Mike Bloomberg on Foreign Policy

Independent possibility for President

Maintains mayoral office for UN relations, run by his sister

The United Nations has been, and always will be important to New York City for the vital work that you do and I think important to this country and to the world. And its importance to New York is shown by the fact that the Mayor’s office maintains a “Commission for the United Nations, Consular Corps, & Protocol,” whose commissioner is my sister, Marjorie Tiven.

Of course, being the Mayor of NYC--the world’s most international city--is a bit like presiding over the UN every single day of the year

Source: Speech to the United Nations on tropical hardwoods Feb 11, 2008

Four trips abroad in first four months of 2007

Mayor Bloomberg’s trip to Mexico today, his fourth visit to a foreign country in as many months, is adding fuel to the speculation that he is attempting to shore up his international credentials and raise his national profile in preparation for a White House run.

Earlier this year, Bloomberg visited England, Ireland, and Israel, and he has shown up in the presidential swing states of Ohio and Florida. He made a high-profile visit to Los Angeles in September. Last week, he appeared in Jersey City flanked by mayors and police officers to announce an advertising blitz for his national campaign targeting illegal guns.

Officials said today’s trip was planned to allow Bloomberg to examine Mexico’s program that pays impoverished families for meeting certain health, education, and employment goals. Bloomberg has reached into his own pocket to help pay for a pilot program starting in N.Y. this fall that is modeled on one in Mexico.

Source: Grace Rauh, New York Sun Apr 24, 2007

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