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Democratic MT Governor


Legislators can't act; executives change the world

To hear Schweitzer tell it, he was never really serious about running for Baucus's Senate seat. He says, "I wasn't goofy enough to be in the House of Representatives nor senile enough to be in the Senate." He tells me he has a "72-hour rule" about spending time in the nation's capital. "If I spend longer than that, when I get back here I have to wash myself with stuff that I use on my dogs when they get sprayed by a skunk," he says. "There's a smell that emanates from that city."

In truth, he ran for federal office in 2000 against Republican senator Conrad Burns, and lost by just three points. He says he prefers the dynamism of being an executive.

"It is mostly motion masquerading as action," he says of legislative work. "If you've run a business, like I have, if you've run a state, like I have, then you like to get things done. I get up at 5 in the morning, and I decide, 'What can we do right now, today, to change the world?' and then you can start doing things to make that come true."

Source: Michael Warren in The Weekly Standard magazine , Dec 23, 2013

Considered Senate run; now supports both Dem. candidates

Former Gov. Brian Schweitzer, who plucked Bohlinger from the ranks of moderate Republican state senators to be his running mate in 2004, may be Bohlinger's closest ally after eight years as a team.

But the ex-governor--whose shadow has hung over the Senate race since Baucus announced his retirement, and who nearly pulled the trigger on a bid himself before declining this summer--is adamant that he's staying not picking sides, despite professed admiration for Bohlinger.

Walsh was also a member of Schweitzer's government, though not in an elected role: Schweitzer picked Walsh to head the state's National Guard. "I want to make sure it's known: I think the world of both, I selected them both" for their old jobs, Schweitzer said. "I'll probably be a large donor to both of them," he added.

Schweitzer said, "If the primary were held today, Bohlinger would win 2-to-1 over Walsh. But the election isn't right now, and the Democratic Senate machine in Washington has their sights set on John Walsh."

Source: National Journal on 2014 Montana Senate debate , Nov 12, 2013

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