Kamala Harris on Free Trade

Democratic candidate for President; California Senator


Consumers hurt by trade wars, while corporations benefit

What is the state of our union? What is that higher purpose we're called to? And how must our leaders respond?

We need our leaders to speak the truth that we have an economy where the cost of health care, housing, and education are going up, but paychecks aren't growing fast enough to keep up.

When you hear claims about how the economy is doing great, don't forget the working and middle-class families who are struggling, the teachers who are working two and three jobs--all while this Administration gives away a trillion dollars to big corporations.

When you hear claims about rewriting rules and cutting red tape, don't forget that means workers will have fewer workplace safety protections. And remember that those rules are being rewritten to help big corporations and powerful interests.

When you hear claims about how America is stronger in the world--don't forget the farmers and consumers hurt by this Administration's trade wars.

Source: Democratic prebuttal to the 2019 State of the Union speech , Feb 5, 2019

TPP doesn't offer sufficient worker protections

Kamala Harris told reporters that she opposed the TPP trade pact because it didn't offer sufficient worker protections. Loretta Sanchez tends to present herself as an economic moderate. But she did Ms. Harris one better. Not only did Rep. Sanchez reiterate her opposition to TPP, but she also joined a protest line of union carpenters outside the convention center, in full view of television cameras, reporters and delegates.

Ms. Harris had previously been circumspect on the trade deal, but Rep. Sanchez's entry into the race has created a situation in which neither candidate wants to risk alienating the Democratic base on such a highly charged issue. If there were any doubt that both candidates had made the politically safe decision, they were quickly put to rest by the rapturous response that Sen. Elizabeth Warren elicited when she told the crowd that TPP would "leave American workers in the dirt."

Source: Wall Street Journal on 2016 California Senate race , May 19, 2016

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