State of Montana Archives: on Environment

Mike Cooney: Stronger requirements to protect critical wildlife areas

Q: Tighten or loosen environmental laws?

Mike Cooney: Tighten or continue. Supports stronger requirements for oil and gas producers to protect critical wildlife areas. Protect public lands against privatization.

Greg Gianforte: Loosen. "Excessive regulations are a wet blanket on job creators." Would "modernize" the Endangered Species Act. Opposes "overbearing government mandates."

Source: CampusElect survey on 2020 Montana Gubernatorial race Nov 3, 2020

Steve Bullock: Expanded fishing rights regardless of streambed ownership

In 2008, Montana voters elected the Columbia Law School graduate as their attorney general, and he rewarded them by working with the legislature to codify a legal opinion on stream access that he had written while working as an assistant attorney general in the late 1990s. The law allowed anglers to access any river or stream regardless of streambed ownership. The law is frequently touted by his supporters as a victory for local fisherman over out-of-state landowners.
Source: The Nation magazine on 2020 Montana Senate race Jul 6, 2020

Jack Ciattarelli: Comply with law but balance interests

I'm one of those people who feels if there's a law, you've got to comply with it. So, I hold people accountable, whether it's the environment or anything else. But I also feel that in many cases, there's a way forward, whether it's mining or drilling or logging, where you can be environmentally sensitive but [also advance economic interests]. But I also believe there are places where we shouldn't go--where we shouldn't drill, we shouldn't mine.
Source: Boulder Monitor on 2020 Montana gubernatorial race Apr 1, 2020

Whitney Williams: Defend Montana against wealthy interests buying public land

She's running for Governor to do the same in the state her family homesteaded six generations ago. As Governor, Whitney will fight back against the constant threat to our public lands from Big Money and special interests. She'll finally hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for the price of prescription drugs, and she'll defend the Montana we know and love against wealthy out-of-staters buying up land and cutting off access.
Source: 2020 MT Gubernatorial campaign website Jan 23, 2020

Casey Schreiner: Opposes sale of public lands to highest bidder

In Montana our public lands aren't just a way of life, they are a job creator and an economic engine for our state. Casey stood strong in the legislature to beat back attempts to transfer or sell off our public lands to the highest bidder. As governor, Casey will ensure Montana's public lands are here for our kids and grandkids, so they can appreciate the same Montana we know and love.
Source: 2020 Montana governor campaign website Dec 31, 2019

Casey Schreiner: A fearless advocate for outdoor heritage

State Sen. Tom Jacobson is a Democrat representing District 11 in Great Falls: "I'm proud to announce I'm endorsing Casey Schreiner for governor. We have Casey to thank for never once backing down in the face of threats to our public lands. He grew up in a hunting family and is a fearless advocate for our state's outdoor heritage. Casey has a 100% voting record groups such as the Montana Sportsman Alliance because he understands access, fair chase and preserving our outdoor heritage."
Source: Daily Interlake on 2020 Montana gubernatorial endorsements Dec 22, 2019

Reilly Neill: Apply science to best preserve our public lands

We need to tackle the tough issues of persistent drought, deluges, and wildfire across the state and continue work within our state agencies to identify and prepare for projected impacts in order to fortify Montana's economy and make it strong and sustainable in the face of climate change.

I believe in science. From stream flows to crop yields, science is an integral part of a modern economy. We need a Governor who will not undermine the labor of scientists across working every day on advances in medical, agricultural and business fields across the state. We need to use studies and data from biology, engineering, physics, and other sciences in order to make wise decisions for the state.

The land in Montana is a special place, with significance to us all, in some way or another, we are all part of this land where we live. Preserving our public lands and managing these lands so that future generations have rights to hunt, fish and recreate is a priority for me and many Montanans.

Source: Connection: 2020 Montana Governor race Sep 9, 2019

Greg Gianforte: Favors repeal of regulations; end "war on coal"

The Trump administration unveiled its rule to repeal regulations on power-plant emissions, It also gives states more authority to devise plans for emission reductions and the local mix of power production. Gianforte hailed the plan for ending the "war on coal."

"I welcome this new rule that will help reduce emissions, maintain state authority and flexibility and recognizes the important role that innovation and modernization can play in our existing coal-generation facilities," he said.

Source: KXLF-4/Butte on 2020 Montana gubernatorial race Jun 19, 2019

Matt Rosendale: More local management for healthy forests; fewer fires

We need to properly manage our forests. We have to stop these extreme environmentalists and their frivolous lawsuits that are keeping our timber industry shut down and preventing us from having healthier forests. We can't prevent every fire but we can take action to reduce fire risk and severity. Watching our forests burn every summer isn't smart policy and I'll fight to bring much needed reform for more state and local management.
Source: NBC MT/KECI on 2020 Montana Senate race May 21, 2018

Albert Olszewski: Let Montanans control state land

Source: 2018 Montana Senatorial website Nov 7, 2017

Steve Bullock: MT economy depends on hunting & fishing; let's fund LWCF

For the first time in its fifty year history, Congress failed to reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund. LWCF funds have a significant impact on Montana's economy. Active outdoor recreation contributes more than $6.0 billion each year to the state's economy and supports 64,000 jobs. It's estimated that over 950,000 people hunt, fish, or watch wildlife in Montana each year, opportunities made possible in part by funding from the LWCF.
Source: State of the State speech to 2015 Montana legislature Jan 28, 2015

Steve Bullock: Tackle the threat of invasive species

Governor Steve Bullock was joined by sportsmen, conservationists, and land managers as he signed an executive order improving and streamlining Montana's efforts to tackle the threat of invasive species in the state. The order establishes the Montana Invasive Species Council (MISC) to serve as the overarching council to combat invasive species in the state--both aquatic and terrestrial.

"Montanans cherish our outdoor recreation and spaces, and those spaces play a crucial role in our state's vibrant economy. It is imperative that we do everything we can to protect Montana from the threat of invasive species that disrupt our land, water, and native species," Bullock said. "None of us want another knapweed spreading across Montana."