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Kevin Wade: Unwinnable situation in Afghanistan & all of Mideast

We have an unwinnable situation under the current setup in Afghanistan . and throughout the Middle East, Wade said. He cited the recent deaths of U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and three other Americans during an attack by Islamic militants as examples of indecision and a lack of leadership from Washington. "All we heard from the White House was confusion, and silence from Senator Carper (in regards to Stevens' death)," Wade said.
Source: Newark Post on 2012 Delaware Senate debate Oct 19, 2012

Christine O`Donnell: China could take us over monetarily before militarily

Q: In 2006, you said that China has, "a carefully thought out and strategic plan to take over America. And if they pretend to be our friend, it's because they've got something up their sleeve." You also said, "you wish you weren't privy to some of the classified information I am privy to." I'd like for you to clarify what you meant.

O'DONNELL: I was talking about when I was working with the humanitarian group that was going to China. We are given some security briefs about China's position with some potentially hostile nations and some security threats that my clients would be facing.

Q: You said that China has a plan to take over America, you know about this plan?

O'DONNELL: Well, they misquoted me at the time. But look at what's going on. Right now, monetarily, China could take us over monetarily before they could militarily.

COONS: It's hard for me to respond effectively, to all the different issues that my opponent has raised in previous statements, and I'll just let that stand.

Source: CNN's Wolf Blitzer moderating 2010 Delaware Senate debate Oct 13, 2010

Tom Carper: Keep lid on North Korea until reunification, like Germany

Q: What would be the next move to calm the North Korea situation?

CARPER: Now that North Korea is where it is, we ought to talk with them and engage them directly.

TING: The reality is that we’re talking to the North Koreas all the time, formally and informally. So that channel of communication is open. The key to any of our plans succeeding in North Korea is the cooperation of China and Russia. We ought to remember how Communism dissolved in Eastern Europe. In our contingency planning, we ought to think about how people can get out of North Korea. We need to reassure China that they won’t be stuck with a million refugees. We ought to have alternatives in North Korea instead of only military solutions.

CARPER: We had a West Germany and an East Germany, and we were able to keep the lid on there long enough until they could become one country again. Our challenge with North Korea is to keep the lid on until those natural family attractions can go together and create one country.

Source: Delaware 2006 Senate Debate, hosted by WHYY-TV Oct 20, 2006

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