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Jeb Bush: Hedge fund managers should pay taxes the same as others

Q: You have proposed a tax on hedge fund managers. Conservatives wonder if this would undercut your projection of 4 percent economic growth annually.

BUSH: Of course, not. Private equity people and hedge fund folks that are, right now getting capital gains treatment for the income they earn, should pay ordinary income tax like everybody else. What we need is to reform the tax code to simplify rates.

Source: 2016 CBS Republican primary debate in South Carolina Feb 13, 2016

Lindsey Graham: AdWatch: Hero of the taxpayer & guardian of small business

Graham is touting his conservative bona fides on economic issues in a new ad campaign: "He's been a 'hero of the taxpayer,' the 'taxpayers' friend' and a 'guardian of small business.' He was ranked as a top five Senate budget-cutter by National Taxpayers Union Foundation," a narrator says in his new TV ad. "He opposed ObamaCare from day one, voted to repeal it and introduced legislation giving states the option to opt out. Sen. Lindsey Graham: A conservative leader who gets things done."
Source: The Hill e-zine AdWatch on 2014 South Carolina Senate race Mar 3, 2014

Jay Stamper: Stop giving away millions in corporate welfare

Stamper moved to South Carolina a year ago to run for Graham's seat, and he said he has found most people welcoming. That welcoming, hospitable spirit will be important for South Carolina moving forward in growing the economy and recruiting new businesses without giving away millions in "corporate welfare," Stamper said.
Source: Spartanburg Herald-Journal: 2014 South Carolina Senate race Jan 13, 2014

Lindsey Graham: 1997: Created trucking logistics company with 100 employees

In 1997 I was working very hard and had been successful as a salesman in the trucking brokerage industry when I made the decision to forge ahead and start my own business. That year I incorporated On Time Transportation and On Time Trucking in Roebuck, South Carolina: On Time Trucking was a brokerage while On Time Transportation was a nationwide logistics company specializing in volume LTL (less-than-truckload) shipments.

With a lot of hard work, the business grew substantially. In less than six years we were grossing in excess of $10 million and running scores of trucks to all parts of the continental US. At the peak of the business I was able to create jobs for over 100 people.

I can testify to the mind-boggling costs of government regulations. Naturally, we also had to hire accountants & lawyers, just to keep compliant with 48 different state-regulators, the Federal government (particularly the IRS and Interstate Commerce Commission), all the while fending off the Teamsters union.

Source: Lee Bright OpEd on 2014 South Carolina Senate race Jan 1, 2014

Rick Wade: Served in Obama's U.S. Commerce Department

Wade is a Democratic National Committeeman with extensive corporate and government experience--including a senior post in Barack Obama's U.S. Commerce Department. An early supporter of Obama's 2008 campaign, Wade is expected to receive extensive national support in his effort to unseat Scott--who was appointed to his post a year ago by S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley.

This won't be Wade's first bid for elected office. In 2002 he was handily defeated by Republican Mark Hammond in the race for S.C. Secretary of State--although at that point he had yet to build a national network of supporters.

We also expect Wade--who helped lead Obama's 2008 minority turnout effort--to help mobilize black voters in a big way in 2014.

Source: FITS News on 2014 South Carolina Senate race Dec 13, 2013

Mitt Romney: Capitalism works; free enterprise works; & profit works

GINGRICH: [to Romney]: There are specific cases where Bain Capital's model--which was to take over a company and dramatically leverage it, leave it with a great deal of debt--made it less likely to survive. That kind of investment is very different from venture capital.

ROMNEY: I know we're going to get attacked from the left, from Barack Obama, on capitalism. My view is, capitalism works. Free enterprise works. And I find it kind of strange, on a stage like this, with Republicans, having to describe how private equity and venture capital create jobs. I think Adam Smith was right, and I'm going to stand and defend capitalism across this country,

Q: You claimed Bain Capital created 120,000 jobs. Could you do the math?

ROMNEY: We started a number of businesses; four in particular created 120,000 jobs. There are others lost jobs: about 10,000. So 120,000 less 10,000 means that we created something over 100,000 jobs. Some businesses we acquired grew, like Domino's Pizza and Duane Reade and others.

Source: South Carolina 2012 GOP debate hosted by CNN's John King Jan 19, 2012

Nikki Haley: Reduce red tape; time is money

As we focus on lowering our unemployment rate in South Carolina, we will hone in on ways to improve the business environment in our state. Every one of my cabinet directors understands that his or her job is to reduce the amount of red-tape placed on our businesses. In the business world, time is money--if government is costing our small businesses time, it is costing them money. That's unacceptable. The heart of our economy is and always will be our small businesses. If we give them cash flow, if we giv them profit margins, they aren't going on vacation--they will use those dollars to hire people, to invest back in our state. And it will be our people, and South Carolina's economy, that benefit. We have spoken some about moving forward with one vision. To the great credit of those in this room, in the seven short days I have been governor, we have made great progress.
Source: 2011 South Carolina State of the State Address Jan 19, 2011

Mark Sanford: Cut corporate income tax by raising cigarette tax

We continue to believe that there are other things we could do to improve the economy like raising our lowest-in-the-nation cigarette tax and swapping this with an equal dollar cut to the corporate income tax. The net effect of the change we have proposed here is that South Carolina's ranking on the state business tax climate index would move from 25th to the 6th most competitive state in the country--and changes like this would produce jobs.
Source: South Carolina 2010 State of the State Address Jan 20, 2010

Hillary Clinton: Corporate elite treat working-class America as invisible

Q: Overall, is Wal-Mart a good thing or a bad thing for the United States of America?

A: Well, itís a mixed blessing. When Wal-Mart started, it brought goods into rural areas, like rural Arkansas where I was happy to live for 18 years, and gave people a chance to stretch their dollar further. As they grew much bigger, though, they have raised serious questions about the responsibility of corporations & how they need to be a leader when it comes to providing health care & having safe working conditions and not discriminating on the basis of sex or race. This is all part, though, of how this administration and corporate America today donít see middle class and working Americans. They are invisible. They donít understand that if youíre a family that canít get health care, you are really hurting. But to the corporate elite and to the White House, youíre invisible. So we need to get both public sector and private sector leadership to start stepping up and being responsible and taking care of people.

Source: MSNBC on 2007 South Carolina Democratic primary debate Apr 26, 2007

John Edwards: Hedge fund investors help figure out and reduce poverty

Q: Youíve been a paid legal advisor to hedge funds. Do hedge funds make America any better in any way?

A: I think the financial markets are an important component of trying to figure out what it is we need to do about the fact that we have 47 million people without health care, 37 million people who wake up in poverty every day. They play an enormous role in how money moves in this country. And I believe that we have a responsibility to the people in this country who wake up every day worried about feeding and clothing their children. And I think those people in New York who work in financial markets understand--in some ways, at least--what can be done and can play a significant role in trying to lift people up who are struggling. I am proud of what Iíve been doing for the last few years. You know, Iíve been all over the country, organizing workers into unions and raising the minimum wage, and also working at a poverty center at the University of North Carolina.

Source: 2007 South Carolina Democratic primary debate, on MSNBC Apr 26, 2007

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