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Connie Johnson: Fund programs to combat opioid epidemic

Provide adequate funding for mental health and substance abuse programs in order to avert the health crisis in our state. Respond to Oklahoma's troubling rate of opioid and methamphetamine use by fostering intense collaboration between all levels of government--including much-needed increased federal investment--as well as local communities in order to truly solve this problem.
Source: 2018 Oklahoma Senatorial website Oct 15, 2017

Connie Johnson: Advocate for decriminalized and medical marijuana

A Democrat who supports legal marijuana is publicly building support for a possible governor campaign. In a Facebook post, former state Sen. Connie Johnson asked her supporters to post their ideas to improve the state. "Friends, please travel this journey with us as we transition this page to support the next call to public service, running for governor of the state of Oklahoma," Johnson posted.

Johnson ran for U.S. Senate in 2014 but got less than one-third of the vote. It was her first and, until now, only statewide candidacy after serving in the Oklahoma Senate. She has advocated for decriminalized and medical marijuana.

Source: The Oklahoman on 2018 Oklahoma gubernatorial race Feb 4, 2017

Kevin Stine: Find regulations for marijuana, not just bans

Q: What's the thing you're most proud of during this first year on the City Council?

A: One of the biggest things is the marijuana issues. A lot has been discussed about business licenses to dispensaries and grow ordinances or bans since 2014, before I was on the council, and now it's been decided to put the vote to the people. I voted for this because it's a compromise measure. Even if I don't personally agree with recreational marijuana, the best option is to find regulations, not just bans.

Source: Rogue Valley Messenger on 2016 Oklahoma Senate race Jan 7, 2016

Joe Dorman: No stance on marijuana legalization nor medical marijuana

Dorman doesn't mention marijuana on his website, and a call to his office confirmed that he would not be taking a stance on either the legalization of marijuana or medical marijuana in Oklahoma and does not expect to do so between now and election day.
Source: Reason Magazine on 2014 Oklahoma gubernatorial race Jun 18, 2014

Joe Dorman: Legalize marijuana, based on Genesis 1:29

State Sen. Constance Johnson is pushing for the legalization of marijuana as a religious issue. She reportedly said Genesis 1:29 would be the "basis" for her campaign to legalize marijuana in the state. "God created this wonderful, miraculous plant and we know that is has been vilified for the last 100 years, and it's time to change that in Oklahoma," she was quoted as saying.
Source: Reason Magazine on 2014 Oklahoma gubernatorial race Jun 18, 2014

Mary Fallin: Legal marijuana provides no substantial benefit

Gov. Mary Fallin will face two lesser-known opponents in next week's GOP primary who have made their support for legalization of marijuana an issue in the campaign.

While it is an unusual issue to highlight in such a conservative state, criminal defense attorney Chad Moody--known around Oklahoma City as "The Drug Lawyer"--and computer network operator Dax Ewbank, a libertarian-leaning Republican from Guthrie, both said they support the full legalization of cannabis. The issue arises as two separate signature gathering efforts are underway in Oklahoma to get marijuana questions on the ballot--one to legalize the medicinal use of the drug and another authorizing its complete legalization.

Fallin said while she's interested in combating the growing number of Oklahoma inmates with substance abuse problems, legalizing marijuana even for medicinal purposes is not on her to-do list. "I just don't see that it provides a substantial benefit to the people of Oklahoma," Fallin said.

Source: Greenfield Reporter on 2014 Oklahoma gubernatorial race Jun 18, 2014

Mary Fallin: Prevent prescription drug abuse from occurring

We need to get serious about addressing prescription drug abuse. While we have spent years successfully combating and reducing meth labs and the use of methamphetamines in Oklahoma, studies show that prescription drug abuse actually poses a greater danger to our citizens.

Currently, 81% of drug-related deaths in Oklahoma are caused by prescription drugs. One survey shows that nearly 8% of Oklahomans are abusing prescription painkillers. That's twice the national average, and it is unacceptable.

As a state, it is time to offer the resources that prevent drug abuse from occurring in the first place. We must work to make sure life-changing treatments are available to those who are struggling with addiction issues. To that end, I have allocated new funding to strengthen prescription drug abuse prevention and treatment initiatives.

Source: 2013 State of the State to Oklahoma Legislature Feb 4, 2013

Mary Fallin: Women in Recovery: abuse programs avoid incarceration

We're asking our citizens to take responsibility for their lifestyles and their wellbeing. It's no secret that many Oklahomans struggle with addiction issues that can lead to incarceration. As a result, Oklahoma is one of the highest rated states in the nation for female incarceration. As we know, the costs to our state and our communities don't end with the original offender. Children with a parent in prison are five times more likely to end up in the correctional system. As Oklahomans, we must always place a priority on protecting our citizens and keeping our streets safe. But we can be tough on crime and smart on crime.

That's why I'm continuing to offer my full support to programs like "Women in Recovery" and other initiatives that address substance abuse, prevent incarceration, and allow more families to stay together. By fighting the hold that substance abuse has on our communities, we can make Oklahoma healthier and safer while working towards reducing our incarceration rates.

Source: 2011 Oklahoma State of the State Address Feb 7, 2011

Brad Henry: Invest in drug courts: put low-risk offenders on better path

As part of our efforts to be tough and smart on crime, we have invested in drug courts and mental health courts to put low-risk offenders on a more productive and cost-effective path. These programs are having dramatic results. They offer solutions to problems before they escalate to the costly criminal justice system.

I urge you to remain tough and smart on crime by investing in mental health and substance abuse services. We can save lives today and taxpayer dollars tomorrow.

Source: Oklahoma 2010 State of the State Address Feb 1, 2010

Frank Keating: Supports community sentencing in drug courts

This budget provides for increasing the use of community sentencing in drug courts to assure that costly prison cells are used for the most dangerous and violent offenders. We are admitting to our system non-violent, non-chronic drug offenders who need to be in community sentencing, where they are punished at the community level inexpensively. We should not use scarce tax dollars for that purpose. First time drug offenders need to be clean and sober and community sentencing is the means.
Source: 2001 State of the State address to Oklahoma legislature Feb 5, 2001

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