Dan Quayle on Education

Vice President of the U.S., 1989-1993; Former Republican Senator (IN)


Evaluate teachers; weed out non-performers

Quayle called for school choice, reform of teacher tenure to ‘weed out those teachers who are not performing’ and student evaluation of teacher performance.
Source: Quayle 2000 web site, “Raising a Nation” , Aug 6, 1999

“Students’ rights” wrongly undermines school discipline

School discipline has fallen victim to the agenda of our legal elites. [In the past], schools had rules, and we’d face consequences if we broke them. Today, children can recite page after page of “students’ rights” but are clueless about their responsibilities. There would be a lawsuit before corporal punishment was ever enforced. Litigation - and the fear of litigation - has undermined even the most reasonable attempts to impose basic discipline in the public schools.
Source: Speech to the Commonwealth Club of California , May 19, 1999

Mentioning God in classrooms should not be illegal

All students need a moral education. But since the outlawing school prayer 40 years ago, we’ve had a stream of litigation over moments of silence, and what constitutes a “voluntary” prayer. Certainly, religious instruction is the job of religious institutions. But now we have the extreme situation where there is a bias against mentioning religion and God. We open the Senate with daily prayers, but to do so in the schools is unthinkable and considered illegal.
Source: Speech to the Commonwealth Club of California , May 19, 1999

Experiment with charter schools and parental choice

Our schools are in trouble. Quayle believes no child should be forced to attend a failing or dangerous school. We must allow states and local school districts to experiment with reforms that allow parents to choose the best schools for their children, particularly children in low-income families. We must foster the promising gains that charter schools are providing for thousands of students. And, we must press for excellence-first, on the part of teachers, and then from students themselves.
Source: www.quayle2000.com/ “Stronger Families”, 5/19/99 , May 19, 1999

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