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Republican Governor; previously Representative (OH-12); 2000 candidate for President

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Strongly Opposes topic 1:
Abortion is a woman's unrestricted right
(-5 points on Social scale)
Require women seeking an abortion listen to fetal heartbeat: Strongly Opposes topic 1
Pro-life except rape & incest; supports litmus test: Opposes topic 1
Opposes federal abortion funding: Opposes topic 1
YES on barring transporting minors to get an abortion: Strongly Opposes topic 1
YES on banning partial-birth abortions: Opposes topic 1
Favors topic 2:
Legally require hiring women & minorities
(-3 points on Economic scale)
Admires courage of Aung San Suu Kyi & Rosa Parks: Favors topic 2
Made speech in high school to ease tensions during race riot: Favors topic 2
End “racial profiling” locally, or federally: Neutral on topic 2
Affirmative action OK via recruitment; not via quotas: Favors topic 2
YES on ending preferential treatment by race in college admissions: Opposes topic 2
Strongly Opposes topic 3:
Comfortable with same-sex marriage
(-5 points on Social scale)
Supports Amendment to prevent same sex marriage: Strongly Opposes topic 3
YES on banning gay adoptions in DC: Opposes topic 3
Strongly Favors topic 4:
Keep God in the public sphere
(-5 points on Social scale)
Chaired committee which overhauled the welfare system: Favors topic 4
Bible stories are historical facts: Favors topic 4
Did earth come about on its own? Evidence says No: Favors topic 4
Separating church and state is goofy misinterpretation: Strongly Favors topic 4
Limited government supported by our Judeo-Christian ethics: Strongly Favors topic 4
I can't figure out how anyone gets along without the Bible: Favors topic 4
Entertainment should not sabotage American culture: Favors topic 4
Allow faith-based institutions to address social ills: Strongly Favors topic 4
Focus next phase of welfare reform on fathers: Favors topic 4
Supports a Constitutional Amendment for school prayer: Strongly Favors topic 4
YES on giving federal aid only to schools allowing voluntary prayer: Strongly Favors topic 4
YES on responsible fatherhood via faith-based organizations: Favors topic 4
Opposes topic 5:
Expand ObamaCare
(+2 points on Economic scale)
Expand Medicaid; everybody has a right to God-given purpose: Favors topic 5
Accepted ObamaCare's Medicaid expansion statewide: Favors topic 5
Expand Medicaid to 275,000 poor Ohioans, but not ObamaCare: Strongly Favors topic 5
$776B tax cut plan helps people afford health care: Opposes topic 5
Opposes government-run healthcare: Strongly Opposes topic 5
Loosen "one-size-fits-all" approach to Medicaid: Opposes topic 5
YES on establishing tax-exempt Medical Savings Accounts: Opposes topic 5
YES on subsidizing private insurance for Medicare Rx drug coverage: Opposes topic 5
Strongly Favors topic 6:
Privatize Social Security
(+5 points on Economic scale)
Personal Retirement Savings Accounts invest 2% privately: Strongly Favors topic 6
Reduce taxes on Social Security earnings: Favors topic 6
YES on reducing tax payments on Social Security benefits: Favors topic 6
Favors topic 7:
Vouchers for school choice
(+2 points on Economic scale)
Our broken public school system is beyond fixing: Favors topic 7
Competition is what's missing from public school monopoly: Strongly Favors topic 7
Send 95% of federal funds to classrooms: Strongly Opposes topic 7
Empower local people instead of bureaucrats: Favors topic 7
Create competition in public schools: Opposes topic 7
Tax money for entrepreneurial private schools: Strongly Favors topic 7
YES on vouchers for private & parochial schools: Strongly Favors topic 7
YES on allowing vouchers in DC schools: Favors topic 7
Neutral on topic 8:
EPA regulations are too restrictive
(0 points on Social scale)
(No votes on which to base response)
Strongly Favors topic 9:
Stricter punishment reduces crime
(-5 points on Social scale)
It's God's job to judge if punishment fits the crime: Opposes topic 9
Supports capital punishment for certain crimes: Strongly Favors topic 9
More prisons, more enforcement, effective death penalty: Favors topic 9
