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Colleen Hanabusa: Got $75M tax credit for Ko Oilna, and husband got $400,000

Ige went on the offensive in the campaign by challenging Hanabusa on her two-year push for a $75 million state tax credit for development of an aquarium at Ko Olina, alleging the deal demonstrated that she makes decisions "on behalf of self-interest and special interests."

Hanabusa led the drive to get lawmakers to approve the Ko Olina tax credit in 2002 and 2003, but the bill was written so that only developer Jeff Stone could benefit from it. Less than a month after the $75 million tax credit was approved, Stone sold a luxury Ko Olina townhouse to Hanabusa's then-fiance Souza. One of Stone's companies financed the sale by lending Souza $405,773 for the purchase.

Souza, who is now Hanabusa's husband and campaign chairman, bought the Kai Lani townhouse for $569,023 in mid-2003 and sold it for $990,000 in Jan. 2004. Hanabusa noted that Stone claimed only $3.45 million of the $75 million tax credit, and said there "has never been any wrongdoing found" in connection with the tax credit.

Source: Honolulu Star-Advertiser on 2018 Hawaii gubernatorial race Aug 12, 2018

Mazie Hirono: Co-sponsored Do No Harm Act: keep church and state separate

The Do No Harm Act, a bill that's designed to ensure that the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) continues to provide important protections for religious exercise while clarifying that RFRA may not be used to discriminate against or otherwise harm others, was introduced in the Senate in May. Mazie Hirono co-introduced the legislation.

Americans United supports the legislation. AU's President said that "the Do No Harm Act will ensure that we honor two core American values: religious freedom and the promise of equal protection under the law."

Congress enacted the federal RFRA in 1993 with the goal of protecting religious freedom, especially for religious minorities. At that time, a broad coalition of progressive & conservative groups supported the law. But since then, the federal RFRA has been misinterpreted by some courts and has become a vehicle for those who want to use religion to undermine protections for civil rights and access to health care.

Source: Church & State Magazine,, on 2016 Hawaii Senate race Aug 8, 2018

Ron Curtis: Principles of campaign are liberty and limited government

Core campaign principles:
Source: 2018 Hawaii Senate campaign website Aug 8, 2018

John Carroll: Served four terms in Hawaii House; one term in state Senate

Pushing 90 yeas old, Carroll is a long-time resident of Oahu with ties to the Big Island, where he owns a farm in Holualoa and where several of his family members reside in Kona.

The Korean War veteran and former Air Force pilot also served four terms in the Hawaii state House of Representatives, as well as one term in the state Senate.

Source: West Hawaii Today on 2018 Hawaii gubernatorial race Apr 14, 2018

Cam Cavasso: Judeo-Christian values established our government framework

Question topic: Efforts to bring Islamic law (shariah) to America do not pose a threat to our country and its Constitution.

Cavasso: Strongly Disagree

Question topic: Judeo-Christian values established a framework of morality which permitted our system of limited government.

Cavasso: Strongly Agree

Source: Faith2Action iVoterGuide on 2014 Hawaii Senate race Sep 30, 2014

Neil Abercrombie: I made best decision appointing Schatz instead of Hanabusa

Abercrombie defended his decision to appoint Brian Schatz to replace the late U.S. Sen. Daniel Inouye, who had asked that Rep. Colleen Hanabusa succeed him.

"Many have said after so many years of dedicated service to the people of Hawaii, how can a simple request be ignored?" asked Ige.

"It only makes sense that for him to say what he would like to see done, but in the end he realized and indicated directly to me that as governor, I had to make the best decision," said Abercrombie.

Source: Hawaii News Now on 2014 Hawaii gubernatorial debate Jul 9, 2014

Eddie Pirkowski: Judeo-Christian values established our government framework

Question topic: Efforts to bring Islamic law (shariah) to America do not pose a threat to our country and its Constitution.

Pirkowski: Strongly Disagree.

Question topic: Judeo-Christian values established a framework of morality which permitted our system of limited government.

Pirkowski: Strongly Agree.

