Cruz Bustamante on Civil Rights

Democratic Lt. Governor; former Candidate for CA Governor

Prop 54 is bad for health care and civil rights

We cannot get [where we want] if we're going to pass Proposition 54. It is a bad proposal. In fact, we believe it will jeopardize health care. And all you have to do is ask all the doctors and all the nurses, ask any health organization in the state. They are opposed to Proposition 54. I hope people make sure they do not vote for Proposition 54. And the last thing is that equal opportunity doesn't come from tolerance. I'm going to tolerate somebody? No, it comes from acceptance. And we need to make sure that everybody is accepted and that we embrace our diversity. We don't attack immigrants. We don't attack Native Americans. We don't attack people. What we do is that we accept people and try to have everybody have an equal opportunity.
Source: Recall Debate, Cal. State Univ. at Sacramento Sep 24, 2003

Profile on what people do, not the way they look

Q: Do you support Proposition 54, which prohibits local governments from collecting race related data?

BUSTAMANTE: I think is important that we do not have racial profiling. I know that the state of California is tracking a pilot program through the California highway patrol. I would love to see the results of that study. It is important we do not have profiling. We should profile on what people do, not the way they look. I oppose Prop 54.

Source: Recall debate in Walnut Creek Sep 3, 2003

Supports current bill for same-sex legal rights

Q: Do you support the bill passed by the legislature to give same-sex couples most of the same legal benefits as married couples?

BUSTAMANTE: I would support it.

Source: Recall debate in Walnut Creek Sep 3, 2003

Last major frontier of civil rights is economic rights

We've made many strides.socially. politically. The last major frontier of civil rights is economic rights and economic opportunities. And, we are on the threshold of crossing that last frontier.

It's time to call upon ourselves, our own families, our own communities to help us in our quest. We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us and we look at how they became successful. It's not rocket science -- it's just Hard Work.

Source: Speech at Unity Breakfast Mar 14, 2003

Defeat the Connerly Racial Classification Initiative

The Connerly Racial Classification Initiative would give those who live in the shadows, a license to discriminate without facing legal consequences. It is an initiative so cynical, that it pretends to be about fairness; when in fact, it is about erasing progress.

We cannot make California better by using wedge politics that continue to divide us. We must defeat this deceptive act. California must reassert itself as a place of enlightenment, not a playground for extremists.

Source: Speech at Unity Breakfast Mar 14, 2003

Radical ethnic politics? A normal agenda extended to all

I was asked, "Will your becoming Speaker usher in a new era of radical ethnic politics?" They'd rather write about the 2% doing the wrong thing rather than the 98% working their tails off day after day.
Source: Remarks at San Diego Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Feb 22, 2001

Give small businesses chance to compete on state contracts

Equal opportunity must be accompanied by equal access to capital! And fair and full opportunity to compete for state contracts! The state of California spends about $4.5 billion annually on contracts and procurement. While the large majority of firms in California are small businesses, less than 10% of that $4.5 billion goes to small business. How many of you here think you're getting your fair share, a fair shot to win state contracts? I say you must have the fair chance to compete.
Source: Remarks at San Diego Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Feb 22, 2001

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