Wesley Clark on Environment

NATO General; Democratic Candidate for President

Reinvigorate EPA action on environmental justice

On environmental justice: African-American communities, and all citizens of this country, should receive the full protection of our environmental laws. This administration's record on environmental protection and enforcement is abysmal; I'll promote better enforcement for everyone. I'll re-invigorate action on environmental justice at EPA, where it's languished under President Bush, and ensure that it once again becomes a priority. And of course, I'll make sure that protecting minority communities from toxic chemicals and other pollution doesn't come at the expense of economic development. I'll provide adequate funding for safely developing "brownfields" sites, & ensure that those sites are developed in a manner that respects the nature of the communities where they are located
Source: Campaign website Clark04.com, "Agenda for African Americans" Jan 1, 2004

Will enforce Clean Air Act, and no net loss of wetlands

I will: enforce the Clean Air Act so that big factories undertaking expansion projects modernize their pollution controls; impose tough limits on emissions of mercury from smokestacks; advance environmental justice; support steps to control smog; restore budgets for sewage plants and storm water controls; and protect our wetlands by enforcing a "no net loss" policy.
Source: Campaign website, Clark04.com Nov 20, 2003

Will hold business accountable for toxic waste

Source: Campaign website, Clark04.com Nov 20, 2003

No drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

I will: oppose efforts to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling; enforce the Roadless Rule, which bans new road building on millions of acres of national forest; work aggressively to protect communities from wildfires; strongly support the Endangered Species Act.
Source: Campaign website, Clark04.com Nov 20, 2003

Incentives for energy efficiency & alternative fuels

I will: strengthen automotive fuel efficiency standards; accelerate the use of hybrid vehicles through targeted tax incentives; impose a cap on carbon emissions from power plants; promote the use of renewable energy like solar and wind; use incentives to increase the energy efficiency of our power plants, our business equipment, and our home appliances; upgrade our outdated electric grid; and help plan for smart growth rather than suburban sprawl.
Source: Campaign website, Clark04.com Nov 20, 2003

Balance commercial exploitation with respect for nature

We must do more to protect our natural resources, enabling us to extend their economic value indefinitely through wise natural resource extraction policies that protect the beauty and diversity of our American ecosystems - our seacoasts, mountains, wetlands, rain forests, alpine meadows, original timberlands and open prairies. We must balance carefully the short term needs for commercial exploitation with longer term respect for the natural gifts our country has received.
Source: Campaign website, AmericansForClark.com, "100 Year Vision" Sep 18, 2003

Assist market-driven population adjustments, like in 1800s

[My 100 Year Vision] means that we must do more to protect our natural resources, enabling us to extend their economic value indefinitely. We may also have to assist market-driven adjustments in urban and rural populations, as we did in the 19th Century with the Homestead Act. We will seek to maximize the opportunities for private gain, consistent with concern for the public good.
Source: Campaign website, AmericansForClark.com, "100 Year Vision" Sep 18, 2003

Environment is a legacy to our children

Q: Your thoughts on renewable energy.

A: There are two big legacies we leave to our children: Constitutional government, and the environment itself. Every day we wait the problems accumulate and get worse. We should work right now on clean air, clean water, and climate change. We need to support upgrades to air pollution controls, for example -- a lot of measures have been rolled back by the Administration.

Source: The Connection with Dick Gordon, NPR radio Sep 8, 2003

All that matters 100 years out is Constitution & environment

As you look at where we are in this country, a hundred years from now, none of us, probably, will be here. But basically, a hundred years out you have to think of the environment and your legal, constitutional institutions. And if you're going to work the environment and those institutions, that work has to start today. Because, it takes a hundred years to work effectively and protect the great gifts we've been given in this country. A hundred years from now, it's going to be very important that we make America a beautiful, safe land. We want our grandchildren to really love it here. We want people from all over the world to come here. We want it to be a natural, a national park, a treasure, all over the world. We can do that but we have to start now.
Source: Speech to the New Democratic Network Jun 17, 2003

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