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Books by and about 2020 presidential candidates
Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
Fire and Fury,
by Michael Wolff (2018)
Trump Revealed,
by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher (2016)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2016)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
by Cory Booker (2016)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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Survey of 2020 Presidential campaign websites

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    from Survey of 2020 Presidential campaign websites (number of quotes indicated):
  • Andrew Yang (33) Democratic candidate for President; CEO
  • Bill de Blasio (9) New York Democratic primary candidate and NYC mayor
  • Don Blankenship (3) Constitution Party candidate for President
  • Eric Swalwell (6) California Presidential candidate (withdrawn); U.S. Rep from CA-15
  • Gloria La Riva (7) Party for Socialism and Liberation
  • Howard Schultz (22) Starbucks CEO; independent for President (suspended)
  • Howie Hawkins (20) New York Green Party Presidential Challenger
  • Jo Jorgensen (11) Libertarian candidate for President
  • Joe Sestak (33) Democratic candidate for President; Navy Admiral
  • John Delaney (5) Maryland Democratic candidate for President; U.S. Rep from MD-6
  • John Kasich (3) Ohio Republican Ohio Governor
  • Julian Castro (3) Texas Mayor of San Antonio; HUD Secretary
  • Kanye West (8) Birthday Party candidate for President
  • Marianne Williamson (21) Democratic candidate for President
  • Mark Sanford (2) South Carolina Republican Presidential contender
  • Mike Bloomberg (39) New York Mayor of NYC
  • Mike Gravel (30) Democratic challenger for president
  • Pete Buttigieg (10) Indiana Nominee for DOT Secretary
  • Rocky De La Fuente (10) Alliance / Reform Party nominee
  • Seth Moulton (5) Massachusetts Democratic candidate for President; U.S. Rep from MA-6
  • Steve Bullock (4) Montana Democratic Montana Governor
  • Tom Steyer (16) Possible Democratic candidate for President from California
  • Wayne Messam (7) Florida Democratic Presidential Challenger
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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Mike Bloomberg: Encourage states to expand who may perform abortions.
    Mike Bloomberg: Codify Roe v. Wade, repeal Hyde Amendment.
    Joe Sestak: Enshrine a woman's right to choose, in case Roe overturned.
    Bill de Blasio: Fight defunding of Planned Parenthood.
    Marianne Williamson: Resist any effort to restrict or limit reproductive rights.
    Andrew Yang: Support a woman's right to choose, including contraception.
Budget & Economy
    Kanye West: Reduce debt; restore sound economy.
    Jo Jorgensen: Will veto any deficit spending, debt ceiling increase.
    Mark Sanford: Nearing point of no return on government spending & debt.
    Joe Sestak: Championed fiscally accountable "pay-as-you-go" legislation.
    Howie Hawkins: Socialize big banks; manage the national currency.
    Howard Schultz: $22 trillion debt is immoral and reckless.
Civil Rights
    Mike Bloomberg: Guarantee equal treatment and equal rights for LGBTQ+ people.
    Mike Bloomberg: Protect voting rights; require automatic registration.
    Mike Bloomberg: Reinvigorate Civil Rights Division of Justice Department.
    Mike Bloomberg: Set labor rules to end the gender pay gap.
    Tom Steyer: Tell Congress that we need our 5 basic rights.
    Tom Steyer: Fight racial disparities in our criminal justice system.
    Howie Hawkins: Reparations for African-Americans slavery.
    Bill de Blasio: NYC Unity Project: invest in LGBTQ youth.
    Mike Gravel: $30 billion per year for National Reparations Trust Fund.
    Mike Gravel: Include sexual orientation & gender identity as civil rights.
    Marianne Williamson: Expand LGBTQ rights to end discrimination.
    Marianne Williamson: $200 billion for reparations for slavery.
    Howard Schultz: Regardless of skin color, get every American represented.
    Gloria La Riva: Wall Street criminals must be jailed.
    Mike Bloomberg: Strengthen & expand Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
    Mike Bloomberg: Raise corporate tax rate to 28%, prevent use of tax havens.
