Robert Menendez on Energy & Oil

Democratic Sr Senator; previously Representative (NJ-13)

Past due time to ratify the Kyoto Protocol

Q: What role should the US play in the Kyoto Treaty?

KEAN: While our nation needs to address greenhouse gas emissions and global warming, I have reservations about the Kyoto Protocol, particularly because it allows India and China, two of the world’s fastest developing nations as well as the top emitters in greenhouse gasses, to pollute the environment without any penalty. However, I am pleased that our states and cities have begun phased implement of Kyoto targets, including the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

MENENDEZ: Global warming is more than a mere “inconvenient truth” and a threat to our environment, economy and lives. It is the issue that will define our generation’s success. It’s past due for America to finally ratify the Kyoto Protocol--a starting point for the international community to begin addressing this worldwide problem. Sadly, Kean fails to mention national standards to combat climate change--because Kean holds stock in Big Oil and takes their campaign contributions.

Source: Hall Institute N.J. Senate Virtual Debate (X-ref Kean) Sep 24, 2006

Voted NO on protecting middle-income taxpayers from a national energy tax.