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2004 former Independent Challenger for CA Governor


Unemployment is 31% for the poor and only 3% for the rich

The human consequences of the financial collapse are largely missing from our national debate. I'm referring especially to the people who had steady jobs--and who have, in many instances, lost everything.

So why is there no sense of urgency coming out of Washington? Perhaps the reason can be found in the stunning results of a study that broke down the unemployment rate by household income. Unemployment for those making $150,000 a year, the study found, was only 3% in the last quarter of 2009. The rate for those in the middle income range was 9%--not far off the national average. The rate for those in the bottom 10% on income was a staggering 31%.

Does anyone believe that the sense of urgency coming out of Washington wouldn't be wildly different of the unemployment rate for the top 10% of income earners was 31%? Of course not--the sense of national emergency would be so great you'd hear air-raid sirens howling. Instead we get policy Band-Aids.

Source: Third World America, by Arianna Huffington, p. 12-13 , Sep 2, 2010

OSHA under Bush has protected employers, not employee safety

Over the seven years Bush has been president, OSHA has been more intent on providing protection to employers than workers. OSHA has also gone to incredible lengths to reduce the categories of recognized workplace injuries. Even with those lowered standards, in 2005, 4.2 million workers were injured or became ill from on-the-job causes. And more than 6,800 workers died from workplace injuries.

In place of regulation, OSHA has shown whose side it is on by calling for, yes, greater "personal responsibility." The head of OSHA has advocated a "voluntary compliance strategy" of self-policing to encourage careless workers to be a little more cautious, especially when handling company property.

Large posters of workers' making dangerous errors, like erecting a tall ladder close to an overhead wire, were displayed. See, we don't need a regulatory agency at all--just a poster of a mother shaking her finger and saying, "be careful!"

Source: Right Is Wrong, by Arianna Huffington, p.264 , Apr 29, 2008

Supports required overtime as corporate fraud protection

Q: Do you support requiring overtime for workers on the job more than eight hours a day?

HUFFINGTON: I support the overtime measure. Seeing how many ways that corporations have to try to defraud the workers, any protections I would welcome.

Source: Recall debate in Walnut Creek , Sep 3, 2003

Supports right to organize and local living wage

On Labor Unions: Arianna supports workers’ rights, especially the right to organize. She supports local living wage ordinances. And, as governor, she will fight to protect the 8-hour work day and 40-hour work week that are so essential in keeping families strong.
Source: 2003 Gubernatorial campaign website, AriannaForGov.com , Aug 15, 2003

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