Arnold Schwarzenegger on Abortion

Republican CA Governor


State funding for stem cell research, despite Bush ban

In his second term as governor, Schwarzenegger focused on attracting investment into California to improve the state's finances and the perceived standard of living of voters. In defiance of President George W. Bush's moratorium on state funding for stem cell research, he allocated a further $150 million in funding, stimulating the nascent industry in California. He formed the Climate Action Board and worked with Democrats on a bill, the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (both in line with his role as an environmental campaigner), and he agreed to increase the minimum wage n California to $8.50 per hour. Such acts angered conservative Republicans but were popular with mainstream and left-leaning voters.

Schwarzenegger said, "The future is green energy; sustainability; renewable energy."

Source: Top 10 Visionaries, by George Ilian, p. 58-9 , Apr 8, 2016

Pro-choice but no partial-birth abortion

One conservative who wasn't afraid to ask Arnold [in 2002] to account for his liberal views was the fiery right-wing rising star on the Fox News Channel, Sean Hannity. But Arnold had been well coached to reiterate his opposition to partial-birth abortion, which though he was still pro-choice, was suppose to distinguish him from liberal Democrats.
Source: The Governator, by Ian Halperin, p.272 , Oct 12, 2010

Supports current family planning programs

I support a woman’s right to choose. I support the state’s current family planning programs, and as governor, would make no changes to this policy.
Source: 2003 Gubernatorial campaign website, JoinArnold.com , Aug 29, 2003

Opposes partial birth abortion

I do not support partial birth abortion. I am in favor of parental notification, but I believe there must be a mechanism available where an individual can seek counsel from an outside entity, perhaps the courts.
Source: 2003 Gubernatorial campaign website, JoinArnold.com , Aug 29, 2003

Supports parental notification, with limits

The GOP candidate said in a radio interview that he is pro-choice but does not support what critics call “partial-birth” abortions, and said he agrees with parental notification for underage girls seeking abortions, unless there is abuse or other problems in the girl’s family.
Source: CNN.com coverage , Aug 28, 2003

Pro-choice; not a cultural conservative

Whatever kind of Republican Schwarzenegger may be, it’s probably not the kind to give much comfort to cultural conservatives. The actor has said he’s pro-choice, though how he feels about things like parental notification and partial-birth abortion is unknown.
Source: Time magazine cover story , Aug 18, 2003

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