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Tate Reeves: Have invested more than $10 billion in education programs

My vision is creating a seamless system of education from cradle to career. I have invested more than $10 billion in K-12 schools and early childhood education, including investments that prioritize career and technical education, and building an antiracist curriculum that is honest about the past. We will continue to make progress toward stomping out the opportunity gap by ensuring 8,000 more kids are eligible for home visiting, early head start, and preschool promise.
Source: 2021 State of the State Address to the Oregon legislature Jan 21, 2021

Paul Romero: Forgive student loan interest, but not loan debt

Q: Should taxpayers help pay off existing student loans?

A: I'd like to see the interest killed off for student loans, especially Federally funded student loans, BUT the balance still falls to the student. This enforces basic responsibility and makes it easier for students to succeed in whatever job market they find themselves. Interest has been a killer for many students along with degree choices. Not sure what you're supposed to do with a $120,000 Philosophy Degree. Become a philosophical Plumber?

Source: AFA iVoterGuide on 2020 Oregon Senate race Nov 3, 2020

Paul Romero: END Common Core

Source: 2020 Oregon Senate campaign website Dec 23, 2019

Kate Brown: Close opportunity gap and invest in rural education

After years of underinvestment, it's going to take more than just additional funding to bring our schools back to a level we can be proud of. We have failed our students of color and we have left rural Oregon behind. Now is the time to close that opportunity gap. Our education system is in desperate need of repair, reform, and reinvestment. I will work with you, the business community, teachers, and parents to fund K-12 schools at a level that ensures our districts aren't forced to make cuts.
Source: 2019 State of the State address to the Oregon legislature Jan 14, 2019

Jo Rae Perkins: Education is best dealt with at the local level

Q: Do you support requiring states to adopt federal education standards?

A: No. Education is best dealt with at the local level. Children learn at different rates and there are regional customs which can affect standardized testing results.

Source: Vote Smart Oregon Congressional 2018 NPAT Nov 1, 2018

Kate Brown: Seamless system of education, from cradle to career

Governor Kate Brown announced her strategy for creating a seamless system of education, from cradle to career. Brown said, "We all agree that Oregon as a state can only reach its potential when our kids reach theirs. Education drives opportunity. To do that, we need to: improve high school graduation rates by making sure students graduate with a plan for their future; create a seamless system of education, serving our kids from preschool through higher education; and ensure our educator workforce and teacher pipeline is reflective of the growing and changing face of Oregon."

"To reach these goals, my strategy includes: guaranteed preschool for low income children; improved class sizes in kindergarten through third grade; implementing a full, 180-day school year; and increased investments in career technical education and post-secondary pathways."

Governor Brown's agenda for creating a seamless system of education is grounded in best practice research and data-driven analysis.

Source: Klamath Falls News on 2018 Oregon governor race Aug 27, 2018

Knute Buehler: Combat failing graduation; improve academic achievement

Our high school graduation and drop-out rates are a disgrace and Oregon schools rank near the bottom in education quality. As Governor, I'll restore fiscal sanity to state government--holding the line on new taxes and redirecting dollars from pensions to classroom learning; I'll reform education--combating failing graduation rates and improving academic achievement; and I'll revive the middle-income economy--resisting job-killing regulations and investing in training and career education.
Source: 2018 Oregon gubernatorial website May 18, 2018

Kate Brown: Future Ready Oregon: Prepare students for today's jobs

I am launching Future Ready Oregon. The goal is to close the skills gap between the workforce we have and the workforce we need to fuel Oregon's economy. We need to make sure every student graduates with a plan for their future and the tools that they need to compete in a global economy. Hands-on learning connects classrooms to career, inspiring students with a sense of purpose, giving them the drive they need to walk across that graduation stage and into their first job.
Source: 2018 Oregon State of the State address Feb 5, 2018

Bob Niemeyer: Charter schools are the answer; throw out Common Core

Q: How would you improve public education in Oregon?

