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Bruce Lisman: Bring government spending in line with revenue

Through a balanced approach we can bring government spending in line with revenue. We can focus our efforts on measurable outcomes, responsible spending, and ensure resources are available for those who need a helping hand.

Together we will create a multi-faceted, coordinated platform for economic development. With a clear mission and quantifiable goals, we will restore Vermont's economic growth and vibrance, creating opportunity for all Vermonters.

Source: 2016 gubernatorial campaign website, Mar 6, 2016

Phil Scott: I won't sign a budget that exceeds reasonable limits

Lt. Gov. Phil Scott called for a collaborative approach to improving affordability for families. "I will neither propose nor will I sign a budget that exceeds these very reasonable limits. Working families need a break," said Scott, R-Vermont. "What we're really doing is creating an environment that is helpful to them and a state government that is by their side and not on their back."

Republican Bruce Lisman presented what he calls a multiyear approach to recast state government. "I'd manage the damn budget. Set spending at 2-3 percent per year to reset our finances and no new taxes. And find 2 percent efficiencies with a brilliant, motivated management team. Recharge our government by bringing real managers into it, those people we find not because we know them but because they're talented," Lisman said.

Both Republicans have said the state's health exchange has hurt the business climate in the state.

Source: WCAX coverage of 2016 Vermont gubernatorial debates Dec 16, 2015

Sue Minter: Government can partner with workforce to grow economy

Former Shumlin Transportation Secretary Sue Minter -- while agreeing on the need to foster business growth-- sees a more active role for government. "Growing an economy, I know, is a lot more than what government can do, but government must be a strong partner," Minter said. "Growing the economy relies on innovators, investors, the ability to recruit, retain and train an educated workforce."
Source: WCAX coverage of 2016 Vermont gubernatorial debates Dec 16, 2015

Phil Scott: We're spending beyond our means; but cuts instead of taxes

I was encouraged to hear the Governor acknowledge the fact that we are, and have been, spending beyond our means. There was a lot of information in the speech, and it will take some time to gather the facts before delving into too many specific details. For example, during the speech I was having difficulty adding up the cuts proposed versus the additional taxes levied.

There were a number of areas within the speech where I do have concerns, one being that, while I agree we have a structural problem with the Medicaid cost shift, I'm hesitant to fund the 'fix' through a payroll tax. Opening the door to even a small increase will, in my opinion, lead us to further tax growth. Once that seed is planted, we have a te over-fertilize, and I fear there will be further proposals to increase taxes on Vermonters and small Vermont businesses, who are already struggling to make ends meet.

Source: Response to 2015 Vermont State of the State address Jan 15, 2015

Peter Shumlin: Get back to fiscal responsibility, post-stimulus

What we face in this budget year is the reality that the stimulus funds allocated by the federal government to cushion the blow of the worst recession in American history are now gone. We all knew that this day would come. It is now our responsibility to make difficult choices, and to find a balance between compassion for our most vulnerable citizens and the imperative to put our state on solid fiscal footing. In addition to reducing spending, my budget maximizes federal dollars available to our state.
Source: 2011 Vermont State of the State Address Jan 25, 2011

Jim Douglas: $17M ARRA investment to expand Vermont employment

Governor Douglas today announced a bold new economic plan to build SmartVermont--by laying the foundation for a 21st century economy. The proposals will invest $17.1 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) State Fiscal Stabilization Funds to leverage nearly $160 million in direct support to new and exciting companies looking to grow and expand in the Green Mountain State as well as much needed support for existing Vermont employers. The Governor's plan also calls for additional investment in our tourism economy as well as much needed support for agriculture.

Said Governor Douglas, "By investing ARRA funds wisely to grow our economy, we will position our state to charge out of this recession ready to provide a world-class education to the e-generation of students and build strong companies that can compete in a competitive global economy."

Governor Douglas reinforced the need for Vermont to focus flexible ARRA funds to build on his Economic Growth Plan.

Source: 2009 gubernatorial press release. "SmartVermont" Mar 26, 2009

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