NO on replacing death penalty with life imprisonment: Strongly Favors topic 9
YES on making federal death penalty appeals harder: Strongly Favors topic 9
NO on maintaining right of habeas corpus in Death Penalty Appeals: Favors topic 9
YES on more prosecution and sentencing for juvenile crime: Favors topic 9
NO on funding for alternative sentencing instead of more prisons.: Strongly Favors topic 9
Strongly Favors topic 10:
Absolute right to gun ownership
(+5 points on Economic scale)
Cool off before making new gun laws after Littleton: Favors topic 10
More parenting better than more gun laws: Favors topic 10
Opposes restrictions on the right to bear arms: Strongly Favors topic 10
YES on decreasing gun waiting period from 3 days to 1: Strongly Favors topic 10
Strongly Opposes topic 11:
Higher taxes on the wealthy
(+5 points on Economic scale)
Eliminated the Ohio estate tax but hiked cigarette taxes: Strongly Opposes topic 11
No income taxes on small businesses up to $2M: Strongly Opposes topic 11
$3 billion in tax cuts for job creators: Strongly Opposes topic 11
Lower taxes to create competitive climate: Strongly Opposes topic 11
10% tax cut to promote charitable giving: Opposes topic 11
Tax credits (100%) for charitable donations: Opposes topic 11
Tax cuts and national renewal: Opposes topic 11
$776B tax cut plan helps people afford health care: Opposes topic 11
Opposes both marriage penalty & federal tax increases: Strongly Opposes topic 11
Supports the Taxpayer Protection Pledge: Strongly Opposes topic 11
Repeal marriage tax; cut middle class taxes: Opposes topic 11
YES on eliminating the "marriage penalty": Opposes topic 11
YES on $46 billion in tax cuts for small business: Opposes topic 11
Favors topic 12:
Pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens
(+2 points on Social scale)
Open to pathway to citizenship, but doesn't like it: Favors topic 12
Declared English the official language of the US: Opposes topic 12
YES on more immigrant visas for skilled workers: Favors topic 12
Strongly Favors topic 13:
Support & expand free trade
(+5 points on Economic scale)
YES on 'Fast Track' authority for trade agreements: Strongly Favors topic 13
YES on Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China: Strongly Favors topic 13
NO on withdrawing from the WTO: Strongly Favors topic 13
Strongly Opposes topic 14:
Support American Exceptionalism
(-5 points on Economic scale)
Engage internationally but choose missions carefully: Strongly Opposes topic 14
Opposes topic 15:
Expand the military
(+2 points on Social scale)
$1B per plane for B-2 is a colossal misuse of money: Strongly Opposes topic 15
Cheap Hawk: Strong on defense; tight with a dollar: Opposes topic 15
Limited military use, only under US command: Opposes topic 15
No US troops under UN command; more defense spending: Favors topic 15
YES on deploying SDI: Favors topic 15
Favors topic 16:
Make voter registration easier
(+2 points on Social scale)
Skinny-down bureaucracy & kick out special interests: Favors topic 16
Money affects ability to honestly assess policy situation: Favors topic 16
NO on banning soft money and issue ads: Opposes topic 16
Opposes topic 17:
Avoid foreign entanglements
(-3 points on Social scale)
Focus on terrorism, oil, & nuclear development: Opposes topic 17
Neutral on topic 18:
Prioritize green energy
(0 points on Economic scale)
Raise severance tax on oil & gas from 20 cents upward: Favors topic 18
Manage the environment to bequest it to future: Favors topic 18
Environment and economy are not at odds: Favors topic 18
Devolve enviro policy-making to State and community: Opposes topic 18
NO on starting implementation of Kyoto Protocol: Strongly Opposes topic 18
Favors topic 19:
Marijuana is a gateway drug
(-3 points on Social scale)
The tsunami of drugs threatens families: Opposes topic 19
50% lower chance of drug use if kids hear "don't do drugs": Favors topic 19
Refuse to celebrate the drug-filled lifestyle: Strongly Favors topic 19
YES on prohibiting needle exchange & medical marijuana in DC: Strongly Favors topic 19
Neutral on topic 20:
Stimulus better than market-led recovery
(0 points on Economic scale)
(No votes on which to base response)

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