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The Truths We Hold,
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Smart on Crime,
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Guide to Political Revolution,
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Where We Go From Here,
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Our Revolution,
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This Fight Is Our Fight,
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Conscience of a Conservative,
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Two Paths,
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Every Other Monday,
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Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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State of South Dakota Politicians: secondary Archives

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    from State of South Dakota secondary Archives (number of quotes indicated):
  • Billie Sutton (18) South Dakota Democratic candidate for governor Sou
  • Daniel Ahlers (16) Democratic Senate challenger South Dakota
  • Dennis Daugaard (36) South Dakota Republican Governor
  • Gordon Howie (17) Independent Senate Challenger South Dakota
  • Jay Williams (22) Democratic Senate candidate South Dakota
  • Joel Dykstra (4) Republican Challenger (2008) South Dakota
  • John Thune (7) Republican Jr Senator; previously Representative South Dakota
  • Kristi Noem (16) South Dakota Republican
  • Larry Pressler (17) Independent Challenger South Dakota
  • Marty Jackley (8) South Dakota Republican candidate for Attorney General
  • Mike Rounds (9) South Dakota Former Republican Governor (2002-2010)
  • Nancy Turbak Berry (7) Withdrew as 2010 Dem. challenger; currently State Senator South Dakota
  • Rick Weiland (14) Democratic Challenger South Dakota
  • Scyller Borglum (14) Republican 2020 Senate Challenger South Dakota
  • Tom Daschle (3) Former Cabinet
  • William Janklow (8)
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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Kristi Noem: Ban abortion of preborn diagnosed with Down syndrome.
    Billie Sutton: Moderate with pro-gun and pro-life stances.
    Dennis Daugaard: Require counseling at anti-abortion crisis center.
    Marty Jackley: AdWatch: Protect the unborn.
    Daniel Ahlers: Oppose requiring counseling at anti-abortion crisis center.
    Billie Sutton: Require counseling at anti-abortion crisis center.
    Billie Sutton: Strong conservative history on abortion.
    Jay Williams: Passing laws that restrict abortions won't stop abortions.
    Gordon Howie: Man does not have the right to destroy innocent life.
    Larry Pressler: Supports abortion law allowing first trimester terminations.
    Nancy Turbak Berry: Repeal ban on conducting embryonic stem cell research.
    Nancy Turbak Berry: No state interference with birth control or contraception.
    Nancy Turbak Berry: Voted against requiring sonograms at abortion facilities.
    Joel Dykstra: Voted to classify abortion as a Class 4 felony.
Budget & Economy
    Scyller Borglum: Federal budget: reduce debt & spending.
    Scyller Borglum: Wooden Nickel Plan: Public vote on budget increases over 5%.
    Billie Sutton: Plan for robust economic development statewide.
    Gordon Howie: Economic survival depends on fiscal responsibility.
    Mike Rounds: Don't promise everything then borrow it from next generation.
    Gordon Howie: Say No to $17 trillion national debt.
    Larry Pressler: Pay a little more taxes & give up some programs.
    Dennis Daugaard: Good stewardship achieves a structurally balanced budget.
    Dennis Daugaard: Invite, increase, and innovate--for economic development.
Civil Rights
    Scyller Borglum: Shouldn't adultery laws include bestiality?
    Scyller Borglum: Voted no on banning gender-dysphoria instruction in schools.
    Scyller Borglum: Voted no on posting "In God We Trust" signs in schools.
    Jay Williams: Far too often, Native Americans are forgotten & ignored.
    Gordon Howie: Government shouldn't redefine marriage.
    Gordon Howie: Gays and lesbians choose to live outside the laws of God.
    Gordon Howie: Civil unions and equal rights for gays, but not marriage.
    Larry Pressler: Filed legal brief to overturn S.D.'s gay marriage ban.
    Mike Rounds: Legal contracts for gay couples, but not marriage.
    Larry Pressler: Supports gay marriage.
    Larry Pressler: I was wrong to support 1996 Defense of Marriage Act.
    Rick Weiland: Favors same-sex marriage.
    Billie Sutton: Fight unjust "top down" corporate welfare.
    Rick Weiland: Stop sweetheart deals for businesses 'too big to fail'.
