Arnold Schwarzenegger on Jobs

Republican CA Governor


As governor, raised minimum wage to $8.50

In his second term as governor, Schwarzenegger focused on attracting investment into California to improve the state's finances and the perceived standard of living of voters. In defiance of President George W. Bush's moratorium on state funding for stem cell research, he allocated a further $150 million in funding, stimulating the nascent industry in California. He formed the Climate Action Board and worked with Democrats on a bill, the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (both in line with his role as an environmental campaigner), and he agreed to increase the minimum wage n California to $8.50 per hour. Such acts angered conservative Republicans but were popular with mainstream and left-leaning voters.

Schwarzenegger said, "The future is green energy; sustainability; renewable energy."

Source: Top 10 Visionaries, by George Ilian, p. 58-9 , Apr 8, 2016

Bodybuilders on Muscle Beach are "bums and parasites"

To my surprise, many of the bodybuilders were actually critical of Schwarzenegger. One deplored Arnold's admission that he used performance-enhancing drugs. "He brings us much more negative publicity than positive." "He should have kept his mouth shut about using so much steroids. He sold us out so he could run for office. Now everybody thinks we got these bodies by using drugs."

Later, I discovered why Schwarzenegger and the bodybuilders in Venice haven't exactly formed a mutual admiration society. A few years ago, in a broadside against what Muscle Beach had become, he called the bodybuilders who hang out there "bums and parasites."

"Just take a walk along Venice Beach on ay sunny day," he said, "and you'll see the numbers of muscle guys who are unemployed. They have to live. But instead of going out and getting some kind of job, they lie on the hot sand and dream up ways of making easy money."

Source: The Governator, by Ian Halperin, p. 88-89 , Oct 12, 2010

$500M jobs package, plus $10K homebuyer tax credits

Source: California 2010 State of the State Address , Jan 6, 2010

CA Governor just presides over lifetime union bureaucracies

Unions are so powerful in California that even popular governors do not effectively control the state government. The real power lies in the unions, which have invested more and more in politics as their popularity among workers has declined. They have replaced worker representation at the local level with political power in state capitals.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the most charismatic California governor since Ronald Reagan, does not run California government. He presides over lifetime bureaucracies defined and dominated by unions and interest groups. When the former movie star staked his political capital on passing a series of initiatives to tame California's public employee unions, he lost and they won. In Sacramento, the head of the prison guards' union is more powerful than the governor.

Source: Real Change, by Newt Gingrich, p. 33 , Dec 18, 2007

Workers’ compensation in California is way too high

Our businesses are moving away because we’re not competitive in worker’s compensation. There is tremendous fraud here and all those kind of things. I’ll create real worker’s compensation. Cut the costs in half. That’s what we need to do. I visited companies here in California. I visited the farmers and the small companies, big companies, vendors and all this stuff. Every one is saying the same thing. That workers’ compensation is way too high. We’re paying three times the amount of the national average. And so no matter where I go in the state, it is the same thing, that workers’ compensation is killing businesses. And we have to stop and reverse that.
Source: Recall Debate, Cal. State Univ. at Sacramento , Sep 24, 2003

Immediately reform workers’ compensation system

The day I am sworn in, I will call a special session of the Legislature to reform our inefficient and costly workers’ compensation system. I will order an outside, independent audit of the state budget so we can get a clear picture- uncluttered by politics and special interest influence-of how we can bring spending under control without neglecting our most important obligations. And I will send a message to the political class that it will no longer be business as usual.
Source: 2003 Gubernatorial campaign website, JoinArnold.com , Aug 29, 2003

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