthony Brown believe Maryland needs to focus strongly on first responders--our law enforcement officers, firefighters and EMS personnel--by providing them with the equipment and training to remain safe and protect citizens during terrorist attacks. Maryland needs to share information at all levels--federal, state and local--to prevent disaster before it can claim more lives.
Source: 2006 Gubernatorial website, martinomalley.com, “Issues” , Nov 7, 2006

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