Kathleen Sebelius on Civil Rights

Democratic KS Governor


2007: LGBT job protection; rescinded in 2015

Gov. Sam Brownback rescinded an executive order that had been in place since 2007 giving state employees protection from discrimination based on sexual orientation or sexual identity--a move described as outrageous and deplorable by civil rights activists. In place of that order, Brownback issued another order that he said "reaffirms the commitment of the State of Kansas to employment practices which do not discriminate based on race, color, gender, religion, national origin, ancestry or age."

Source: Lawrence Journal-World "Brownback rescinds LGBT protections" , Feb 10, 2015

No Constitutional amendment against same-sex marriage

Sebelius did not support an April 2005 amendment to the Kansas Constitution that made same-sex marriage in the state unconstitutional. Sebelius said she supported the existing state law outlawing same-sex marriage, viewed it as sufficient, and therefore opposed the constitutional amendment. The amendment passed with 70 percent voter approval.
Source: Wikipedia.com article “Kathleen_Sebelius” , Apr 21, 2008

There is still injustice in America

There is still injustice in America. Even today, many Americans go to bed hungry. Many American children do not have an adequate opportunity for education. And as friendship among Americans of all races, colors, and religions has flourished, we must acknowledge that our search for true equality is not yet complete. Yes, although we are here to honor a great step on the path toward freedom, we must recognize that much of the path still lies ahead.
Source: Governor’s column , May 17, 2003

Shift from group preferences to economic empowerment of all.

Sebelius adopted the manifesto, "A New Agenda for the New Decade":

Strengthen America’s Common Civic Culture
The more ethnically and culturally diverse America becomes, the harder we must all work to affirm our common civic culture -- the values and democratic institutions we share and that define our national identity as Americans. This means we should resist an “identity politics” that confers rights and entitlements on groups and instead affirm our common rights and responsibilities as citizens. Multiethnic democracy requires fighting discrimination against marginalized groups; empowering the disadvantaged to join the economic, political, and cultural mainstream; and respecting diversity while insisting that what we have in common as Americans is more important than how we differ. One way to encourage an ethic of citizenship and mutual obligation is to promote voluntary national service. If expanded to become available to everyone who wants to participate, national service can help turn the strong impulse toward volunteerism among our young people into a major resource in addressing our social problems. It will also help revive a sense of patriotism and national unity at a time when military service is no longer the common experience of young Americans.

Source: The Hyde Park Declaration 00-DLC6 on Aug 1, 2000

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