Dennis Kucinich on Foreign Policy

Democratic Representative (OH-10); Democratic Candidate for President

Americans have been misled about the Iraqi war

Q: Would you ever reject broad international consensus if you thought it was in the best long-term interest of the US?

A: We have a right to defend our country, but surely a president must know the difference between defense and offense. We went on the offense against Iraq and now we find from Secretary O'Neill that Bush was planning on attacking Iraq before 9/11 and that the American people, in effect, have been misled about this. Everybody ought to be talking about this.

Source: Iowa Brown and Black Presidential Forum Jan 11, 2004

Affirm intention to work with the world community

Q: Why do you have so much confidence in the UN?

A: For many years, the UN was having trouble getting funding. And the inability to get funding had a material impact, an adverse impact, on the ability of the UN to do its job around the world. And the only way that we could be safe as a nation is to reach out and to engage with the world community in the cause of international security. So the UN going in would mean the UN would handle the oil, with no privatization of the oil assets.

Source: CNN "Rock The Vote" Democratic Debate Nov 5, 2003

Promote international treaties but reject global corporatism

Our country and all nations must review and modify all treaties which reject national sovereignty in the cause of a global corporate ethic which does not respect human rights, workers rights and environmental quality standards. This means reviewing the practices and the practical impact of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank.
Source: Campaign website, www.Kucinich.us, "On The Issues" Aug 1, 2003

Lead world to sustainable energy production

As a peace advocate, I will launch a major renewables effort so Middle East oil fields will not loom so large as strategic or military targets. As an environmentalist, my view is always holistic and global: I will launch a "Global Green Deal"--to use our country's leadership in sustainable energy production to provide jobs to Americans, to reduce energy use here at home, and to partner with developing nations to provide their people with inexpensive, local renewable energy technologies.
Source: Campaign website, www.Kucinich.us, "On The Issues" Aug 1, 2003

Foreign aid for peace incentives, not conflict

Economic Aid should be used as an incentive to peaceful and fruitful relations, rather than costly and potentially life-threatening conflict. Foreign Aid should be used to protect our interests in terms of diplomacy, human rights, isolation of disease, environmental destruction, and prevention of increased refugees to US.
Source: 1996 Congressional National Political Awareness Test Jul 2, 1996

Voted YES on keeping Cuba travel ban until political prisoners released.

Stop enforcing travel restrictions on US citizens to Cuba, only after the president has certified that Cuba has released all political prisoners, and extradited all individuals sought by the US on charges of air piracy, drug trafficking and murder.
Bill HR 2590 ; vote number 2001-270 on Jul 25, 2001

Voted NO on withholding $244M in UN Back Payments until US seat restored.

Vote to adopt an amendment that would require that the United States be restored to its seat on the UN Human Rights Commission before the payment of $244 million in funds already designated to pay UN back dues.
Reference: Amendment sponsored by Hyde, R-IL; Bill HR 1646 ; vote number 2001-107 on May 10, 2001

Voted NO on $156M to IMF for 3rd-world debt reduction.

Vote on an amendment that would transfer $156 million from foreign military financing to the Highly Indebted Poor Countries [HIPC] Trust Fund. The HIPC Trust fund is designed to help debtor countries pay off the money they owe to multilateral agencies such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.
Reference: Amendment sponsored by Waters, D-CA; Bill HR 4811 ; vote number 2000-397 on Jul 13, 2000

Voted NO on Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China.

Vote to give permanent Normal Trade Relations [NTR] status to China. Currently, NTR status for China is debated and voted on annually. The measure contains provisions designed to protect the United States from Chinese import surges and the administration would have to report annually on China's compliance with the trade agreement. The bill establishes a commission to monitor human rights, labor standards and religious freedom in China.
Reference: Bill sponsored by Archer, R-TX; Bill HR 4444 ; vote number 2000-228 on May 24, 2000

Voted YES on $15.2 billion for foreign operations.

Vote on a bill to provide $15.2 billion for foreign operations in FY 2000. Among other provisions, the bill would provide $1.82 billion over three years for implementation of the Wye River peace accord in the Middle East. In addition, the measure would provide $123 million in multilateral debt relief and would contribute $25 million to the United National Population Fund.
Reference: Bill sponsored by Callahan, R-AL; Bill HR 3196 ; vote number 1999-572 on Nov 5, 1999

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