    Joe Sestak: Strengthen antitrust laws; stop corporate welfare.
    Howie Hawkins: Capitalists exploit workers and thwart democracy.
    Mike Gravel: Use antitrust authority to break up large businesses.
    Mike Gravel: Re-establish public banking services within post offices.
    Andrew Yang: Same tax rate on capital gains as on earned income.
    Howard Schultz: Achieve profit with humanity & pathway to middle class.
    Kanye West: Recognize racial disparity in verdicts & prison sentences.
    Gloria La Riva: End racism, police brutality, mass incarceration.
    Jo Jorgensen: End civil asset forfeiture prior to conviction.
    Mike Bloomberg: End cash bail; $2.5 billion for public defenders.
    Mike Bloomberg: Restore voting rights to felons after they're out.
    Mike Bloomberg: Supported 1996 crime bill and stop-and-frisk policing.
    Mike Bloomberg: Crime dropped 32%; murders halved; 36% fewer behind bars.
    Howie Hawkins: End the carceral surveillance state.
    Bill de Blasio: Close Rikers; develop alternatives to incarceration.
    Bill de Blasio: Ban solitary confinement for youth; reduce it for adults.
    Eric Swalwell: Give more resources to state and local law enforcement.
    John Delaney: End cash bail; end mandatory minimums; end death penalty.
    Mike Gravel: Decriminalize all commercial sex work.
    Mike Gravel: Ban cash bail: it only benefits the rich.
    Mike Gravel: No one deserves to be put to death by the state.
    Wayne Messam: Ban The Box: give ex-cons a second chance.
    Marianne Williamson: New Department for domestic violence prevention efforts.
    Andrew Yang: Replace mass incarceration with social programs.
    Andrew Yang: Body cameras for every police officer.
    Julian Castro: We must face police violence against minorities.
    Howie Hawkins: Big Pharma pushes addictive opioids for profit.
    John Delaney: Remove marijuana from Schedule I; remake guidelines.
    Mike Gravel: Legalize & regulate all drugs, including opioids.
    Wayne Messam: Drug war has ruined thousands of lives.
    Andrew Yang: War on Drugs has not worked: treatment instead of punishment.
    Andrew Yang: Full legalization of marijuana; expunge federal convictions.
    Andrew Yang: Decriminalize small quantities of opioid use and possession.
    Kanye West: Restore prayer in the classroom.
    Kanye West: Widest possible range of educational & vocational paths.
    Jo Jorgensen: I will work to eliminate the Department of Education.
    Rocky De La Fuente: Funding for those in need, but not everyone needs college.
    Tom Steyer: Sustained $125B federal investment in HBCUs.
    Mike Bloomberg: Make education and training a national priority.
    Mike Bloomberg: More than 126,000 classroom seats added, 600 new schools.
    Tom Steyer: $1.5 trillion in student loan debt is unacceptable.
    Tom Steyer: Keep schools open despite Republican demonization.
    Joe Sestak: Subsidize tuition at public community colleges.
    Joe Sestak: Support Common Core and expand pre-K.
    Don Blankenship: My school sang "God Bless America" on most mornings.
    Howie Hawkins: Free public education from pre-K through college.
    Eric Swalwell: Future Forum: focus on college affordability & student debt.
    Eric Swalwell: World-class modern schoolhouses, regardless of ZIP Code.
    Mike Gravel: Delink property taxes to equalize education funding.
    Mike Gravel: Student Debt Jubilee: one-time government debt forgiveness.
    Marianne Williamson: Universal pre-school; more teacher retention programs.
    Marianne Williamson: Free college via public service; and student loan amnesty.
    Andrew Yang: Improving teacher salaries improves student success.
    Andrew Yang: Require colleges to cut administrative costs.
    Howard Schultz: First in family to attend college; offer same at Starbucks.
    Howard Schultz: 3,000 people graduated college on Starbucks' tuition.
Energy & Oil
    Kanye West: Make renewables top priority.