Niemeyer: Charter schools are the answer at this point in time. Charter schools would allow for the creation of different kinds of schools that can use different teaching techniques to get through to children so that when they graduate and move out into the real world, they will have the skills necessary to be a productive member of society. The teachers of Oregon need to have all of the teaching techniques available for use on all of the students along with a place to send like-minded students to different charter schools. Teaching needs to be elevated back to a Profession instead of babysitting. And as a Profession, Teachers are more valuable than administrators. There has never been a such thing as a "Common Core" in teaching. Only "Common Goals". Common Core must be thrown out of our schools.

Source: League of Women Voters Guide to 2016 Oregon Governor race Sep 9, 2016

Bud Pierce: Apply Massachusetts Education Reform act to Oregon schools

Q: How would you improve public education in Oregon?

PIERCE: Use the 1993 Massachusetts Education Reform act, which lifted Massachusetts schools from the bottom to the top in the nation and world, as a template for education reform in Oregon. Develop a robust and high quality career technical education program for all qualified public school students who wish such education.

Source: League of Women Voters Guide to 2016 Oregon Senate race Sep 9, 2016

Kate Brown: Seamless public education from cradle to career

Q: How would you improve public education in Oregon?

BROWN: It is my dream that all of Oregon's students have access to a seamless system of education that takes them from cradle to career. I want every one of our students to complete high school with a plan, whether that be college, post-secondary, job-training, or entering the work force. And that education system should prepare them for the jobs of the future. Of course, more of our students must graduate from high school, and that is why I have created a cabinet-level Education Innovation officer who will report directly to me, and will help me to identify the resources that we need to ensure that we raise our graduation rates. Finally, it is my hope that we will shrink the opportunity gap that, today, starts early and makes it harder every year for that student to catch up. We've started that work with our historic $7.4 billion investment in education, particularly early childhood education.

Source: League of Women Voters Guide to 2016 Oregon Governor race Sep 9, 2016

Kevin Stine: Opposes school vouchers

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement, "Vouchers for school choice"?

A: Oppose.

Source: Email interview on 2016 Oregon Senate race with OnTheIssues Jan 1, 2016

Bud Pierce: We need motivated, well-trained teachers

Bud Pierce believes we need to put more teachers in schools, more money in the pockets of working Oregonians, and more welfare recipients in jobs.

Students cannot succeed without good teachers. We need to support our teachers by creating teaching environments that encourage collaboration, peer mentoring and allow teachers to lead the way forward. We need motivated, well-trained teachers who are in front of their classes because they're the most qualified candidates for the job, not because they're high in seniority. We need to give them the authority to succeed and hold them accountable. We need more good teachers, and need to fix the PERS system once and for all to free up resources for the hiring of 2000 additional teachers across Oregon.

And we need more school days--more teacher time with students--whether that involves freeing up more resources or ending unnecessary "in-service" days that have proliferated in recent years.

Source: 2016 Oregon Gubernatorial campaign website Dec 9, 2015

Bob Niemeyer: Common Core creates a putrid educational system

Common Core is nothing more than and attempt to bleed Americans for money. The people behind the creation of Common Core have simply run out of ways to create educational systems that can be sold to schools around the United States of America. They must create systems that are ever changing and decreasing in the ability to be used by teachers just to keep the profits up for those who sell to school boards and corrupt politicians.

In my opinion, Governor Kitzhaber's effort in 2014 to take the educational system out of the hands of school boards across this state was based on Common Core political contributions. As an engineer, that scenario is the only one that makes sense for why such a putrid educational system was ever considered.

So, what I really think about Common Core: The people that make up books that are sold to schools across the Nation have run out of ways to change the way children are educated that can be turned into money in their pockets.

