John Delaney on Welfare & Poverty

Democratic candidate for President; U.S. Rep from MD-6


Double the EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit)

Delaney on Tax Credits: Expand the EITC.

FOUR CANDIDATES HAVE SIMILAR VIEWS: Cory Booker; Kamala Harris; John Hickenlooper; Amy Klobuchar.

Harris is calling for a massive expansion of the EITC, including nearly doubling the income cutoff for eligibility. Hickenlooper and Delaney want to double the EITC. Delaney also wants to make it available to people without children. Booker would increase EITC income eligibility level from $54k to $90k, boost the credit for childless workers.

Source: Politico "2020Dems on the Issues" , Jul 17, 2019

Invest in rural America: opportunity zones & doubled EITC

Investment has been concentrated in a small number of cities and rural America has been left behind. Reversing this trend requires investment:
Source: 2020 Presidential Campaign website JohnDelaney.com , May 2, 2019

Social justice is fine, but separate church and state

At the South-by-Southwest conference, Delaney reflected on his Catholic faith by arguing despite those beliefs, he still doesn't think religion should inform public policy. "I firmly believe in the separation of church and state, full stop," the Maryland Democrat said when asked how his religion would shape his approach in office.

He said his "social justice orientation" comes from his Catholic faith "to some extent." But he said he doesn't think his church's doctrine "should decide public policy in this country."

"I also believe strongly in the freedom of religion, right, and I believe strongly in the separation of church and state. So I don't believe religious doctrine should inform public policy," he said.

Source: CNN KFile on 2019 SXSW conference in Austin , Mar 11, 2019

Double the earned income tax credit (EITC)

I've called for doubling the earned income tax credit, which I think is one of the most successful tax programs we have in this country. This is a tax credit that goes in the pocket of working families. You have to work to get it, but it's designed for hardworking families. And instead of doing the tax cuts that the Republicans just did, we should have done something like doubled the earned income tax credit, because that would help hardworking families.
Source: CNN Town Hall on 2020 Democratic presidential primary , Mar 10, 2019

1970s EITC ended disincentive for poor people to work

Good things happen when people behave in ways that benefit not only themselves but society as a whole. This is what we should focus on in government: How can we incentivize the population to behave in ways that help ALL Americans?

One way to do this is by expanding the earned income tax credit, or EITC. Before the EITC was established in the 1970s there was a disincentive for some people to work as they could end up actually pocketing less money, because of taxes, than those who collected welfare. This was a terrible situation and it essentially encouraged people to stay at home rather than get a job. The EITC changed that by giving a tax break to poor people who worked and earned money, thus giving them an incentive to continue working and earning more income.

The EITC is an excellent program. Every year, it helps keep millions of Americans from falling into poverty, and, like many successful programs, it has bipartisan support.

Source: The Right Answer, by Rep. John Delaney, p. 79 , May 29, 2018

Voted NO on maintaining work requirement for welfare recipients.

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