    Gloria La Riva: Stop destruction of Native lands by mining interests.
    Gloria La Riva: Use sustainable energy, stop fossil fuel pollution.
    Jo Jorgensen: Replace coal/oil with nuclear; allow off-grid solar power.
    Rocky De La Fuente: America has potential to be renewable energy powerhouse.
    Mike Bloomberg: Make climate change a U.S. priority; rejoin Paris Agreement.
    Mike Bloomberg: Make pollution-free homes & vehicles available for all.
    Joe Sestak: Global warming is a grave threat to humanity and the planet.
    Joe Sestak: Favors fee on polluters with Americans receiving dividend.
    Joe Sestak: Replace fossil fuel subsidies with fees for carbon polluters.
    Don Blankenship: At Massey Coal , struggled against "greeniacs" and union.
    Howie Hawkins: Socialize Big Oil; reinvest in renewables.
    Seth Moulton: Green New Deal addresses climate change AND changed economy.
    Mike Gravel: Support carbon tax and Green New Deal.
    Marianne Williamson: Green energy instead of coal, fracking, and nuclear.
    Marianne Williamson: Put a price on carbon to send a sustained market signal.
    Marianne Williamson: Supports Green New Deal and green jobs program.
    Andrew Yang: Invest heavily in carbon capture and geoengineering.
    Andrew Yang: Carbon tax: internalize the cost of carbon emissions.
    Kanye West: Diligently pursue clean air and water.
    Mike Bloomberg: Make wildfire resilience a top priority.
    Mike Bloomberg: Established NYC as largest bike-share network.
    Mark Sanford: I care about land conservation and open space.
    Tom Steyer: Corporate profits matter more than keeping people alive.
    Tom Steyer: Stand up to corporate polluters who poison our air & water.
    Joe Sestak: Ratify the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol.
    Howie Hawkins: Environmental collapse follows from capitalist system.
    Mike Gravel: Eliminate all single-use plastics.
    Marianne Williamson: EPA head shouldn't be from chemical or oil industry.
    Andrew Yang: Nuclear isn't perfect, but it's a solid solution for now.
    John Kasich: Properly balance environmental stewardship and job creation.
    John Kasich: Eliminate NOAA; let DOI safeguard natural resources.
Families & Children
    Mike Bloomberg: Expand Head Start; and at-home care for at-risk infants.
    Mike Bloomberg: Guarantee 12 weeks of paid family leave.
    Joe Sestak: Increase nutrition assistance for needy families.
    Joe Sestak: Authored successful increase in funding for autism.
    Bill de Blasio: Expand mental health services at youth and runaway shelters.
    Bill de Blasio: $7 million program to hold domestic abusers accountable.
    Marianne Williamson: Maternity/paternity leave; free prenatal care and childcare.
    Andrew Yang: Who you love and how you love are up to you.
    Andrew Yang: Include family counseling in federal healthcare plans.
    Andrew Yang: All other advanced countries have paid family leave policy.
Foreign Policy
    Kanye West: Place Americans' best interest first and foremost.
    Mike Bloomberg: Repair our frayed relationships with our allies.
    Joe Sestak: Strengthen our alliances; other countries are interconnected.
    Joe Sestak: Reverse America's retreat from the global community.
    Pete Buttigieg: Foreign policy grounded in American interests for 2050s.
    Howie Hawkins: Oppose US military intervention for regime change.
    Seth Moulton: Build a Pacific NATO & rebuild existing alliances.
    Mike Gravel: No "America alone": re-engage with multilateral institutions.
    Mike Gravel: Referendum on Puerto Rico statehood.
    Wayne Messam: American standing in the world is in complete decay.
    Marianne Williamson: Make peace with our neighbors, instead of using brute force.
    Andrew Yang: Be very judicious about projecting force.
    Andrew Yang: Strengthen alliances such as NATO; reinvest in diplomacy.
    Andrew Yang: Puerto Rican statehood is overdue step toward equality.
