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Massachusetts Senator; head of CFPB


Why should government earn $174B profit on student loans?

When I joined the U.S. Senate in 2013, my first target would be the obscene amounts of money the federal government was making on student loans.

Not long after I was sworn in, some complex language seemed to say that student loans were turning a profit for the U. S. government. We dug deeper still and learned that overall, the federal government was on track to make about $174 billion in profits on its student loan portfolio. That's $174 billion. Off the backs of a bunch of young people who had to borrow money to make it through school. Oh, Lord.

The way I looked at it, that $174 billion was basically an extra tax on kids who go to college but whose parents can't afford to write a check for it.

Giant banks pay less than 1 percent interest.

While students were paying 6 percent, 8 percent, or higher on their student loans.

Source: This Fight is Our Fight, by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, p.121-3 , Apr 18, 2017

Preserve Head Start and school lunch programs

Elizabeth started her career teaching special-needs kids in a public elementary school. She believes the achievement gap can be closed only by improving and supporting education from pre-K to college. She will fight to preserve Head Start & school lunch programs, work with teachers and parents to improve schools, encourage elementary and middle school mentoring programs, prioritize advanced technical training programs, and support high school-to-community-college pipelines.
Source: 2016 Veepstakes: campaign website ElizabethWarren.com , Jul 2, 2016

Invest in public education & universal preschool

America's middle class was built through investments in education, infrastructure, and research--and by making sure we all have a safety net. We need to strengthen those building blocks: Step up investments in public education. Rein in the cost of college and cut outstanding student loans. Create universal preschool and affordable child care.
Source: The Two Income Trap, by Elizabeth Warren, p.xxii , Apr 12, 2016

Give college students the same deal as corporations get

Let's give students the same great deal that the banks get. G.E. doesn't pay any taxes and we are asking college kids to take on even more debt to get an education, and asking seniors to get by on less. These aren't just economic questions. These are moral questions.
Source: Quotable Elizabeth Warren, by Frank Marshall, p. 25&58 , Nov 18, 2014

Allow refinancing student loans; it's a crushing $1.2T

Q: About this legislation you unveiled to allow people to refinance their student loans, which you say is now higher than either credit card debt or auto loan debt in this country. Already, Republicans said no way, no how. Senator Cornyn said it looks like just another way to raise taxes so is that it?

SEN. WARREN: No. So let's start by just reminding everybody what this is. Our young people are being crushed by student loan debt, $1.2 trillion in outstanding student loan debt, and it is exploding. In less than a decade, student loan debt has gone up 71% for the average amount that young people are borrowing. This is a crisis that now is not just affecting families that get hurt by it, it's affecting the whole economy.

Source: Face the Nation 2014 interview: 2016 presidential hopefuls , May 11, 2014

Bank on Students Act: reduce student loan interest rates

I didn't get the Bank on Students Act passed. But at least the final deal on student loan interest rates was better than where it started: $15 billion better for students over the next 10 years. And, in the end, I wasn't alone. More than a dozen senators from around the country stood up with me to say no to any deal in which the government makes a profit off the backs of our students. That's not a bad place to begin the next round in this battle--and, believe me, we will come back to this issue again.
Source: A Fighting Chance, by Elizabeth Warren, p.275-6 , Apr 22, 2014

Focus on public schools & public universities

Good public schools, good public universities, and good technical training can give us a workforce better than any in the world. Well-trained workers are cost effective, and they can give us a powerful competitive advantage in world markets. Investments in our people pay the highest dividends.
Source: 2012 Senate campaign website, www.elizabethwarren.com , Sep 15, 2011

Comprehensive sex ed for sexually-active adolescents.

Warren co-sponsored Real Education for Healthy Youth Act

Award competitive grants to provide adolescents with comprehensive sex education to:

  1. replicate evidence-based sex education programs,
  2. substantially incorporate elements of evidence-based sex education programs, or
  3. create a demonstration project based on generally accepted characteristics of effective sex education programs.
Prohibits federal funds provided under this Act from being used for health education programs that:
  1. deliberately withhold life-saving information about HIV;
  2. are medically inaccurate or have been scientifically shown to be ineffective;
  3. promote gender stereotypes;
  4. are insensitive and unresponsive to the needs of sexually active youth or lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender youth; or
  5. are inconsistent with the ethical imperatives of medicine and public health.

Opponent's argument against bill: (Nick Wing on Huffington Post) An abstinence-only effort, introduced the same day, the Abstinence Education Reallocation Act, stands as an effective counter to the Democratic-backed Real Education for Healthy Youth Act.

According to the text of the abstinence-only bill, sex education programs would need to be "medically accurate" and teach the "skills and benefits of sexual abstinence as the optimal sexual health behavior for youth" in order to qualify for grant money. The bill also calls for applicable programs to focus on the "holistic health, economic, and societal benefits that can be gained by refraining from non-marital sexual activity," as well as to provide an "understanding of how drugs, alcohol, and the irresponsible use of social media can influence sexual decision-making and can contribute to risky and often aggressive sexual behavior."

Source: H.R.725 / S.372 13-S0372 on Feb 14, 2013

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