John Walsh on Homeland Security



Worked to prohibit warrantless cell phone tracking

Standing Strong for our Civil Liberties In Montana: we know how important it is to protect our civil liberties and freedoms from the federal government. While it is imperative that we maintain our national security and protect ourselves against acts of terrorism, we cannot do so at the expense of the freedoms that we hold dear, including our right to privacy. I'm proud to have worked with Governor Bullock on passing a law requiring state and local governments to get warrants before accessing personal cell phone data-- becoming the first state in history to prohibit warrantless cell phone tracking.
Source: 2014 Montana Senate campaign website, JohnWalsh2014.com , Mar 17, 2014

Cut wasteful spending in our military

Walsh said he supports cutting waste in the defense budget, and reforming the prosecution of sexual assaults in the military. "Don't get me wrong; I know full well that we must never let our guard down in our stand against terrorism," he said. "But we must cut wasteful spending in our military and anywhere else in this American government that we can find."
Source: Ravalli Republic on 2014 Montana Senate race , Mar 9, 2014

OpEd: Walsh was fair about National Guard Association dues

During four years active duty and 25 years a Montana Army National Guard officer, I had the privilege of serving with John Walsh. Early in his campaign for a Montana U.S. Senate seat he is experiencing petty criticism for actions which actually were intended in the best interests of the Montana National Guard and the state of Montana.

Four different Montana Adjutants General held that position during my career in the Guard. Each one emphasized the importance of membership in the National Guard Association to one extent or another. In each case, certain Guardsmen expressed reluctance and even opposition to being a dues-paying member. I know of no one who experienced any unfair treatment or adverse consequences as a result of opting not to be a member of the National Guard Association. Those Guardsmen merely benefited from the association's advocacy on their behalf without having to contribute.

Treat the petty criticism just as the former governor did: toss it into the round file!

Source: Billings Gazette AdWatch on 2014 Montana Senate race , Jan 5, 2014

Commanded Montana Infantry Battalion in combat in Iraq

John earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the State University of New York, Albany, New York in 1990. He received a Masters degree in Strategic Studies from the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, in 2007.

John served in the Montana National Guard for more than 33 years. As an enlisted man and, later, an officer, John made a career of public service by serving his state and country when they needed him most, even under dangerous conditions.

Source: Montana's Lieutenant Governor website, governor.mt.gov , Oct 9, 2013

End bulk data collection under USA PATRIOT Act.

Walsh co-sponsored USA FREEDOM Act

Congressional summary:: Uniting and Strengthening America by Fulfilling Rights and Ending Eavesdropping, Dragnet-collection, and Online Monitoring Act or the USA FREEDOM Act: