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Clinton abandoned framework of “assertive multilateralism”

A conceptual framework establishes the relationships among our many interests in the world, provides the basis for prioritizing those interests, and obliges us to integrate policies to serve those priorities. Early on, Clinton [supported] a conceptual framework: “assertive multilateralism.” But it fell apart in Somalia & Bosnia, and assertive gave way to passive multilateralism, where we act in concert with other nations when they determine it necessary to safeguard their security.
Source: “Position Papers” 4/30/99 Apr 30, 1999

UN is useful but cannot replace US world leadership

The UN can never be an adequate substitute for American leadership. It has its uses, but to confer on that diverse organization, the leading responsibility for international stability, freedom and justice, will quickly render it incapable of any task whatsoever.
Source: “Position Papers” 4/30/99 Apr 30, 1999

China: Advocate for political reforms, and guard Taiwan

Political reforms are the best assurance that China will emerge as a non-threatening great power. We may argue over whether economic engagement and rising prosperity further or hinder those reforms, but they should be the objective of both camps. We need not shrink from a strong advocacy of religious and political freedom. Guarding against Chinese threats to our strategic interests in Asia is a sound rationale for helping reduce the growing threat to Taiwan from a mainland missile attack.
Source: “Position Papers” 4/30/99 Apr 30, 1999

Chechnya: End aid to Russia until Russia stops bombing

As long as Russian bombs fall on Chechnya, we should give no aid and no assistance to Russia - not one ruble.
Source: National Public Radio news, WBUR Boston 90.9 FM Dec 2, 1999

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