    Mike Rounds: $75M in Future Fund grants to support entrepreneurialism.
    Larry Pressler: Both parties beholden to corporate backers.
    Rick Weiland: Immigration problem from profits from cheap immigrant labor.
    Dennis Daugaard: Revamp MicroLOAN program for small businesses.
    Dennis Daugaard: Require mental health evaluations in jails within 21 days.
    Billie Sutton: Require mental health evaluations in jails within 21 days.
    Daniel Ahlers: Require mental health evaluations in jails within 21 days.
    Dennis Daugaard: Make mugshots and pardon process open to the public.
    Jay Williams: Our criminal justice system is broken.
    Dennis Daugaard: High rates of incarceration does not increase public safety.
    Dennis Daugaard: Reforms reduced population on parole.
    Dennis Daugaard: Achieved Level 4 certification for Juvenile Corrections.
    Dennis Daugaard: Justice reinvestment: focuses resources on proven tools.
    Nancy Turbak Berry: Define hate crimes by sexual orientation or gender identity.
    Nancy Turbak Berry: Remove requirement that physicians be present at executions.
    Billie Sutton: We're not going to incarcerate our way out of this.
    Marty Jackley: Bolster rehabilitation and mental health programs for drugs.
    Marty Jackley: Congress has failed us on drugs; keep drug dealers out.
    Marty Jackley: Double headline - Already Done.
    Marty Jackley: We must explain consequences of legalized marijuana.
    Dennis Daugaard: More funding for drug courts; a bargain compared to prison.
    Dennis Daugaard: Swift and certain sanctions for drug addicts.
    Joel Dykstra: Require blood testing for drunk driving arrests.
    Kristi Noem: Schools should teach is US is most special nation in history.
    Daniel Ahlers: Must invest in schools, teachers and our children.
    Daniel Ahlers: Investing in education invests in our present and our future.
    Daniel Ahlers: Improve educational services for deaf children.
    Scyller Borglum: Rural education initiative: address gaps in education.
    Billie Sutton: Strong economy and workforce start with the right education.
    Jay Williams: Served a term on the Yankton school board.
    Jay Williams: I moved back to SD for quality of schools; focus on that.
    Dennis Daugaard: Increase teacher salaries to retain and attract hires.
    Dennis Daugaard: Tuition freeze on college education.
    Dennis Daugaard: Increase enrolment in technical institutes.
    Dennis Daugaard: Repeal 100 student minimum for state aid to districts.
    Nancy Turbak Berry: Increase teacher pay and student spending annually.
    Joel Dykstra: Voted for abstinence-only sex education.
    John Thune: Teachers & parents know best how to spend education funds.
    William Janklow: Reward extra teacher effort with extra pay.
    William Janklow: $9500 for college tuition for all Regents grads.
Energy & Oil
    Daniel Ahlers: Promote conservation, sustainability, and coal.
    Billie Sutton: Must invest in energy efficiency options to move forward.
    Jay Williams: This planet is our only home; curb carbon emissions.
    Gordon Howie: No subsidies for wind and solar.
    Gordon Howie: Congress should pass laws benefiting the oil & gas industry.
    Larry Pressler: Immediate increase of 12 cents per gallon in the gas tax.
    Mike Rounds: Tax energy exploration on federal land instead of gas tax.
    Rick Weiland: End subsidies to big oil companies, instead of gas tax.
    Rick Weiland: Opposes Keystone XL pipeline.
    Dennis Daugaard: Explore our potential for oil development.
    Dennis Daugaard: Increase ethanol revolving fund from $7M to $17M.
    Marty Jackley: Legislature decides recreational use of non-meandered waters.
    Mike Rounds: Rein in the Environmental Protection Agency.
    Dennis Daugaard: Invest $8 million to fight the mountain pine beetle.
    William Janklow: Remove old gas tanks and their contaminants.
Families & Children
    Kristi Noem: My vision: maintain our family traditions & way of life.
    Mike Rounds: Our children are our most valuable resource.
    Dennis Daugaard: Allow LGBTQ discrimination by foster/adoption agencies.
    Billie Sutton: Don't allow LGBTQ discrimination by foster/adoption agencies.
    Daniel Ahlers: Don't allow LGBTQ discrimination by foster/adoption agencies.
