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Strongly Opposes topic 1:
Abortion is a woman's unrestricted right
(-5 points on Social scale)
We made MS the safest state for an unborn child: Strongly Opposes topic 1
Protect the rights of the unborn: Strongly Opposes topic 1
States should have the right to regulate & limit abortions: Strongly Opposes topic 1
Strongly Opposes topic 2:
Legally require hiring women & minorities
(+5 points on Economic scale)
ADA should allow flexible state & local compliance: Opposes topic 2
When did affirmative action turn into special preferences?: Strongly Opposes topic 2
Women-owned businesses doubled after Reagan tax cuts: Opposes topic 2
Strongly Opposes topic 3:
Comfortable with same-sex marriage
(-5 points on Social scale)
Proud of MS's highest vote in US for traditional marriage: Strongly Opposes topic 3
No opinion on topic 4:
Keep God in the public sphere
(0 points on Social scale)
School prayer restores moral awareness to our schools: Favors topic 4
Welfare is harmful in many, many ways: Opposes topic 4
Real welfare reformers seek to uphold the American family: Opposes topic 4
Enterprise zones let poor neighborhoods get honest jobs: Favors topic 4
Opposes topic 5:
Expand ObamaCare
(+2 points on Economic scale)
Opposed Clinton's plan for government-run healthcare: Opposes topic 5
States should mandate that insurers do not cancel policies: Favors topic 5
Loosen "one-size-fits-all" approach to Medicaid: Opposes topic 5
No opinion on topic 6:
Privatize Social Security
(0 points on Economic scale)
(No votes on which to base response)
Strongly Favors topic 7:
Vouchers for school choice
(+5 points on Economic scale)
Expand charter schools; expand dual enrollment: Favors topic 7
More local control over schools: Favors topic 7
Give parents vouchers so they can choose kids' schools: Strongly Favors topic 7
Supports charter schools as a means to local control: Favors topic 7
Vouchers apply unlimited market forces to education: Strongly Favors topic 7
Vouchers apply unlimited market forces to education: Strongly Favors topic 7
Strongly Favors topic 8:
Human needs over animal rights
(-5 points on Social scale)
More funding for highway construction & improvement: Favors topic 8
Rely on voluntary incentives to solve environmental problems: Strongly Favors topic 8
Kangaroo rats are not more important than people's homes: Strongly Favors topic 8
"Sustainable development" represents a scarcity mentality: Strongly Favors topic 8
Strongly Favors topic 9:
Stricter punishment reduces crime
(-5 points on Social scale)
$7.3M for state trooper school: Favors topic 9
I believe in criminal control, not gun control: Strongly Favors topic 9
More state troopers; plus pay raises for state police: Favors topic 9
Three Strikes gets chronic predators off the street for good: Strongly Favors topic 9
Victim's Bill of Rights, including restitution for victims: Favors topic 9
Strongly Favors topic 10:
Absolute right to gun ownership
(+5 points on Economic scale)
Protect the rights of gun owners: Strongly Favors topic 10
Gun control doesn't work; moral choices do: Strongly Favors topic 10
Strongly Opposes topic 11:
Higher taxes on the wealthy
(+5 points on Economic scale)
Cut budget by $700M, instead of raising taxes: Opposes topic 11
Commission to study state tax code & then cut taxes: Strongly Opposes topic 11
I am against raising anybody’s taxes: Strongly Opposes topic 11
Capital gains tax is a double tax: Strongly Opposes topic 11
Supports the Taxpayer Protection Pledge: Strongly Opposes topic 11
Opposes topic 12:
Pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens
(-3 points on Social scale)
Expedite removal of those who are in the US unlawfully: Strongly Opposes topic 12
Official English unites Americans: Opposes topic 12
Humanitarian & political admissions OK; but not economic: Favors topic 12
Humanitarian & political admissions OK; but not economic: Opposes topic 12
Favors topic 13:
Support & expand free trade
(+2 points on Economic scale)
Use the WTO and NAFTA to insist on domestic interests: Favors topic 13
Focus on making the WTO work for American interests: Favors topic 13
Strongly Favors topic 14:
Maintain US sovereignty from UN
(+5 points on Social scale)
Don't place US forces under UN command: Strongly Favors topic 14
Strongly Favors topic 15:
Expand the military
(-5 points on Social scale)
Defense industry is economic bright spot for MS: Favors topic 15
Fund defense budget & support NATO: Strongly Favors topic 15
Political leadership; economic strength; military power: Strongly Favors topic 15
Fund defense budget & support NATO: Strongly Favors topic 15
The US must secure peace through strength and dominance: Strongly Favors topic 15
Adequate resources for readiness, as well as needed hardware: Strongly Favors topic 15
Need missile defense against blackmail and terrorism: Strongly Favors topic 15
No opinion on topic 16:
Stricter limits on political campaign funds
(0 points on Economic scale)
(No votes on which to base response)
Strongly Opposes topic 17:
Stay out of Iran
(-5 points on Social scale)
Deny rogue countries access to WMD: Strongly Opposes topic 17
Strongly Opposes topic 18:
Prioritize green energy
(+5 points on Economic scale)
Supports $1.3 billion coal gasification plant: Opposes topic 18
Allow drilling in ANWR: Strongly Opposes topic 18
Stop harmful EPA regulation of greenhouse gas emissions: Strongly Opposes topic 18
Strongly Favors topic 19:
Never legalize marijuana
(-5 points on Social scale)
Ban synthetic marijuana: Strongly Favors topic 19
Fight the scourge of illegal narcotics with a vengeance: Favors topic 19
Reduced number of crystal methamphetamine labs: Favors topic 19
Wrong time to cut drug enforcement spending: Strongly Favors topic 19
Justice Dept.'s duty is narcotics trafficking: Favors topic 19
Opposes topic 20:
Stimulus better than market-led recovery
(-3 points on Economic scale)
Cut budget by $700M, instead of raising taxes: Opposes topic 20
Reduce government programs for more economic growth: Opposes topic 20

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