Dick Cheney on Free Trade

Vice President of the United States; Former Republican Representative (WY)

Worldwide market thrives only with peaceful stability

We are a trading nation, and our prosperity is directly linked to peace and stability in the world. The real victory in the Cold War was the years of peace in which free societies could grow and prosper. And while the threat of Soviet communism may now be gone, the end of the Cold War had not ended all threats to our way of life. There is not a home or a business that would not be adversely affected if Saddam Hussein had been allowed to grab control of the world’s supply of oil.

Simply stated, the worldwide market that we are part of cannot thrive where regional violence, instability, and aggression put it at peril. Our economic well-being and our security depend an a stable world in which the community of peaceful democratic nations continues to grow. Hostile and anti-democratic regimes must know that aggression is a risk that will not pay. [We must] maintain capable, ready military forces that can deter aggression and, if that fails, be ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Source: Speech at Lawrence Technical University Sep 14, 1992

Sponsored bills limiting trade & allowing import fees

Source: Congressional Record Jan 1, 1989

Supported import tax on crude oil & “energy security”

Source: Thomas Register of Congressional Votes Jan 1, 1988

Voted against textile import limits

Source: (X-ref Health) Congressional Record, in Poltics in America Jan 1, 1986

Supported export promotion & import tax relief

Source: Thomas Register of Congressional Votes Jan 1, 1986

Supports linking MFN to human rights outside of China

Source: Thomas Register of Congressional Votes Jan 1, 1988

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