Mike Bloomberg on Health Care

Independent possibility for President

Ban trans-fats and replace with fruit & vegetable vendors

Last year, we didn’t just ban trans-fats. We’ve increased the availability of healthy foods in neighborhoods where they are hardest to find and also raised the number of street vendors who sell fruit and vegetables.

This year, we will raise the quality of food served in every City agency--that’s nearly 1.5 million meals every single day of the year. We’ll also continue opening parks and playgrounds in every neighborhood, so that every New Yorker has no more than a 10-minute walk to enjoy them.

Source: 2008 State of the City Address Jan 17, 2008

$2.5B trust fund for NYC future retirees’ health care

Consider this: the federal government requires cities and states to set aside funding for future retirees’ pensions--but not for future retirees’ health care, even though we have just as much of an obligation to pay their health care costs as we do their pensions. This makes no sense! So we’ve done something fairly unusual: we’ve set up a trust fund for future retiree health care costs, and we’ve dedicated $2.5 billion from our surplus to it. That’s just basic fiscal responsibility.
Source: Speech at “Ceasefire! Bridging The Political Divide” meeting Jun 18, 2007

Pay-for-prevention towards goal of universal coverage

Everyone talks about universal health insurance coverage--and that’s an important goal. But it’s not going to change the underlying reality of a health care system that is both too expensive and too ineffective.

That’s why in NYC, not only have we dramatically increased health insurance coverage; we’re moving toward a ‘pay-for-prevention’ system of health-care that rewards primary care doctors who succeed in keeping people out of hospitals. A key step in doing this is providing prevention-oriented electronic health records to help doctors deliver better preventive care.

These records can also enable private insurers, as well as Medicaid and Medicare, to hold doctors accountable for their patients’ performance--and to pay more to the doctors who keep their patients healthy.

Source: Speech at “Ceasefire! Bridging The Political Divide” meeting Jun 18, 2007

Prioritize city healthcare on HIV, diabetes & hypertension

Bloomberg is passionately interested in public health. He has donated millions of dollars to the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Under Bloomberg, the city Health Department has made HIV, diabetes and hypertension priorities.

Bloomberg extended New York City’s smoking ban to all commercial establishments, including bars and nightclubs. In Dec. 2006, New York became the first city in the US to ban trans-fat from all restaurants. It will go into effect in July of 2008.

Source: Wikipedia.org entry, “Michael_Bloomberg” May 2, 2007

Banned trans fats in NYC restaurants

You don’t normally turn to The N.Y. Times’ Dining Out section for serious political commentary, but there it was recently, under the subhead, “How the Mayor Became The City’s Most Powerful Foodie.” As part of his campaign to protect constituents against obesity and diabetes...Libertarians might quarrel that what we eat is none of the government’s business. But try this on for a Bloomberg political slogan: “Vote for me and I’ll make you thinner and better-looking.”
Source: Dale McFeatters on ScrippsNews, “The Food Candidate” Apr 11, 2007

Smoking ban was a crusade of his mayoral administration

As mayor-elect, Bloomberg hired Dr. Thomas Frieden, whose highest priority was reducing cancer caused by cigarettes. Bloomberg didn’t just hire Frieden to be his health commissioner; he signed on for the first crusade of his first term. The Bloomberg administration [experienced an] uproar over the smoking ban.
Source: Chris Smith, New York Magazine Oct 3, 2005

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