Chuck Baldwin on Free Trade

Constitution Party nominee for President; Reform Party nominee in several states

No North American Union; no NAFTA Superhighway

The globalists, with their ideas of a common currency here in the United State with a North American Union and a NAFTA Superhighway are after our sovereignty, our freedom and our national independence. I will stand up for the economic security and independence of our people and the sovereignty of our American republic.

The globalists are seeking to erase our borders and merge the United States into a North American Union with Canada and Mexico that would be the end of the United States as a sovereign nation and would be a stepping stone toward the merger of the United States into a World Government dominated by the United Nations.

We see our country and its workers as much more than bargaining chips for multinational corporations and international banks in their ill-conceived and evil New World Order. At every turn I will stand up for the economic security and well being of the American people and for the independence and sovereignty of our American republic.

Source: Campaign website, www.baldwin2008.com, "Issues" May 27, 2008

Don't merge US into North American Community

I believe that the current effort to merge the United States into a North American Community, along with the sister-issues of the NAFTA superhighway and the push to provide amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, comprises the greatest threat to America's independence and national sovereignty we have seen since our country's inception.
Source: Chuck Baldwin Live column: "Strictly Personal" May 9, 2008

Out of the UN, NAFTA, and NATO

Chuck would let America have national borders again and would kill all attempts at destroying this country, including getting us out of the UN, NAFTA, NATO, and other useless world government crap that does nothing but cost money. Chuck would deport illegal alien invaders and financially punish entities that flaunt the law. Chuck says NO amnesty.
Source: Blog www.ogresview.com, "Who is Chuck Baldwin?" May 7, 2008

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