Colin Powell on Health Care

Secretary of State (Pres. Bush Cabinet)


Recommended $200M for UN Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS

I met with UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, a soft-spoken diplomat from Ghana. Kofi & I didn't agree on every issue, but we found common ground in our determination to deal with the AIDS pandemic. He suggested creating a new Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS Tuberculosis, and Malaria that would marshal resources from around the world.

I listened but made no commitment. I considered the UN to be cumbersome, bureaucratic, and inefficient. I was concerned that a fund composed of contributions from different countries with different interests would not spend taxpayer money in a focused or effective way.

Nevertheless, Colin Powell and HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson recommended that I support the Global Fund with an initial pledge of $200 million. They felt it would send a signal for America to be the first contributor. Their persistence overcame my skepticism. I announced our commitment in May 2001."This morning, we have made a good beginning," I said in my speech. I didn't add that I had plans to do more.

Source: Decision Points, by Pres. George W. Bush, p.336 , Nov 9, 2010

Encourage sexually active young people to use condoms

In 2004, as the Democratic National Committee has gleefully pointed out, McCain answered yes to a question posed by Project Vote Smart: "Should aid to African nations for AIDS prevention programs fund distribution of contraceptives?" And on Meet the Press, on February 17, 2002, when asked that he thought of Colin Powell encouraging sexually active young people to use condoms, McCain said: "Oh, I agree with him. I think that he established the priorities correctly. We should emphasize, first of all, abstinence, faithfulness, but there are people in American society who are sexually active, and in the world. And when HIV/AIDS has reached an epidemic proportion, I think we need to use every means possible to try to eradicate this epidemic that has affected particularly Third World countries. But I do believe it's appropriate to emphasize abstinence and other ways, as well, and give them priority."
Source: The Myth of a Maverick, by Matt Welch, p.181 , Oct 9, 2007

Promise Three: Healthy start and future

Powell says, “I’ve been to schools in America where the teachers have told me that the kids come back to school on Monday weighing less than when they left Friday afternoon - where kids show up without even the most basic physical exam - where they don’t have their vaccinations. We can do better than that.”
Source: America’s Promise Web Page , Jan 8, 2001

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