Dan Meuser on Gun Control



Lifetime NRA member; will fight for 2nd Amendment rights

As a gun owner, avid hunter, and lifetime NRA member, Dan strongly supports our 2nd Amendment. He believes in an individual right to keep, own, use and carry firearms and he has been recommended by Firearms Owners Against Crime. Dan believes that our Founding Fathers were clear in their intentions regarding the 2nd Amendment and that each individual has a constitutionally-protected right to firearms. Dan will do everything in his power to ensure those rights are not abridged.
Source: 2018 Congress PA-9 election website MeuserForCongress.com , Oct 9, 2018

More restrictive gun control doesn't protect public safety

Q: More restrictive gun control is needed to protect public safety.

A: Strongly Disagree

Source: Heritage Alliance iVoterGuide: 2018 Congressional PA-9 race , Sep 9, 2018

Fight to protect the rights of the unborn

I will fight to make sure we improve the bottom line of our families, and that means fighting to make sure that the tax relief recently passed is permanent. I will fight to repeal and replace ObamaCare. I will also introduce federal legislation to help end school property taxes. I am a strong conservative, and will fight to protect the 2nd Amendment and the rights of the unborn
Source: League of Women Voters Q&A on 2018 Congress PA-9 election , Sep 9, 2018

Opposes gun control, according to PVS survey.

Meuser opposes the PVS survey question on gun control

Project Vote Smart inferred whether candidates agree or disagree with the statement, 'Guns: Do you generally support gun-control legislation?' PVS self-description: "The Political Courage Test provides voters with positions on key issues. Historically, candidates have failed to complete our test due to the advice they receive from their advisors and out of fear of negative attack ads."

Source: PVS Survey 18PVS-10 on Aug 1, 2018

Voted NO on background check for every firearm sale.

Meuser voted NAY the Bipartisan Background Checks Act

H.R.8: To require a background check for every firearm sale. This Act may be cited as the "Background Check Expansion Act".