Ross Perot on Gun Control

1992 & 1996 Reform Party Nominee for President


No right to own machine guns

On social issues, Perot did not fit the stereotype of the conservative Southerner. He was, in fact, pro-choice on abortion (“Yes, it’s a woman’s choice”); for gay rights (“We are a country of individual rights, and it’s that simple to me”); in favor of gun control (“I can’t believe the gun lobby wants the crazies to have machine guns”); and for increased AIDS research (“Now, we’ve got to really blitz and get it done.”)
Source: [X-ref Gay Rights] Citizen Perot, by Gerald Posner, p.257 , Jul 2, 1996

Enact strict gun control laws

Perot [supports] the enactment of strict gun control laws.
Source: Strong-Man Politics, by George Grant, p.111 , Nov 7, 1992

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