Source: Faith2Action iVoterGuide on 2014 Hawaii Senate race Jul 2, 2014

Colleen Hanabusa: Lost campaigns in 2003 & 2006 before winning in 2010

If At First You Don't Succeed... The CQ Roll Call members database reveals that 18 members of the 113th Congress mounted multiple unsuccessful campaigns before finally winning a seat.
Source: Cong. Quarterly Rollcall mag. on 2014 Hawaii Senate race Mar 20, 2014

Brian Schatz: Endorsed by progressive group "Democracy for America"

Democracy for America, the liberal group founded by former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, is endorsing Sen. Brian Schatz in his primary against Rep. Colleen Hanabusa. Schatz is the first Senate candidate the organization has endorsed this election cycle--and the second incumbent, as they're also backing Rep. Mike Honda (D-CA) in his primary against Democrat Ro Khanna. Democracy for America is latest national liberal group to back him in the race, which could help Schatz shore up his claim that he's the more liberal candidate in the race.

"Senator Brian Schatz isn't just a reliable vote for progressives in Washington, D.C., he takes it a step further and organizes other Senators to join him. Whether it's fighting on the front lines against climate change, defending a woman's right to choose, or expanding Social Security, Brian Schatz has proven he's a true progressive leader," Democracy for America's Executive Director says.

Source: The Hill magazine: AdWatch on 2014 Hawaii Senate race Feb 18, 2014

Colleen Hanabusa: OpEd: Too old to build seniority to steer pork to Hawaii

The Democratic primary battle is not a clash over ideology. Rather, the divide is personal. In Hanabusa's candidacy, what remains of Sen. Inouye's mostly Japanese-American political machine is fighting for supremacy against a younger and whiter progressive wing that is trying to become Hawaii's new ruling class.

A new path is what Abercrombie had in mind when he picked Schatz, saying, "It had everything to do with the future and the past." The governor said he thought Hanabusa, now 62, was too old to build enough seniority in the Senate to continue Inouye's legacy of steering an outsize allowance of federal money to Hawaii. Abercrombie noted: "Brian Schatz is 41. Colleen isn't. She's in her 60s."

Hanabusa said Abercrombie's focus on her age is "rather offensive." Hanabusa sounded angry and at times bitter that Abercrombie passed her over for Schatz. "It's like saying to the voters, 'Here's somebody who's going to be there forever.' No one should feel that level of entitlement."

Source: Washington Post on 2014 Hawaii Senate race Jan 1, 2014

Linda Lingle: Work with national Republicans to get things done for Hawaii

Hirono launched into a familiar refrain: "My Republican opponent's economic priorities, my Republican opponent's plan is exactly the same as Mitt Romney's," said Hirono. "My Republican opponent has joined with the national Republican party."

Lingle stood her ground: "My opponent has spent this entire campaign attacking national Republicans. These will be the very people we would have to work with to get something done for Hawaii," said Lingle.

Source: KITV coverage of 2012 Hawaii Senate debate Oct 17, 2012

Mazie Hirono: OpEd: Missed twice as many votes as average Congress member

The former governor accused the congresswoman of doing little to help the state: "Your entire record of missed votes is twice that of your typical congressional colleague. How can you look our citizens in the eye and claim that your poor attendance and lack of results reflect the local value of hard work?" asked Lingle.

"This is yet another misleading attack on the part of my Republican opponent," responded Hirono.

Source: KITV coverage of 2012 Hawaii Senate debate Oct 17, 2012

Duke Aiona: My Catholic faith is part of my decision making

Q: I want to talk about your faith. You've spoken about how very important this is to you. What would you tell voters about the role of faith in your decision-making and how you would approach that as governor?

A: Religion more so is your way of life. Faith is just your core beliefs and values. For me, it is about my Catholic faith. It's just me. That's how I'm living. I choose to live my life like this. So, in my decision making, yeah, it's a part of my life because it's part of my foundation principles and values. But, really my decision-making is based on my time and my experience as a judge.

You hear me say it's easier to build strong children than it is to fix broken adults. Because if you had a strong foundation and you had values and morals--and most of us do have that strong foundation.

Source: Honolulu Civil Beat Q&A on 2014 Hawaii gubernatorial race Oct 15, 2010

Cam Cavasso: Running because Inouye opposed Federal Marriage amendment

Q: Why are you running for office?

A: Daniel Inouye’s vote against the Federal Marriage amendment establishing marriage between one man and one woman as our Constitutional Law sparked this run. I have served in leadership in High School (Kailua) in the Hawaii House of Representatives, the U.S. Army, Boy Scouts, Church, Canoe Clubs and in business finance and in family. It is time to serve again.

Source: Hawaii Tribune Herald Election Guide Questions Aug 22, 2004

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