Jill Stein on Drugs

Green Party presidential nominee; Former Challenger for MA Governor

I support legalization of marijuana

Students must be engaged because they bring creativity and fresh life into our economy. We will provide tuition-free higher education, since it's comparable to a high school education in the 20th century--you need a higher education degree in the 21st century economy and it should be provided as a basic right.

I also support legalization of marijuana, ending war, and other bread-and-butter concerns for young people. This is a constituency that is just itching for a platform of this sort.

Source: Interview with Steve Horn of Truthout.org , Jan 29, 2012

Marijuana is dangerous because it's illegal, not vice-versa

Q: Should marijuana and other drugs be legalized?

A: We wouldn't remove all laws against all drug use. Marijuana is a drug that is dangerous because it's illegal. It isn't illegal because it's dangerous. There are drugs in use that are far more harmful than marijuana--such as alcohol. Legalize marijuana and the dangers go away. Regulate it so that children can't buy it on the street corner.

Q: What about other drugs?

A: Drug use is a public health issue, not a criminal or moral issue. It should not be dealt with in the criminal justice system, but primarily as a public health issue.

Source: 2011 OnTheIssues interview with Jill Stein , Dec 21, 2011

Bring marijuana sales under a legal regulatory framework

It's time to bring marijuana under a legal regulatory framework. Our current approach to the regulation of marijuana is a failure. It has resulted in a massive black market that is creating violence in our communities and pouring millions of dollars each year into the pockets of criminal supply networks. Taxpayers are footing the bill for ineffective law enforcement efforts and unnecessary judicial expenses. And the most that can be achieved is to keep a few people from purchasing an herb that appears to be much less harmful than alcohol or tobacco.

It's time to get rid of the black market and bring marijuana sales under a legal regulatory framework. In this way, we can staunch the flow of money to illegal drug networks, generate new funds for our communities, improve public safety, and create new jobs in growing hemp for food and fiber.

As Governor I will appoint a Cannabis Reform Commission to investigate the best way to bring marijuana sales under the new regulatory framework.

Source: 2010 Gubernatorial Campaign website jillstein.org, "Issues" , Sep 29, 2010

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