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Rick Weiland: Stop sweetheart deals for businesses 'too big to fail'

Q: How would you help Americans save so they can secure their future and live independently as they age?

A: Rick is running so that we can take back our country and our government--so that every small business, every family farmer and rancher, and every working person in South Dakota gets a fair shake and an even playing field. Rick is running so that we can stop the waste in government, so that we can stop the sweetheart deals and the government bailouts of businesses that are 'too big to fail'. It's time for the everyday citizens to take back our country and that is what this campaign is about.

Source: AARP Voter Guide on 2014 South Dakota Senate race Aug 31, 2014

Mike Rounds: $75M in Future Fund grants to support entrepreneurialism

Former Gov. Mike Rounds handed out $21 million in Future Fund grants during his final year in office. During his 8-year administration, Rounds gave 587 grants totaling more than $75 million to various companies and government entities. Individual Future Fund disbursements ranged from $400 to $1.5 million, while Rounds served as governor.

By comparison, a total of 55 grants were handed out in 2013, totaling $12.8 million. Rounds told the Capital Journal the increase in Future Funds during his final year in office occurred as the state's businesses attempted to recover from the recession. "As we came out of the recession and new manufacturers started showing up, they would apply for workforce development grant funds," he said. Rounds called Future Funds "one of the best tools South Dakota has for economic development efforts."

The Future Fund provides S.D.'s businesses support for workforce development and technical assistance programs, as well as encourages entrepreneurial activities.

Source: The Capital Journal on 2014 South Dakota Senate race Mar 11, 2014

Larry Pressler: Both parties beholden to corporate backers

In his Senate campaign debut Monday in Rapid City, Republican-turned-independent candidate Larry Pressler promised an end to the gridlock that has crippled Washington and left supporters of both parties apathetic with the two-party system.

"I think we can change history in South Dakota and the United States with this campaign," he said. Pressler said he was choosing to run as an independent because he was disgusted by the changes within his former party and the Democratic Party since he left office

He said both parties had become increasingly beholden to corporate backers rather than constituents. He pointed to the influence of the insurance industry on health care reform and the success of military contractors in lobbying for projects the Pentagon doesn't want. "We have this poisonous, locked political system in place," Pressler said. "And we can't get a budget. We can't get a farm bill."

Source: Rapid City Journal on 2014 South Dakota Senate race Dec 31, 2013

Rick Weiland: Immigration problem from profits from cheap immigrant labor

Weiland connected his immigration position into his campaign's populist theme. [In calling for border security and a path to citizenship at the same time, Weiland said], "That's really tied into our message of big money and its demand for profit. If corporate agriculture had been willing to pay Americans a fair wage instead of trying to make cheap profits off immigrant labor, there wouldn't ever have been an immigration problem."

Weiland called the Senate bill--which he supports--a "band-aid solution" and said a real fix would involve raising the minimum wage to stop employers from turning to immigrant labor for low costs, and harsh penalties such as prison time for people who employ undocumented workers.

Source: Argus Leader on 2014 South Dakota Senate race Jun 30, 2013

Dennis Daugaard: Revamp MicroLOAN program for small businesses

I will revamp our MicroLOAN program, which provides loans to small businesses. This program is underutilized because it is too bureaucratic. I will streamline the application paperwork. I will also prioritize loans to aid in the sale of small businesses. [Sometimes] the value of a business's inventory is so high that banks are hesitant to finance a potential purchaser. We can use the MicroLOAN program to help younger owners purchase these businesses and keep our small town businesses open.
Source: 2011 South Dakota State of the State Address Jan 11, 2011

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