Gerald Ford on Jobs

President of the U.S., 1974-1977; Republican Rep. (MI)


Job-creation tax incentive where unemployment exceeds 7%

One test of a healthy economy is a job for every American who wants to work. Government--our kind of government--cannot create that many jobs. But the Federal Government can create conditions and incentives for private business and industry to make more and more jobs.

To achieve this we must offer the American people greater incentives to invest in the future. I ask that Congress enact changes in Federal tax laws that will speed up plant expansion and the purchase of new equipment. My recommendations will concentrate this job-creation tax incentive in areas where the unemployment rate now runs over 7%.

As we rebuild our economy, we have a continuing responsibility to provide a temporary cushion to the unemployed. At my request, the Congress enacted two extensions and two expansions in unemployment insurance which helped those who were jobless during 1975. These programs will continue in 1976. I am requesting funds to continue proven job training and employment opportunity programs.

Source: Pres. Ford's 1976 State of the Union message to Congress , Jan 19, 1976

Remove farm acreage limitations, to keep inflation down

Recent hikes in the prices of food and petroleum, I pointed out, were key factors in the spiraling inflation rate. If farmers could produce more food, supermarket prices would drop. But farmers couldn't do it all themselves so I asked Congress to remove all the remaining acreage limitations on cotton, peanuts and rice.
Source: A Time To Heal, by Gerald Ford, p.194 , Oct 8, 1974

Dems prefer to fight unemployment; GOP fight inflation

Since FDR, the Democratic Party's philosophy has been that unemployment is a more serious problem than inflation. They've wanted to simulate employment, increase the federal budget--and the deficit as well--and then gamble with the impact that their actions will have on the inflation rate. In one sense, that's understandable. Congress, controlled by Democrats for 4 of the last 42 years, has always contended that it could "do something" about unemployment much more easily--and with greater public relations impact--than it could remedy inflation. Republicans, for their part, have always considered inflation to be public enemy #1. We have denied the charge that if you tackle inflation you're going to increase unemployment. Our position has been that you can reduce inflation and unemployment at the same time. The more progress you make in winning the battle against inflation, the more confidence the private sector acquires, and the more it expands; and expansion means the creation of new jobs.
Source: A Time To Heal, by Gerald Ford, p.152 , Aug 25, 1974

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