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Error processing SSI file

15-S0995 on Oct 19, 2015

Source: Senate Vote 206 on Kirk Amendment to S.2183
Heritage Action summary of vote# S206: The Senate voted to table (kill) an amendment by Sen. Kirk to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank. Sen. Kirk recommends voting NO. Heritage Foundation recommends voting YES because the "Ex-Im Bank is little more than a $140 billion slush fund for corporate welfare."

OnTheIssues explanation: Voting NO would allow a vote on reauthorization of the Ex-Im Bank. Voting YES would kill the bill for reauthorizing the Ex-Im Bank.

    Congressional Summary from previous Ex-Im bill S.824; the Ex-Im Bank shall:
  • Provide technical assistance to small businesses on how to apply for financial assistance;
  • Establish programs under which private financial institutions may share risk in loans & guarantees.
  • The Bank may enter into up to $25 billion worth of contracts of reinsurance or co-finance.
Sierra Club reason for conditionally voting NO (from previous bill S.819):Sen. Shaheen's bill S.824 reauthorizes the Ex-Im Bank without undermining Obama's Climate Action Plan. The Sierra Club supports the bill because it makes both financial and environmental sense for the US and all of its taxpayer-backed financial institutions--including Ex-Im--to stop investing in dirty and dangerous fossil fuels like coal.

Cato Institute reason for voting YES to kill the bill:The Ex-Im Bank's reauthorization buffs contend that Ex-Im fills a void left by private sector lenders unwilling to provide financing for certain transactions. Ex-Im's critics [say that] by effectively superseding risk-based decision-making with the choices of a handful of bureaucrats pursuing political objectives, Ex-Im risks taxpayer dollars. It turns out that for nearly every Ex-Im financing authorization that might advance the fortunes of a single US company, there is at least one US industry whose firms are put at a competitive disadvantage. These are the unseen consequences of Ex-Im's mission. Also see related legislation H.R.3782, "Open Act" and and related letter from 31 Senators, "Turkish Rebar"

    Participating counts on VoteMatch question 13. Question 13: Support & expand free trade Scores: -2=Strongly oppose; -1=Oppose; 0=neutral; 1=Support; 2=Strongly support.
  • Topic: Free Trade
  • Headline: Voted YES to kill reauthorization of Ex-Im Bank (Score: -1)
  • Headline 2: Voted FOR reauthorizing Ex-Im Bank (Score: 2)

  • Key for participation codes (prefox and suffix key below; second digit chooses headline):
  • Sponsorships: p=sponsored; o=co-sponsored; s=signed
  • Memberships: c=chair; m=member; e=endorsed; f=profiled; s=scored
  • Resolutions: i=introduced; w=wrote; a=adopted
  • Cases: w=wrote; j=joined; d=dissented; c=concurred
  • Surveys: '+' supports; '-' opposes.
  • Voting: (prefix 'v'): 'y' YES; 'n' NO; 'a' ABSTAIN/ABSENT.

Democrats participating in 15-S0995

Tammy Baldwin v2nWI Democratic Challenger 
Michael Bennet v2nCO Democratic candidate for President; Colorado Senator 
Richard Blumenthal v2nCT Democratic Sr Senator 
Cory Booker v2nNJ Democratic Jr Senator 
Barbara Boxer v2nCA Democratic Jr Senator (retiring 2016) 
Sherrod Brown v2nOH Democratic Sr Senator 
Maria Cantwell v2nWA Democratic Jr Senator 
Benjamin Cardin v2nMaryland Democrat 
Bob Casey v2nPA Democratic Sr Senator; previously state treasurer 
Chris Coons v2nDE Democratic Jr Senator 
Joe Donnelly v2nIN Democratic Challenger 
Richard Durbin v2nIL Democratic Sr Senator 
Dianne Feinstein v2nCA Democratic Sr Senator 
Al Franken v2nMN Democrat/DFL Jr Senator (resigned 2017) 
Kirsten Gillibrand v2nNew York Democrat 
Martin Heinrich v2nNew Mexico Democrat (Senate run 2012) 
Heidi Heitkamp v2nND Democratic Challenger 
Mazie Hirono v2nHawaii Democrat (Senate run 2012) 
Tim Kaine v2nVA Democratic Challenger 
Amy Klobuchar v2nMN Democrat/DFL Sr Senator 
Patrick Leahy v2nVT Democratic Sr Senator 
Joe Manchin III v2nWV Democratic Senator 
Claire McCaskill v2nMO Democratic Sr Senator; previously state Auditor 
Robert Menendez v2nNew Jersey Democrat 
Jeff Merkley v2nOR Democratic Jr Senator 
Barbara Mikulski v2nMD Democratic Sr Senator (Retiring 2016) 
Patty Murray v2nWA Democratic Sr Senator 
Bill Nelson v2nFL Democratic Sr Senator 
Gary Peters v2nMI Democratic Jr Senator 
Jack Reed v2nRI Democratic Sr Senator 
Harry Reid v2nNV Democratic Sr Senator (Retiring 2016) 
Bernie Sanders v2nPOTUS Democratic Presidential candidate 
Brian Schatz v2nHI Democratic Jr Senator 
Charles Schumer v2nNY Democratic Sr Senator 
Jeanne Shaheen v2nNH Democratic Sr Senator 
Debbie Stabenow v2nMI Democratic Sr Senator 
Jon Tester v2nMT Democratic Jr Senator 
Tom Udall v2nNew Mexico Democrat (Senate 2008) 
Mark Warner v2nVA Democratic Sr Senator; previously Governor 
Elizabeth Warren v2nMA Democratic Challenger 
Sheldon Whitehouse v2nRI Democratic Jr Senator 
Ron Wyden v2nOR Democratic Sr Senator 

