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Tony Monetti: Stronger emphasis on policing

We have a responsibility to protect our citizens. We can do this through a stronger emphasis on policing and prosecuting those dangerous criminals who target the welfare and safety of our citizens; such as, violent offenders, human and drug traffickers, sex offenders, child pornographers, and violent illegal immigrants. We must provide our law enforcement agencies with the proper training and equip them to do the job.
Source: 2018 Missouri Senatorial website Oct 15, 2017

Austin Petersen: End mandatory minimums

This is absolutely a constitutional conservative issue. We need to reinstate the Founders' original intent with regards to constitutional checks and balances by eliminating federal "mandatory minimums" laws and restoring power to the judicial branch. We need to end the practice of "civil asset forfeiture"--also known as legal governmental theft. And we need to end, once and for all, the federal government's "war on drugs."
Source: 2018 Missouri Senatorial website Oct 1, 2017

Angelica Earl: Prison not the solution for victimless crimes

There are far too many people in prison. Prisons get paid by the federal government to stay full. These companies lobby to push for tougher laws to have more people jailed for victimless crimes. Veterans are filling up jails for using medicinal marijuana. The war on drugs is failed. The school to prison pipeline in poverty stricken and black communities needs to stop. I intend on pushing to reform current criminal justice laws.
Source: 2018 Missouri Senatorial website Sep 15, 2017

Eric Greitens: Fight Ferguson Effect with Blue Alert to empower police

Three of the eleven most violent cities in America are in Missouri--St. Louis, Kansas City, and Springfield. This violence affects far too many families--mine included. And it's not just in the cities. When you talk to sheriffs, chiefs of police, and front line officers around the state, they'll tell you it's getting harder to do police work. They'll tell you about what the FBI has identified: The Ferguson Effect.

They'll tell you that it's harder to recruit people to become police officers, and the officers who are on the job feel less empowered to proactively police. I want to establish a Blue Alert system, so that we can find and bring swift justice to anyone who assaults a law enforcement officer. And my administration will work to pass the toughest laws in the country for anyone who assaults a peace officer. We need to make sure that our state highway patrol, that our corrections officers, have nonlethal tools like TASERs and adequate body armor when they are called to go into harm's way.

Source: 2017 State of the State address to Missouri Legislature Jan 17, 2017

Jason Kander: End school-to-prison pipeline

Q: On Prisons: Switch money from prisons to preventive measures like education and social services?

Blunt: Unknown

Kander: End "school-to-prison pipeline" and "ban the box" to increase post-incarceration opportunities.

Source: CampusElect Voter Guide to 2016 Missouri Senate race Oct 9, 2016

Lester Turilli: Stricter punishment does not always deter crime˙

Q: Your comments on the statement, "Stricter punishment reduces crime"?

A: Stricter punishment does not always deter crime. ˙Upon˙penitentiary release, a large majority of felons return to criminal activity. ˙ More emphasis and support should be given to similar programs as our Drug Treatment Courts which have had tremendous success in helping Missourians through accountability, education, and treatment.

Source: Email interview on 2016 Missouri candidacy by OnTheIssues Apr 25, 2016

Eric Greitens: Get first responders needed training, equipment, & support

POLICE OFFICERS AND FIREFIGHTERS NEED OUR SUPPORT. I believe police officers and firefighters should be honored for the hard work they do. They deserve to be led not by lawyers, but by leaders; and I pledge to be strong for those who are always on call for us. As Governor, I'll make sure that they have the training, the equipment, and the support that they need to do their job.
Source: 2016 Missouri Governor campaign website Oct 9, 2015

Chris Koster: Deliver justice to those who break our laws

Twice elected to serve as the Attorney General for the State of Missouri, Chris Koster has governed the way he promised: delivering justice to those who break our laws, defending working families, and fighting against powerful interests that have done wrong to people of our state.

Chris is a hands-on Attorney General, personally prosecuting many high profile cases and arguing before the United States Supreme Court on behalf of Missouri. As one of Missouri's most experienced prosecutors, Chris has personally convicted some of our state's most notorious murders and has overseen more than 100 murder convictions during his career. As Attorney General, one of his most important duties is supervising our state's legal process surrounding the imposition of the death penalty.

Source: 2016 Missouri gubernatorial campaign website Sep 9, 2015

Peter Kinder: Preserve law & order, even when there are riots & looting

Source: 2016 Missouri Gubernatorial campaign website Sep 9, 2015

Jay Nixon: More DWI arrests save more lives

Last year, we passed historic DWI legislation with strong bipartisan support. That new law is making our highways safer for everyone. With us tonight is Highway Patrol Sergeant Blaine Adams from Poplar Bluff--who has made an amazing 1,060 DWI arrests--more than any other current member of the patrol. 1,060 DWI arrests. Can you imagine how many lives this one Trooper has saved? Please stand and accept the gratitude of your state.
Source: 2011 Missouri State of the State Address Jan 19, 2011

Bob Holden: Lower drunk driving limit to .08

Right now, in Missouri, the blood alcohol content for being arrested as a drunk driver is .10, even though all the evidence shows that a driver is substantially impaired at the .08 level.An analysis of the first five states that lowered the blood alcohol limit to .08 revealed significant decreases in fatal crashes related to alcohol in four out of the five. The tremendous toll in human life and suffering our higher blood alcohol content law is causing should be more than sufficient reason to lower the legal limit. And federal authorities are also sending us a signal of how important they feel this issue is. We are losing federal incentive money for our highways by not adopting .08. We would be receiving an additional $3 million every year now. If we don’t pass a .08 law by October 1, 2003, we will be paying a sanction in the neighborhood of $8 million-a penalty that increases to $32 million in 2007 if we still haven’t passed the bill. Let’s make it happen this year.
Source: 2001 State of the State speech in Missouri House Chambers Jan 30, 2001

Catherine Hanaway: No parole for repeat felons; yes on death penalty

Source: Missouri Legislative 1998 National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 1998

Nancy Farmer: No death penalty, more community policing

Source: 1996 Missouri National Political Awareness Test Jul 2, 1996

Nancy Farmer: Mandatory sentencing, but fund rehabilitation & alternatives

Source: 1996 Missouri National Political Awareness Test Jul 2, 1996

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