Free Trade
    Jo Jorgensen: Eliminate trade barriers and tariffs.
    Joe Sestak: Stop using tariffs as weapon in disputes with China.
    Joe Sestak: Re-join the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Government Reform
    Rocky De La Fuente: Overregulation needs to cease immediately.
    Mike Bloomberg: Phase out paperless voting machines.
    Mike Bloomberg: Ensure equal status for Puerto Ricans; supports statehood.
    Tom Steyer: It's up to us to un-rig the voting system.
    Joe Sestak: Stop corporate abuses of lobbying power.
    Howie Hawkins: Voter suppression policies need to be reversed.
    Mike Gravel: Replace Electoral College with direct election of President.
    Mike Gravel: Ranked choice voting replaces "lesser of two evils".
    Wayne Messam: End barriers to voting.
    Marianne Williamson: No voter ID; no politicized gerrymandering.
    Marianne Williamson: Establish public financing for federal campaigns.
    Andrew Yang: Adopt ranked-choice voting model for all primaries.
    Andrew Yang: Provide every eligible voter with $100 Democracy Dollars.
    Andrew Yang: Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.
    Howard Schultz: Political contributions unduly influence policy.
    Howard Schultz: Gerrymandered districts reflect will of political parties.
    Howard Schultz: Reduce partisanship with 2/3 vote for Court nominations.
    Howard Schultz: Our government's dysfunction is great & we need to fix it.
Gun Control
    Rocky De La Fuente: Supports "fair gun control" and Second Amendment.
    Tom Steyer: Gun violence is a public health epidemic.
    Mike Bloomberg: Close "boyfriend loophole," pass national red flag law.
    Mike Bloomberg: Ban assault weapons; hold gun industry accountable.
    Joe Sestak: Strong proponent of common sense gun laws.
    Eric Swalwell: National ban and buyback of semiautomatic assault weapons.
    Marianne Williamson: Ban assault rifles & bump stocks.
    Andrew Yang: Three-tier gun licensing for common-sense safety.
    Howard Schultz: False choice between gun ban and unlimited gun ownership.
    John Kasich: Learn from mass shooting tragedies and take action.
Health Care
    Jo Jorgensen: Reduce costs by allowing real price competition.
    Rocky De La Fuente: Focus on goals of reform: cost, quality, access.
    Mike Bloomberg: Change patent laws to get generic drugs on the market faster.
    Mike Bloomberg: Protect & expand access to care in rural areas.
    Mike Bloomberg: Ban flavored tobacco products of all kinds.
    Mike Bloomberg: Require insurance coverage for mental health care.
    Tom Steyer: Healthcare must be a RIGHT, not a privilege.
    Tom Steyer: Women need reproductive care; GOP wants to take it away.
    Joe Sestak: Our health system saved my daughter; let's make it a right.
    Joe Sestak: Add public option to ObamaCare.
    Howie Hawkins: National health service controlled by community.
    Eric Swalwell: Guarantee: If you're sick, you see a doctor & not go broke.
    Seth Moulton: Don't tie healthcare with job; cover pre-existing conditions.
    Howard Schultz: Medicare-for-All: $32T cost is out of touch with reality.
    Mike Gravel: VA4A: Veterans Administration healthcare for all.
    Wayne Messam: People are dying due to high prescription drug prices.
    Marianne Williamson: Medicare-for-all plus lifestyle and nutrition support.
    Marianne Williamson: Towns should set up physical activities for community health.
    Andrew Yang: Medicare-for-All establishes a basic right.
    Howard Schultz: False choice between socialized medicine & ObamaCare repeal.
Homeland Security
    Tom Steyer: National Service Plan: $50B for public service.
    Mike Bloomberg: Address high suicide rates and mental illness among veterans.
    Mike Bloomberg: Reverse ban on transgender people serving in the military.
    Joe Sestak: First 3-star Admiral elected to Congress.
    Joe Sestak: Reduce size of navy from 375 to 260 ships.
    Joe Sestak: More funding for veterans and for cyberspace.
