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David McCormick: Advocate for resources for military and veterans

As a combat veteran, it is clear to Dave that the Biden Administration's foreign policy blunders have significantly weakened our position on the world stage. The disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal invited aggression from other adversaries like China, Iran and Russia. Dave is fully committed to restoring American strength, rebuilding the military, and ensuring our enemies and allies know there is no greater force than the United States military. As a combat veteran of the Gulf War, Dave understands what it's like to serve our country on the front lines and defend our American freedoms. Pennsylvanians have given disproportionately more to wars and conflicts, and veteran suicide rates in the Commonwealth are higher than the national average as a result. Dave will always support our troops and their families that have sacrificed their personal interests for a greater cause, and advocate for the necessary resources and care they deserve.
Source: 2022 Pennsylvania Senate campaign web May 22, 2022

Everett Stern: Found money-laundering at HSBC bank to fund terrorist groups

In 2010, 25-year-old Everett Stern was just out of business school; he found a job at HSBC, a major international bank, to help with its anti-money-laundering program. "I thought this was exactly what I wanted to do," he says. Stern interviewed in October, just days after the OCC issued the second Don't Do It Again letter [from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, warning HSBC against money laundering], he started work as part of HSBC's "expanded" anti-money-laundering program.

From the outset, Stern knew there was something weird about his job. "I had to go to the library to take out books on money-laundering," Stern says now, laughing. "That's how bad it was." There were no training courses or seminars on money-laundering-- what it was, how to detect it. His Even weirder, nobody seemed to care if anybody was doing any actual work. Almost immediately, he found a series of deeply concerning transactions [concerning funding terrorist groups].

Source: Rolling Stone magazine on 2022 Pennsylvania Senate race Feb 14, 2013

Everett Stern: Corruption of government is a National Security threat

Stern believes that corruption at all levels undermines the people's faith in our US system of government. Corruption is a National Security threat, it weakens our influence overseas and leads to inevitable economic decline. With Everett Stern in Washington the citizens of this country have a tried-and-true American Patriot willing to walk the talk.
Source: 2021 Pennsylvania Senate campaign website Jun 20, 2021

Ken Krawchuk: Bring the troops home to defend America

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement, "Expand the military"?

A: I support a strong military, but bring the troops home to defend America. (Not a state issue.)

Source: OnTheIssues interview: 2018 Pennsylvania Governor candidate May 18, 2018

Katie McGinty: Guarantee world's best-equipped & best-trained military

These are challenging times, and nothing is more important to me than keeping our families safe and secure. Fighting terrorism both at home and abroad is a growing challenge but we can defeat terrorist threats while upholding America's values and principles.

Our men and women in our military deserve the very best and as Senator, I will work to guarantee that our military remains the best-equipped and best-trained military in the world to meet the changing threats of the 21st century.

In order to respond to the threats we face, we need the strength and support of our allies. Israel is a critical partner for our national security and as a Senator, I will do all that I can to ensure Israel's security, as any threat to Israel poses a threat to our nation's interests as well.

Source: 2016 Pennsylvania Senate campaign website Aug 31, 2016

Lou Barletta: Military shouldn't have gay rights imposed

Barletta appeared to side with the transgender ban: "While I am waiting on more information, President Trump consulted with our generals and took their recommendation. Decisions about our military's readiness are best left to our nation's top military officials, not politicians interested in forwarding a social or political agenda. Our troops should be insulated from political considerations so they can remain focused on carrying out their mission to protect the American people."
Source: on 2018 Pennsylvania gubernatorial race Jul 26, 2017

Scott Wagner: Americans honor veterans by standing up for National Anthem

When we stand and sing the National Anthem, we recommit to freedom--in honor of those who secure it for us. Here is my plea to every single American: Please stand up for veterans like Travis Mills, for the hundreds of thousands of brave military members who are buried in cemeteries around the world, and for all veterans. Please honor them during the National Anthem the way they honor us on the battlefield--by standing up.
Source: 2018 Pennsylvania Gubernatorial website May 8, 2018

Tom Corbett: Fight to keep Apache helicopters based in PA

Today, I've brought along some special guests. They represent the men and women of this state who wear the uniform of our country, and the many who have served in theaters of war. This past year, the 104th Attack Reconnaissance Battalion, a unit of the Pennsylvania National Guard, completed a deployment in Afghanistan. Our guests are among the brave and highly skilled Apache helicopter pilots who carried out that mission. We are proud to have the Apaches based in Pennsylvania.

Recently though, the Army announced a plan to take many of these helicopters with their pilots out of Pennsylvania. I am going to fight to keep them here.

As a former member of the 28th AVBN, Pennsylvania National Guard, the pride I have for our pilots runs deep.

Source: 2014 State of the State speech to Pennsylvania legislature Feb 4, 2014

Tom Ridge: A cold day in hell before he'd allow troops in the streets

On Trump's sending troops to battle riots: "Had I been governor, even now, I would welcome the opportunity to work with any federal agency to reduce crime or lawlessness in the cities," Ridge said. "But I would tell you, it would be a cold day in hell before I would consent to an uninvited, unilateral intervention into one of my cities. . And I wish the president would take a more collaborative approach toward fighting this lawlessness than the unilateral approach that he's taken."
Source: Pennsylvania Capital-Star on 2020 Bush Cabinet Jul 21, 2020

Tom Wolf: More services for veterans: education, jobs, & housing

Tom Wolf knows that our Commonwealth needs to keep its commitment to our veterans, national guardsmen, army reservists, members of our armed forces, and their families who deserve our respect, as well as the benefits, assistance, and dignity to which they are more than entitled. As governor, Tom Wolf will promote policies to ease the transition to civilian life, support their health and well-being, and be a vocal advocate for our National Guard. Specifically, he will:
Source: 2014 Pennsylvania Gubernatorial campaign website, WolfForPA Sep 1, 2014

Val Arkoosh: Robust funding for military installations & veteran benefits

Val believes it is critical that we sustain and strengthen all the benefits our veterans and their families have earned serving our country. As a physician, Val understands it is critical that veterans and their families can access health care. In order to help those returning home with the transition to civilian life, Val supports robust educational benefits, including for servicemembers' children and spouses, and resources to help them find a job.

Val knows a strong military is key to our nation's defense. To support all those currently serving, in the U.S. Senate, Val will support robust funding for our country's military installations and training centers. And in any foreign policy decision that comes before the Senate, Val will always start by evaluating the impact to troops on the ground and their safety.

Source: 2022 Pennsylvania Senate campaign website Dec 19, 2021

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