Source: 2016 Oregon Gubernatorial campaign website, Oct 9, 2015

Mark Callahan: Common Core is dumbing down the next generation

    As a parent of two daughters in the public school system in Oregon I am seeing the evil effects of Common Core in real-time. Let me share two examples of this:
  1. I was recently threatened by my daughters' school district superintendent for speaking against Common Core at a parent's meeting when I was told that I would be removed from the room if I spoke against Common Core again.
  2. My daughters bring home math homework asking for the "reasonable" answer to math problems. When I was in school, there was either a right or a wrong answer to a math problem. The bank isn't going to care what you think the "reasonable" balance in your check book should be. It is either right or wrong. Common Core is the dumbing down of the next generation of Americans via a "cookie cutter" approach to education.
Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution does it state anything about the federal government being involved in education, which is why I support legislation to eliminate Common Core.
Source: 2016 Oregon Senate campaign website, Oct 9, 2015

Kate Brown: Make it easier to opt out from Common Core testing

Governor Kate Brown signed a bill that would make it easier for parents to opt out their students from the Common Core testing. Earlier in June, the federal government sent a letter to Oregon leaders threatening to withhold $140 million in federal education funds if the bill was passed. The governor said:

"The audit of the Oregon K-12 education system underscored the need for accurate data across all student subgroups to evaluate student outcomes and make improvements at the student and system levels. But participation is crucial to success. Educators must engage with parents about the value of assessment and the potential consequences if parents opt out and student participation diminishes. We cannot afford to risk losing federal dollars, especially for students who have been traditionally underserved. As educators and policy makers, it is important to demonstrate for parents the connection between high levels of student participation in assessment and system accountability."

Source: KOIN 6 News on 2016 Oregon gubernatorial race Jun 23, 2015

Monica Wehby: Increase school choice options for our families

Federal tax dollars aren't reaching Oregon classrooms. Dr. Wehby will work to bring our federal education dollars back to Oregon, increase school choice options for our families, and decrease frivolous mandates. Monica will take on Common Core standards, protect our children's privacy, and promote block-grants that empower our teachers and local communities.
Source: 2014 Ore. Senate campaign website, Mar 18, 2014

Mark Callahan: Get rid of the Department of Education

When asked what federal department they most wanted to eliminate, Jo Rae Perkins said she would deep-six the Federal Reserve, which she called a "bank cartel" that is unconstitutional. Callahan, who said at one point that he'd like to impeach President Barack Obama, said he would get rid of the Department of Education.
Source: The Oregonian on 2016 Oregon Senate race Jan 25, 2014

Bruce Broussard: Take full advantage of No Child Left Behind Program

The No Child Left Behind Program is a positive move toward making our school systems and local government more accountable for turning out educated students who are prepared to be productive in our communities. Bruce Broussard will work to take full advantage of the federal funding that No Child Left Behind has made available-which includes $100 million to help striving readers and $120 million to improve math education in the classroom for fiscal year 2005. Bruce Broussard realizes that the No Child Left Behind Program will not be a quick fix. Real changes to Oregon’s education system will require a long-term commitment for its results to be realized. Bruce Broussard will work diligently to garner our state’s fair allotment of all federal funding available to improve the quality of education in Oregon schools better preparing students for success in higher education and the job market. We owe it to our children, to our communities and to our economy to see this through.
Source: 2004 Senate campaign website, Aug 11, 2004

Kevin Mannix: Increase funding without raising taxes

Mannix has signed the Oregon School Employees Association’s pledge requiring the legislature to solve OR’s long-term school funding problem during the 2003 legislative session. “We can solve our school funding crisis without raising personal income or business taxes,” Mannix said. “My administration will work to create more jobs, thereby increasing income for schools. And I will work on PERS reform, which has short and long-term effects on our children’s education.”
Source: 2002 Gubernatorial website,, “Pledge” Aug 30, 2002

John Kitzhaber: Public education is the cornerstone of democracy

Public education is the cornerstone of a progressive, democratic society. From grade school to graduate school to life-long learning, it is vital that Oregon’s education system prepare all of our citizens for the challenges that they will face in the 21st Century. We will begin to implement the Quality Education Model, and for the first time, we will debate a K-12 budget that is directly built around the outcomes expected in the classroom and what it costs to achieve those outcomes.
Source: Opening Address 71st Legislative Session of Oregon Jan 8, 2001

Kate Brown: More state funds for low-income districts

Source: 1996 Oregon National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 1996

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