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2012 Election
Candidate Debates
St. Anselm NH debate
June 13, 2011
Faith & Freedom Conference
June 4, 2011
South Carolina debate
May 5, 2011
NRA Conference
May 1, 2011
CPAC Conference
Feb. 11, 2011

Candidate Books

Mitt Romney: The Man, His Values and His Vision
, by Lisa Ray Turner and Kimberly Field

Real Change
, by Speaker Newt Gingrich

The Revolution: A Manifesto
, by Ron Paul, published April 2008

Tim Pawlenty: The Sam's Club Republican
, by J. A. McClure

The Audacity of Hope
by Sen. Barack Obama (D, IL)

Promises to Keep: On Life and Politics
, by Joe Biden

Withdrawn Candidates

The America We Deserve
, by Donald Trump

Do the Right Thing
, by Mike Huckabee

, autobiography by Rudolph Giuliani

America by Heart
, by Sarah Palin

Book Reviews


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Against All Enemies:Inside America's War on Terror, by Richard A. Clarke (anti-terror czar from 1992-2002)

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Homeland Security
   Condoleezza Rice: Clarke: Rice never heard of Al Qaeda before 2000.
   George W. Bush: Clarke: Bush wants homeland security but did not fund it.
Principles & Values
   George W. Bush: Clarke: Bush admin uses war on terror for political gain.
   John Ashcroft: Clarke: illusion of security over civil liberties.
War & Peace
   Donald Rumsfeld: Clarke: Rumsfeld took advantage of 9-11 to push Iraq agenda.
   Donald Rumsfeld: No decent targets in Afghanistan, so bomb Iraq.
   George W. Bush: Clarke: Bush insisted on connecting 9-11 with Saddam.
   George W. Bush: Bush admin knew Iraq not a threat, & had no time for terror.
   George W. Bush: Clarke: CIA and FBI intelligence failures allowed 9/11.
   George W. Bush: Clarke: Bush Iraq policy generates Islamic hatred of America.
   Paul Wolfowitz: Clarke: Wolfowitz disbelieved Al Qaeda's threat, blamed Iraq.

The above quotations are from Against All Enemies:Inside America's War on Terror, by Richard A. Clarke (anti-terror czar from 1992-2002).

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