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Strongly Favors topic 1:
Abortion is a woman's unrestricted right
(+5 points on Social scale)
Allow nurses to perform non-surgical abortions: Strongly Favors topic 1
Uncompromising champion of a woman's right to choose: Strongly Favors topic 1
Supports federal abortion funding: Favors topic 1
Favors topic 2:
Legally require hiring women & minorities
(-3 points on Economic scale)
Vetoed considering demographics in college admissions: Opposes topic 2
1/3 of young black men in jail means absolute oppression: Strongly Favors topic 2
Strongly Favors topic 3:
Comfortable with same-sex marriage
(+5 points on Social scale)
Eliminate "gay panic" tactic for criminal defendants: Strongly Favors topic 3
Allow student sports choice based on gender identity: Strongly Favors topic 3
Prohibit sexual orientation conversion therapy: Strongly Favors topic 3
The right to marry is sacred for gay and straight people: Strongly Favors topic 3
Opposes Amendment to prevent same sex marriage: Strongly Favors topic 3
Favors topic 4:
Keep God in the public sphere
(-3 points on Social scale)
Proclaim May 2 as California "Day of Prayer": Favors topic 4
Strongly Favors topic 5:
Expand ObamaCare
(-5 points on Economic scale)
ACA wholeheartedly embraced in CA: Strongly Favors topic 5
Expand Medi-Cal eligibility for ObamaCare: Strongly Favors topic 5
Get started on ObamaCare, then expand Medi-Cal: Favors topic 5
Insurance companies must cover maternity leave & services: Strongly Favors topic 5
Supports government-run healthcare: Strongly Favors topic 5
No opinion on topic 6:
Privatize Social Security
(0 points on Economic scale)
Moral obligation to fund pension obligations: Opposes topic 6
Cap benefits & increase retirement age: Favors topic 6
Favors topic 7:
Vouchers for school choice
(+2 points on Economic scale)
Local Control Funding Formula: breakthrough in subsidiarity: Favors topic 7
No government-imposed standards for public schools: Favors topic 7
Replace school achievement testing with progress testing: Opposes topic 7
Consider subsidiarity: central authority only if local fails: Favors topic 7
Let people vote to avoid cutting schools & colleges: Favors topic 7
Give school districts more flexibility and hold accountable: Favors topic 7
Strongly Opposes topic 8:
Fight EPA regulatory over-reach
(+5 points on Social scale)
Establish new regional groundwater sustainability agency: Strongly Opposes topic 8
32-year quest to build nation's first high-speed rail line: Strongly Opposes topic 8
$48M for funding hybrid and zero-emission vehicles: Strongly Opposes topic 8
$14B to build tunnels and restore San Joaquin Delta habitat: Opposes topic 8
Supports high speed rail in CA to create jobs, ease traffic: Opposes topic 8
Banned shark fin harvesting to protect sharks and ocean: Strongly Opposes topic 8
Sustainability ideology obscures need for attitudinal change: Strongly Opposes topic 8
Fight to save the Headwaters ancient redwood groves: Strongly Opposes topic 8
EPA cost analysis ignores value of standing forests: Strongly Opposes topic 8
Animals are public trust; why do trees belong to landowner?: Strongly Opposes topic 8
Capitalism needs to evolve to avoid ecological destruction: Strongly Opposes topic 8
Strongly Opposes topic 9:
Stricter punishment reduces crime
(+5 points on Social scale)
Major reductions in our prison population: Strongly Opposes topic 9
Curb prison spending through an historic realignment: Opposes topic 9
Cracked down on violent gangs: Favors topic 9
CA fired 8,000 college teachers & hired 25,000 prison guards: Opposes topic 9
War on crime is fabricated to frighten people: Strongly Opposes topic 9
Death penalty is a test of our humanity: Strongly Opposes topic 9
Favors topic 10:
Absolute right to gun ownership
(+2 points on Economic scale)
Include semiautomatic pistols in unsafe handgun law: Strongly Favors topic 10
Pushed back against liberals on gun control: Favors topic 10
Ban hunting with lead bullets; but detachable magazines OK: Opposes topic 10
Ban large-capacity kits, but veto other gun restrictions: Opposes topic 10
Favors topic 11:
Higher taxes on the wealthy
(-3 points on Economic scale)
Only choice is raise taxes to deal with extreme difficulty: Favors topic 11
Strongly Favors topic 12:
Pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens
(+5 points on Social scale)
Allow bilingual education in public schools: Favors topic 12
Allow driver's license for undocumented immigrants: Favors topic 12
Supports state aid to illegals' children and DREAM Act: Strongly Favors topic 12
Signed AB131: undocumented students college financial aid: Strongly Favors topic 12
Opposes topic 13:
Support & expand free trade
(-3 points on Economic scale)
Opposed the Northern American Free Trade Agreement: Strongly Opposes topic 13
Open CA trade and investment office in Shanghai: Strongly Favors topic 13
CA entrepreneurialism reaps benefit from Pacific Rim trade: Favors topic 13
GATT pushes short-term consumption; ignores over-consumption: Strongly Opposes topic 13
Maquiladoras liberated rural women to new servitude: Opposes topic 13
Global development system expands gap between rich and poor: Strongly Opposes topic 13
NAFTA and GATT send jobs to Chinese & Mexican workers: Opposes topic 13
Reauthorize the Ex-Im Bank: Favors topic 13
Opposes topic 14:
Support American Exceptionalism
(-3 points on Economic scale)
Syrian refugees should be fully vetted, then given asylum: Opposes topic 14
Opposes topic 15:
Expand the military
(+2 points on Social scale)
Governor's Military Council: avoid DOD budget cuts: Favors topic 15
Media colludes with politicians to glorify military killing: Strongly Opposes topic 15
Strongly Favors topic 16:
Make voter registration easier
(+5 points on Social scale)
Pilot program for all-mail-in ballots: Strongly Favors topic 16
Forced legislators to comply with campaign disclosure laws: Favors topic 16
Opposes topic 17:
Avoid foreign entanglements
(-3 points on Social scale)
World assured of America's resolve in combating terrorism: Opposes topic 17
Kuwait War: missile flashes didn't feel like we were killing: Opposes topic 17
Strongly Favors topic 18:
Prioritize green energy
(-5 points on Economic scale)
No climate deniers: the science is clear; the danger is real: Strongly Favors topic 18
CA out front in addressing climate change: Strongly Favors topic 18
Charge Ahead: 1,000,000 zero-emission vehicles by 2023: Strongly Favors topic 18
Pay for high-speed rail project with cap-and-trade revenue: Strongly Favors topic 18
Slow down fracking until scientific study is completed: Strongly Favors topic 18
CO2 emissions could warm planet by 7 degrees: Strongly Favors topic 18
Clean energy investment produces jobs for CA: Favors topic 18
Clean Energy Jobs Plan: invest to replace fossil fuel: Strongly Favors topic 18
Letter to Congress supporting renewable energy tax credit: Strongly Favors topic 18
Favors topic 19:
Marijuana is a gateway drug
(-3 points on Social scale)
How many people can get stoned and still have a great state?: Favors topic 19
Vetoed prosecutor discretion on drugs; keep it a felony: Favors topic 19
Vetoed reducing drug possession from felony to misdemeanor: Favors topic 19
Rated C by NORML, indicating a mixed record on drug reform: Neutral on topic 19
Favors topic 20:
Stimulus better than market-led recovery
(-3 points on Economic scale)
California needs a larger Rainy Day Fund: Favors topic 20
$27B budget gap then; multibillion-dollar surplus now: Favors topic 20
Proposes balanced budget and $12.5 billion in cuts: Opposes topic 20

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Newly-elected governors (first seated in Jan. 2017):
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Retiring 2017-18:
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(term-limited 2018)
CA-D: Jerry Brown
(term-limited 2018)
CO-D: John Hickenlooper
(term-limited 2018)
FL-R: Rick Scott
(term-limited 2018)
GA-R: Nathan Deal
(term-limited 2018)
IA-R: Terry Branstad
(appointed ambassador, 2017)
ID-R: Butch Otter
(retiring 2018)
KS-R: Sam Brownback
(term-limited 2018)
ME-R: Paul LePage
(term-limited 2018)
MI-R: Rick Snyder
(term-limited 2018)
MN-D: Mark Dayton
(retiring 2018)
NM-R: Susana Martinez
(term-limited 2018)
OH-R: John Kasich
(term-limited 2018)
OK-R: Mary Fallin
(term-limited 2018)
SC-R: Nikki Haley
(appointed ambassador, 2017)
SD-R: Dennis Daugaard
(term-limited 2018)
TN-R: Bill Haslam
(term-limited 2018)
WY-R: Matt Mead
(term-limited 2018)
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