    Dennis Daugaard: Infant Mortality Task Force: distribute safe sleep kits.
    William Janklow: Supports Bright Start boxes to help new parents.
Foreign Policy
    Jay Williams: Negotiate with Iran over nuclear weapons.
Free Trade
    Kristi Noem: Supports trade deal with Mexico/Canada.
    Dennis Daugaard: Supports USMCA trade agreement to replace NAFTA.
    Kristi Noem: China trade wars makes low soybean prices & hurts farmers.
Government Reform
    Daniel Ahlers: Establish commission for legislative redistricting.
    Daniel Ahlers: Filed bill for commission to establish legislative districts.
    Billie Sutton: Clean up entrenched system & champion good government.
    Dennis Daugaard: Red Tape Repeal: remove 4,000 obsolete laws & rules.
    Jay Williams: GOP's 2013 government shutdown caused S.D. suffering.
    Jay Williams: Campaign spending is out of control.
    Gordon Howie: Photo ID for voting.
    Rick Weiland: Congress should fight for people, not for big donors.
    Dennis Daugaard: Better Government Red Tape Review: eliminate 26,000 words.
    Nancy Turbak Berry: $4000 limit on individual campaign contribution.
    Joel Dykstra: Voted to restrict campaign donations.
Gun Control
    Marty Jackley: Double headline - Already Done.
    Billie Sutton: Supports open carry for guns and extra handgun training.
    Daniel Ahlers: Vetoed allowing concealed carry of guns at state capitol.
    Dennis Daugaard: Vetoed allowing concealed carry of guns at state capitol.
    Billie Sutton: Don't allow concealed carry of guns at state capitol.
    Jay Williams: Common sense measures like background checks.
    Gordon Howie: Opposes more gun restrictions.
    Gordon Howie: Bumper sticker: God, Guns, and Gordon.
    Rick Weiland: Universal background checks for guns.
Health Care
    Kristi Noem: Make pandemic rules for telehealth permanent.
    Scyller Borglum: Vote against Medicare for all and "other socialist plans".
    Daniel Ahlers: System should be affordable, innovative, free enterprise.
    Scyller Borglum: Oppose Medicare-for-all and replace ObamaCare.
    Scyller Borglum: Against Medicare for All; replace ObamaCare.
    Billie Sutton: Look for ways to get health care coverage to all citizens.
    Dennis Daugaard: Add work requirements to Medicaid.
    Jay Williams: Health care is a basic human right.
    Gordon Howie: Repeal ObamaCare; it's not a government responsibility.
    Rick Weiland: Give Medicare recipients a choice of private insurance.
    Larry Pressler: Keep ObamaCare in place; we need it.
    Rick Weiland: Push for public option to expand ObamaCare.
    Rick Weiland: Keep parts of ObamaCare that work, and add Medicare option.
    Mike Rounds: Shut down ObamaCare but don't shut down government.
    William Janklow: Re-pay med school tuition for doctors in needy areas.
    William Janklow: Fund newborn hearing-screening program.
    William Janklow: Give nicotine patches free to anyone who asks.
Homeland Security
    Kristi Noem: Tax exemptions for veterans with disabilities.
    Daniel Ahlers: Expand VA benefits to include assisted living.
    Daniel Ahlers: Helped fund the new State Veteran's Cemetery.
    Jay Williams: Don't use fear of ISIS to justify government overreach.
    Jay Williams: Cut defense spending: 6 aircraft carriers instead of 11.
    Jay Williams: Served in the US Navy and the Peace Corps.
    Jay Williams: Served in the Peace Corps as well as the U.S. Navy.
    John Thune: PATRIOT Act is still needed in these dangerous times.
    Gordon Howie: Maintain a superior nuclear arsenal.
    Larry Pressler: First Vietnam vet elected to Congress.
    Larry Pressler: Significant cutbacks on overseas military spending.
    Larry Pressler: 1980 presidential run:focus on veteran issues & Agent Orange.
    Dennis Daugaard: Transfer professional license from other states for military.
    Dennis Daugaard: Split two departments: Military & Veterans' Affairs.
    Scyller Borglum: Strong borders & safe, legal procedures.