Republicans participating in 15-S0995

Lamar Alexander v1yTN Republican Sr Senator (retiring 2020) 
Kelly Ayotte v2nNH Republican Jr Senator 
John Barrasso v1yWY Republican Jr Senator 
Roy Blunt v2nMissouri Republican (until 2010) 
John Boozman v1yAR Republican Jr Senator 
Richard Burr v2nNC Republican Sr Senator; previously Representative 
Bill Cassidy v1yLA Republican Senator 
Thad Cochran v2nMS Republican Sr Senator 
Susan Collins v2nME Republican Sr Senator 
Bob Corker v2nTN Republican Jr Senator 
John Cornyn v1yTX Republican Sr Senator 
Tom Cotton v1yAR Republican Senator 
Michael Crapo v1yID Republican Sr Senator 
Ted Cruz v1yPOTUS Republican 2016 Primary Challenger 
Steve Daines v1yMontana Republican (Senate run 2014) 
Joni Ernst v1yIA Republican Jr Senator 
Deb Fischer v1yNE Republican Senate Challenger 
Jeff Flake v1yArizona Republican (Senate run 2012) 
Cory Gardner v1yCO Republican Senator 
Lindsey Graham v2nSC Republican Sr Senator 
Chuck Grassley v1yIA Republican Sr Senator 
Dean Heller v2nNevada Republican (Resigned 2011) 
John Hoeven v2nND Former Republican Governor (2000-2010) 
James Inhofe v1yOK Republican Sr Senator 
Johnny Isakson v1yGA Republican Jr Senator; previously Representative 
Ron Johnson v1yWI Republican Sr Senator 
Mark Kirk v2nIL Republican Jr Senator 
James Lankford v1yOK Republican Senate challenger 
Mike Lee v1yUT Republican Jr Senator 
John McCain v1yAZ Republican Sr Senator 
Mitch McConnell v1yKY Republican Sr Senator 
Jerry Moran v1yKansas Republican (until 2010) 
Lisa Murkowski v2nAK Republican Sr Senator 
Rand Paul v1yKY Republican Jr Senator 
David Perdue v1yGA Republican Challenger 
Rob Portman v2nOH Republican Jr Senator 
Jim Risch v1yID Former Republican Governor (2006-2007); U.S. Senator 
Pat Roberts v1yKS Republican Sr (Retiring 2020) 
Mike Rounds v1ySD Former Republican Governor (2002-2010) 
Marco Rubio v1yFL Republican Jr Senator 
Ben Sasse v1yNE Republican Jr Senator 
Tim Scott v1ySC Republican Senator-Appointee 
Richard Shelby v1yAL Republican Jr Senator 
Dan Sullivan v2nAK Republican Senator 
John Thune v1ySD Republican Jr Senator; previously Representative 
Thom Tillis v1yNC Republican Jr Senator 
David Vitter v1yLA Republican 2015 Gubernatorial candidate 
Roger Wicker v1yMississippi Republican (Senate 2008) 

Independents participating in 15-S0995

Daniel Coats v2nIN Director of National Intelligence 
Angus King v2nME Former Independent Governor (1995-2002) 
Jeff Sessions v1yAL Attorney General 2017-2018 

Total recorded by OnTheIssues:

Democrats: 42
Republicans: 48
Independents: 3

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