Tea Party on Gun Control



Important goal to safeguard Second Amendment rights

Tea Partiers did not bask for long in the 2010 afterglow. It was no time to relax and let Republicans in office fall into go-along-to-get-along routines of meeting Democrats halfway. Tea Partiers set their sights on still-greater gains at the polls in 2011 and 2012, but would not stand down until then. They would not hear of compromises, and pushed GOP officials to act quickly and unremittingly: to reduce taxes, slash public spending, curb public sector unions, and clear away regulations on business. Policing immigrants, safeguarding 2nd Amendment gun rights, and promoting pro-life and traditional family values were also goals for many at the grass roots.
Source: The Remaking of Republican Conservatism, p. 4 , Jan 2, 2012

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