    Joe Sestak: Reduce number of carrier strike groups from 11 to 9.
    Pete Buttigieg: Prioritize cyber-threats & extremism, not more submarines.
    Pete Buttigieg: Security establishment should reflect nation's diversity.
    Howie Hawkins: Convert arms monopolies to nonprofit public enterprises.
    John Delaney: National service program: military or community service.
    Pete Buttigieg: More years of executive & military experience than most.
    Mike Gravel: America will be safer without nukes: end "nuclear deterrent".
    Mike Gravel: Bring 138,000 US troops home from 800 bases abroad.
    Marianne Williamson: Make suicide prevention a top priority for veterans & VA.
    Andrew Yang: Military spending on modern threats, not decades-old ones.
    Andrew Yang: Invest in equipment for technical superiority.
    Andrew Yang: Rechannel $60B per year from defense to infrastructure.
    Gloria La Riva: Abolish all anti-immigrant laws, shut down ICE.
    Jo Jorgensen: Repeal arbitrary quotas on people legally entering US.
    Rocky De La Fuente: Treat undocumented workers as assets rather than liabilities.
    Mike Bloomberg: Create an earned pathway to citizenship for undocumented.
    Tom Steyer: Failing to offer a path to citizenship is inherently unjust.
    Joe Sestak: Create a path to naturalization for undocumented immigrants.
    Joe Sestak: Broken system can only be fixed by comprehensive reform.
    Howie Hawkins: Demand open borders where movement between nations is free.
    Bill de Blasio: End cooperation & presence of ICE in NYC.
    Bill de Blasio: Protect DACA immigrants, no matter what.
    Mike Gravel: Open borders except for criminals escaping the law.
    Wayne Messam: Reform system top to bottom to be safer & more inclusive.
    Marianne Williamson: No one calls for open borders; stop scapegoating.
    Marianne Williamson: Full path to citizenship for most undocumented immigrants.
    Andrew Yang: Come out of shadows with long-term permanent residency.
    Andrew Yang: Deporting 11 million is impossible and inhumane.
    Howard Schultz: Immigrants exemplify the American dream.
    Julian Castro: We can have compassion AND border security.
    Howard Schultz: Great-grandparents immigrated from Easter Europe in 1890s.
    Howard Schultz: False choice between mass deportation and abolishing ICE.
    Gloria La Riva: Close wage gap; end gender division of labor.
    Rocky De La Fuente: Government can't create jobs, but can influence economy.
    Mike Bloomberg: Raise minimum wage; pay Earned Income Tax Credit monthly.
    Tom Steyer: Most people are denied a fair paycheck, while CEOs get rich.
    Tom Steyer: Corporations hold down wages; unions get fair return.
    Joe Sestak: Top priority is quality jobs with fair wages.
    Joe Sestak: Supports Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.
    Howie Hawkins: Guaranteed jobs; guaranteed income above poverty.
    Bill de Blasio: $500 million initiative to create 100,000 jobs in NYC.
    Mike Gravel: Right to Own: employees can buy out companies that close.
    Wayne Messam: Invest in training the entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow.
    Steve Bullock: Represented workers as labor lawyer; fight for minimum wage.
    Andrew Yang: Pay equity for women and minorities.
    Howard Schultz: Create company our parents had no chance to work for.
Principles & Values
    Gloria La Riva: Make the essentials of life into constitutional rights.
    Joe Sestak: Walked 422 miles across Pennsylvania, in Senate campaign.
    Pete Buttigieg: The world needs America at our best.
    Don Blankenship: Grew up poor, but didn't know it.
    Howie Hawkins: Democracy needs socialism; socialize many economic sectors.
    Pete Buttigieg: Ensure that America's future is better than its past.
    Pete Buttigieg: We cannot find greatness in the past.
    Steve Bullock: Previously served as Montana Attorney General.
    Howard Schultz: Two massive failures: One of character; one of institutions.
    Howard Schultz: Science is real, and so is religion and faith.
    Howard Schultz: Leadership brings talented people together to solve problems.
