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Alec Ross: Education key to addressing crime

Ross said in the short term, more police presence can drive down crime, but in the long term, he advocates for more resources to city schools. "If you said to me, 'In 10 years, will Baltimore be a safer place if we double the number of police officers or double the number of teachers?' I think we would be a safer city if we doubled the number of teachers."
Source: WBAL-TV on 2018 Maryland gubernatorial race Jun 20, 2017

Larry Hogan: Justice for Victims Initiative: protect vulnerable citizens

Last year, we worked across the aisle to enact the Justice Reinvestment Act, which is the most important criminal justice reform in a generation. We worked to pass Noah's Law, named after Montgomery County police office--and a true Maryland hero-- Noah Leotta. We have already accomplished a great deal. But together, we can--and we must--do more.

This year, we plan to enact our Justice for Victims Initiative to improve services for the victims of crimes and to reduce the number of future victims of crime. We need to enact the Repeat Sexual Predator Prevention Act of 2017, the Protecting Victims of Sex Trafficking Act, and the Repeat Drunk Driving Offenders Act. All of this legislation will help make Maryland safer and will protect the lives of our most vulnerable citizens.

Source: 2017 State of the State address to Maryland Legislature Feb 1, 2017

Anthony Brown: Protect victims of domestic violence with better services

[As Lieutenant Governor], Anthony has championed a number of issues:
Source: 2016 Maryland House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

Margaret Flowers: Racial justice: end disparities in incarceration

Racial injustice is deeply rooted in Maryland and throughout the United States. We see it everyday in policies that affect investment in communities, affordable housing, education, health care, access to high quality jobs, drug use, policing and mass incarceration.

"Racial justice will be achieved when the root causes of it are addressed. This will require more than changing attitudes and practices, we need to end disparities in wealth, health and incarceration. And it means policies that empower communities to have greater control over decisions that impact them, including community control of police, and investment in programs that end poverty and build community wealth. It means drug policies that are based on public health and harm reduction; and it means taking the profit out of prisons. We need to honor the dignity of every human being."

Source: 2016 Maryland Senate campaign website, Aug 8, 2016

Larry Hogan: Vetoed expansion of voting rights to 40,000 ex-offenders

Several states have turned away from harsh criminal sentences and raised new questions about what happens to offenders once they are released, including their ability to participate fully in society. In February, the Maryland State Senate overrode a veto by Republican Gov. Larry Hogan and expanded voting rights to 40,000 ex-offenders. In that the case, the law allowed ex-convicts to vote while on parole or probation.

But the policies have been controversial and provoked a partisan divide. Last December, newly elected Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin (R) reversed an executive order by his Democratic predecessor to grant voting rights to ex-felons in the state once they had completed their sentences. Governor Bevin framed his opposition to the executive order signed by then-Gov. Steve Beshear (D) on procedural rather than ideological terms.

Source: Christian Science Monitor on Maryland veto/voting records Apr 22, 2016

Martin O`Malley: Repealed death penalty; reduced prison incarceration

Today, with courageous law enforcement officers, we have now reduced violent crime to 30 year lows. With our first responders, shock trauma doctors and nurses, traffic deaths have been reduced now to the lowest levels in decades.

We enacted common sense measures to reduce gun violence. We repealed the death penalty and replaced it with life without the possibility of parole. And there are now fewer people incarcerated in Maryland's prisons today than at any time since 1994.

Source: 2014 State of the State Address to Maryland legislature Jan 23, 2014

Kathy Szeliga: Voted NO on repealing the death penalty

SB 276 Repeals the Death Penalty
Bill Passed House (82 - 56); Rep. Kathy Szeliga voted Nay .
Source: VoteSmart synopsis of 2013-2014 Maryland voting records Mar 15, 2013

Jamie Raskin: Voted YES on repealing the death penalty

SB 276 Repeals the Death Penalty
Bill Passed House (82-56-3); passed Senate (27-20-0); Sen. Raskin voted YEA.
Source: VoteSmart synopsis of 2013-2014 Maryland legislative records Mar 6, 2013

Richard Madaleno: Voted YES on repealing the death penalty

SB 276 Repeals the Death Penalty
Bill Passed House (82-56-3); passed Senate (27-20-0); Sen. Madaleno voted YEA.
Source: VoteSmart synopsis of 2013-2014 Maryland legislative records Mar 6, 2013

Corrogan Vaughn: Restore the rights to non-violent ex-offenders

Corrogan co-hosted a radio show, “Rockin’ D Vote”, a show designed to increase voter registrations & familiarize the listeners with current political events, and bring about the restoration of rights to non-violent ex-offenders.
Source: 2006 Senate campaign website, Nov 6, 2006

Michael Steele: More focus on victims of violent crime

Source: 2006 Senate website,, “Issues” Oct 25, 2006

Michael Steele: Mandatory sentencing guidelines for child sex offenders

Source: 2006 Senate website,, “Issues” Oct 25, 2006

Michael Steele: Combat the proliferation of gangs

Michael is committed to fighting poverty, drug addiction and criminal recidivism. He is devoted to securing Maryland neighborhoods and building safer streets by fighting crime.

Michael worked to combat the proliferation of gangs threatening the well-being of Maryland communities and the safety of Maryland children. Michael led the way in convening a Statewide Planning Group to develop a strategy to both prevent and respond to gang activity.

Source: Campaign site,, “On the Issues” May 2, 2006

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