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Brian Dahle: Seen businesses regulated to death by state bureaucrats

As a small-business owner, he has learned firsthand what it's like to have your life's work regulated to death by the state bureaucracy thanks to politicians who think they can solve every problem in the world if they just pass one more bill. Ordinary Californians need a government that understands their needs and will work for them, and a governor who'll say no to a Legislature that thinks it needs to pass a thousand new laws every year.
Source: 2022 California Governor campaign website Feb 21, 2022

Delaine Eastin: Change corporate tax structure to fund education

[Six gubernatorial candidates from two parties participated in one debate]: When Eastin talked about the need to make changes in Proposition 13's corporate tax structure to provide money for education improvements like mandatory full-day kindergarten and universal preschool, it was possible to hear the Republicans muttering, "more taxes, more taxes."
Source: San Francisco Chronicle on 2018 California governor race May 8, 2018

Gloria La Riva: Corporations, banks and the Pentagon dominate society

For too long, corporations, banks and the Pentagon have dominated society. The result: Half of all people live in or near poverty. Housing cost is skyrocketing. Immigrants get scapegoated. The prison population and police repression grow. The environment is being destroyed. Enough! Vote socialist! Get involved!
Source: IVP Network on 2018 California gubernatorial race Mar 20, 2018

Kamala Harris: Tough stance on mortgage lenders fell short

In September 2011, Harris pulled California out of nationwide mortgage settlement talks with the five biggest mortgage servicers. The deal Harris got for California was ultimately much better. It provided $18.4 billion in debt relief and $2 billion in other financial assistance, as well as incentives for relief to center on the hardest hit counties. The banks had originally only offered California, the state hardest hit by the housing crisis and fraud, $2-4 billion.

Nonetheless, the settlement was woefully inadequate. In terms of direct financial relief, underwater homeowners--weighed down by average debt of close to $65,000 each--received around $1,500 to $2,000 each. just 84,102 California families had any mortgage debt forgiven--far short of the 250,000 originally predicted.

Source: Jacobin Magazine on 2018 California Senate race Aug 10, 2017

Kevin Faulconer: Get out the message: California is open for business

A businessperson, Faulconer said the exodus of top tech executives to Texas and other states has also been a chief failure of Newsom and that he would immediately get out the message that "California is open for business," by holding direct discussions with business leaders to assure them that the state will not continue to "take California companies for granted."
Source: Politico e-zine on 2021 California recall race Feb 1, 2021

Neel Kashkari: Corporate rate complexity encourages investment abroad

Reforming the corporate tax code: Several Republicans and Democrats have identified corporate tax reform as a near-term priority that could help jump-start our economy. Some work is already underway in Washington. The United States has one of the highest statutory corporate rates in the world, although the rates that businesses ultimately pay are much lower because some companies, especially large ones, are able to exploit loopholes and deductions. This complexity encourages investment abroad while unfairly benefitting some companies over others, leading to the misallocation of capital. An agreement that reduces statutory corporate tax rates in exchange for eliminating deductions and simplifying the code should be possible.
Source: Kashkari Washington Post OpEd: 2014 California governor race Jun 1, 2012

Ro Khanna: Flexibility on R&D taxes & startup businesses

Source: 2016 California House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

Ro Khanna: Close loopholes that allow companies to avoid paying taxes

Q: Do you support providing tax incentives to businesses for the purpose of job creation?

A: Yes. Today, many corporations are incentivized to move profits and facilities offshore. That has to change. We should actively encourage companies to locate here in the U.S. and create a tax structure that rewards them for investing and creating jobs here in America. At the same time, we should close corporate tax loopholes that allow massive Fortune 500 companies to avoid paying taxes at all.

Source: Vote-Smart 2016 California Political Courage Test Nov 8, 2016

Tom Steyer: Supported 2012 income tax increase for multistate businesses

Source: on California ballot measure voting records Jul 2, 2019

Travis Allen: Private business should take over public rest stops

I am committed to providing every opportunity to incentivize investment throughout California and encouraging our state to utilize innovative solutions to address community needs. Not only is this approach an environmentally friendly transit solution, it benefits any area of California that may want to pursue private investment and provide new transportation infrastructure without bigger government or new taxes.
Source: The Allen Report newsletter on 2018 California governor race Apr 1, 2016

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