    Howard Schultz: Centrist independent outside of the two-party system.
Social Security
    Jo Jorgensen: Allow Americans to opt out of Social Security system.
    Rocky De La Fuente: Raise retirement age and contributions cap.
    Mike Bloomberg: New minimum benefit; expand support for senior savings.
    Joe Sestak: Protect Medicare, Social Security, and Consumer Finance.
    Eric Swalwell: Wants more payroll tax to keep Social Security solvent.
    Marianne Williamson: Raise cap on income & we can avoid privatization.
    Andrew Yang: Optional automatic tax-free retirement investment vehicle.
Tax Reform
    Jo Jorgensen: Slash spending; shrink government; keep what you earn.
    Mike Bloomberg: 5% surtax on income above $5 million a year.
    Howie Hawkins: Graduated wealth tax & graduated estate tax.
    Mike Gravel: Automatic return-free tax system by online IRS filing option.
    Mike Gravel: Progressive tax: 60% at $1 million, and up from there.
    Andrew Yang: Revenue Day: make paying taxes a celebration.
    Howard Schultz: Tax cuts for the middle class; but wealthy pay more.
    Mike Bloomberg: Invest in growth hubs to generate breakthroughs & jobs.
    Mike Bloomberg: Fix 240,000 miles of roads, 16,000 bridges in 4 years.
    Joe Sestak: Invest $1 trillion in infrastructure expansion over 10 years.
    Joe Sestak: Reprioritized defense funding toward cyberspace.
    Howie Hawkins: Public broadband; public ownership of online platforms.
    Howie Hawkins: Public funding of diverse nonprofit, noncommercial media.
    John Delaney: National AI Strategy focused on security.
    Pete Buttigieg: As mayor: major investment in data and technology industries.
    Seth Moulton: Invest in autonomous, hypersonic, and cyber weapons.
    Seth Moulton: Rebuild our economy by rebuilding our infrastructure.
    Mike Gravel: Break up large tech companies; they threaten democracy.
    Steve Bullock: First governor to protect net neutrality.
    Andrew Yang: $1 trillion infrastructure investment; it's dangerous.
War & Peace
    Kanye West: Don't tie up our country in foreign quagmires.
    Jo Jorgensen: Turn America into One Giant Switzerland: Armed and Neutral.
    Rocky De La Fuente: Stop failed exercise of nation-building.
    Rocky De La Fuente: Eliminate ridiculous waste, inefficiency in military budgets.
    Joe Sestak: Immediately rejoin the Iran nuclear deal.
    Pete Buttigieg: Never send troops without clear definition of their mission.
    Pete Buttigieg: Small steps forward in North Korea; no "love letters".
    Howie Hawkins: Endless war follows from capitalist competition.
    Mike Gravel: Split DoD into Department of War and Department of Peace.
    Mike Gravel: End military aid to Israel; recognize Palestinian statehood.
    Mike Gravel: End military aid to Saudi Arabia; no support for Yemen war.
    Mike Gravel: Withdraw all troops from South Korea; normalize with North.
    Howard Schultz: Strengthen NATO alliance to fight Russian cyber-attacks.
    Mike Gravel: 2020 debates desperately need an anti-war voice.
Welfare & Poverty
    Jo Jorgensen: Government anti-poverty programs don't work.
    Tom Steyer: Increase the earned income tax credit.
    Mike Bloomberg: Create 1 million new black homeowners.
    Mike Bloomberg: Created or preserved 175,000 affordable homes.
    Joe Sestak: War on Poverty made real improvements; let's do more.
    Howie Hawkins: Reintegrate urban amenities, like walkable mixed-use cities.
    John Delaney: Invest in rural America: opportunity zones & doubled EITC.
    Mike Gravel: Redistribute wealth nationally, like Alaska Permanent Fund.
    Steve Bullock: Passed statewide Earned Income Tax Credit.
    Julian Castro: Government can help needy families get back on their feet.
    Andrew Yang: Create culture of lifting up the least among us.

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