    Scyller Borglum: Commonsense approach to immigration, with border wall.
    Scyller Borglum: Build the wall, close refugee loopholes.
    Jay Williams: Get ten million undocumented immigrants out of the shadows.
    Gordon Howie: Protect the borders; prevent illegal entry.
    Larry Pressler: 5-year path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.
    Mike Rounds: Border security first, then a limited path to citizenship.
    Rick Weiland: Border security and a path to citizenship at the same time.
    Daniel Ahlers: Invest in higher ed so workers can get degrees, skills.
    Kristi Noem: Keep right-to-work laws instead of labor unions.
    Billie Sutton: Exodus of talent is the price paid when offering low wages.
    Jay Williams: Time for the entire nation to get a raise.
    Jay Williams: Raise minimum wage to $12 and then $15.
    Dennis Daugaard: South Dakota WINS: a 20-point job training plan.
    Dennis Daugaard: Assist disabled with employment; adversity builds character.
    Dennis Daugaard: Help find jobs for those unemployed over 12 weeks.
    Dennis Daugaard: Dakota Roots: invite former South Dakotans back home to work.
Local Issues
    Kristi Noem: Maintain state as "pheasant capital of the world".
    Kristi Noem: Occupational licensing laws represent a burden.
    Dennis Daugaard: South Dakotans believe in hard work.
Principles & Values
    Kristi Noem: COVID: no shutdowns, we stayed open the entire time.
    John Thune: Running for 4th Senate term: breaking the "Curse of Karl"?
    Daniel Ahlers: I dream of an America where we're not marginalized by labels.
    Mike Rounds: Lifelong resident of Pierre; president of local YMCA.
    Scyller Borglum: Being conservative is staying out of people's business.
    Scyller Borglum: What it means to be conservative is eroding.
    Billie Sutton: Hard work, honesty, and integrity to improve status quo.
    Kristi Noem: Leader of 4-H and Farm Service Agency.
    Gordon Howie: Religious liberty is foundational to our freedom.
    Gordon Howie: A great America needs God.
    Larry Pressler: Former three-term Senator; ran for president in 1980.
    Rick Weiland: Touring all 311 of South Dakota's incorporated towns.
    Larry Pressler: Non-conventional independent campaign to influence debate.
    Larry Pressler: 1978: first Vietnam veteran elected to the Senate.
Social Security
    Jay Williams: Eliminate taxable maximum of $118,500.
    Rick Weiland: Protect and expand instead of cut and destroy.
Tax Reform
    Kristi Noem: The taxes we have are stable and predictable, no increases.
    Kristi Noem: No state income tax; committed to keeping it that way.
    Billie Sutton: Examine where tax dollars are being spent and if wisely.
    Jay Williams: A call for rationality: Tax is NOT a dirty word.
    Jay Williams: Pushed for $1.4M property tax to fund school operations.
    Gordon Howie: Rein in bloated government instead of raising taxes.
    Larry Pressler: Raise taxes on estates worth more than $10 million.
    Larry Pressler: Rich people willing to pay more taxes to help our country.
    Kristi Noem: Finish connecting the state with broadband.
    Kristi Noem: We have a chance to lead the nation in cybersecurity.
    Billie Sutton: Investment in infrastructure is one measure to grow economy.
    Dennis Daugaard: Online retailers should voluntarily remit sales tax.
    Dennis Daugaard: E-Government: government online, not standing in line.
    Dennis Daugaard: Secure $29M for deep underground lab.
    William Janklow: Continue funding computers in schools.
War & Peace
    Marty Jackley: Double headline - Already Done.
    Rick Weiland: No U.S. military intervention in Syria.
    John Thune: Finishing the job means setting up a democracy in Iraq.
    John Thune: Support sending more American troops to Iraq if necessary.
    John Thune: Iraq is a part of the broader war on terror.
    John Thune: We have to stay resolute or the terrorists will prevail.
    Tom Daschle: We can do much better fighting the war in Iraq.
    Tom Daschle: Would still voted to authorize Bush to go to war.
    Tom Daschle: The war in Iraq is being run the wrong way.
Welfare & Poverty
    Daniel Ahlers: Don't penalize poor people trying to improve their situation.
    Jay Williams: Address the growing problem of income inequality.

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